Richard, Cliff - Stronger Than That Lyrics

Well I heard you weren't staying
Heard you weren't staying around
That someone has gotten to you
Something 'bout a new kid in town

Well stranger things have happened
Stranger things have happened in love
But the more I think about
The more I see that you are a victim of

Well don't believe everything they say
They're only jealous of you
How people talk when they
Don't know the truth
Don't ever let them get to you

My love is stronger than that
My love is poetry in motion
My love is deeper than that
My love is deeper than the ocean

Well if anyone should harm you
Anyone should get in your way
And you need someone to talk to
Please call me right away

Let them all listen
Listen to the new kid in town
It's the same old story
The story's been around and around

So don't believe everything they say
They're only jealous of you
How people talk when they
Don't know the truth
Don't ever let them tell you what to do

My love is stronger than that
My love is poetry in motion
My love is deeper than that
My love is deeper than the ocean

So don't believe everything they say
They're only jealous of you
How people talk when they
Don't know the truth
Don't ever let them tell you what to do

My love is stronger than that
My love is poetry in motion
My love is deeper than that
My love is deeper than the ocean

My love is stronger than that
My love is poetry in motion
My love is deeper than that
My love is deeper than the ocean

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Richard, Cliff Stronger Than That Comments
  1. Mariana Bas


  2. 04#?20tivo !?32#?

    Wow! What a surprise he can sing and dance better than younger person and very handsome.
    I love this upbeat dance music❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. June Walker

    Great dance moves!

  4. Patricia Moore

    Whew, I need to sit down! That wore me out just watching it. Another song that's new to me and couldn't Sir Cliff dance! Very enjoyable what other goodies will I find?

  5. Margaret Cross

    Another’s a super song video Cliff has great movement in this video

  6. Wendy Diane Vincent

    Amazing dancing Cliff

  7. Vera Worley

    I love Cliff and hope it's not true cause of his faith but he acts so gay in this video!

    Jodie Johnson

    maybe b cuase he is stupid

    Buffalo 66

    So fucking what if he is gay his business no one else's business.?

  8. Dan Flewelling

    What an upbeat, positive, amazing song. Cliff Richard is a legend!

  9. Greiguci Wootchie

    Camper than a tent shop.

    John Robertson

    ????????..ok ..whateva

  10. Alan Samuels

    Sir Cliff, You will surely go down in History as being the best singer, entertainer, songwriter in this period of time. I feel blessed for being around at the time when you have lived your life too.God Bless.

  11. Paul Williams

    This is a good song

  12. Paul Williams

    Very good song by cliff

  13. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    What a music legend!!!
    The only British artist to have hits from the 50's-the 2010's !!! Incredible achievement!!!

  14. _Aqeel _B

    Female dancer 😍😍😍

  15. John Robertson

    what a mover, Cliff forever

  16. ambidextra ambidextra

    Hehe Yeah! Just ever so slightly kinky for a C.R. video.. Go Cliff😆 I always liked this track, and in retrospect the nice guitar sound being so prominent manages to lift it up out of being indistinguishable from a lot of the other Stock/Aitken/Waterman tracks at the time (even though this isn't ACTually SAW). I don't know why they didnt cut to Cliff with the dancers more, found that really frustrating as that's by far the best and most exciting thing in the video🤗 I think Cliffy did Good💝 I'd love to see the footage of just the whole routine!

  17. mary fessler

    Cliff at his prime xx🌹

  18. Flor Candela

    I Love your music Sir Cliff, you are the best thank you, for posting. God bless...

  19. guleet

    What year was this ?

  20. Jon Gowan

    This is Cliffs get up and have some fun song.but need to have the move in you,

  21. Robyn Downey

    Cliff just been named 'ultimate pop star' after 60 years in showbiz, which is well deserved. They wouldnt have said that back then in the 80s when this song came out with such a dynamic video. I guess after 60 yrs he's served his apprenticeship in media's eyes. 😶🤗 Well done Sir Cliff, you've survived the wheels of time.

  22. Marius Mitrea


  23. Dennis Daniels

    This is Fantasic Brilliant dancing Cliff.

  24. Lisa G

    Good song and lyrics; I like all of Cliff Richard music thank you, for sharing. God bless...

  25. saintquinn007

    Where did Cliff film this video...... Planet of the Apes?

  26. mary fessler

    Wow he always was good looking but he is majic here love Sir Cliff and all his music xx🌹

  27. Terezia Kováčová

    Pekny klip nádherná rytmická pieseň ďakujem

  28. the king

    Great song 👍👍

  29. bigkozlov

    I have a feeling that the making of this video did not "break the bank"

  30. Jasun Uranium

    This is the point Cliff lost the plot. His music previous was amazing but this is just ridiculous. its actually embarrassing..

  31. Prophetic Witness

    Fantastic song or what!!!!!

  32. Gigi Gigi

    meme interprétation sur scene en 2017 imperturbable cliff...

  33. Maria Kaukari

    Dancers are brilliant and song is super cliff you really suit this style. Your movement is

    Mad Vinny

    Maria Kaukari 48 at the time.even the dancers cut him respect. still the man!

  34. Health Care

    back when videos and music was fun...

  35. cragleah

    Brilliant song and great backing track by Alan Tarney. Still sounds great today after nearly 30 years.

  36. i was here

    американский валера леонтьев ))))

  37. Barf Rockskin

    Damn, he is SO GOOD!!!! This song is terrific! And I love the dancing! I just don't know about the "butt shaking" at 1:50 in this video. That I'm not so crazy about.

  38. Surreygirl 1978

    Cliff was 48 or 49 here his body was in amazing shape and super cute for a man in his late 40s.

    Mack Sarnie

    He could have shaved his arm pits!

    Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Yes, hat's off to Cliff for staying healthy.

    Leonardo Lupini

    He was 49 here. Still He was fabulous

  39. Simon Banks

    Best of me was first recorded by Olivia Newton-John and David Foster.

  40. Levin 1976

    Great song...and ALMOST a great video...just needed more of Cliff's power dance moves !

  41. Abdul Miah

    who said only michael jackson could only dance?!

    mel grant

    They were right.

  42. jeremy wilkinson



    Oh  Cliff  ! ...  Your Vanity Is Great But Absolutely See Why !Your Message Is TRUE and I So Applaud You . Keep The Faith Young One  .Nott Once Stop !Ever !  ...Much Love

  44. Alyssa0401

    the black girl reminds of a very young Michele Obama !!! :D

  45. Alyssa0401

    cant get enought of this !!!! Sir Richard .....u are spectacular and a true star !!!

  46. Blastfrom thepast

    Sounds a bit like Kajagoogoo...

    Blastfrom thepast

    My god, you are clever! Just remind me which University you graduated from and what was your degree in? Hang on, I've just remembered... You got a BSc (Hons) in being chronically obnoxious and terminally unpopular. I'm right aren't I, aren't I...?!!!

    Mack Sarnie

    Well, it is Nick Beggs on bass

  47. Annett Nice

    Beautiful piece of music and magnificent stage performance. <3<3

  48. Alyssa0401

    Damn a good one !!! Never heard of be4!!!

  49. Prophetic Witness

    Love this song!!!!

  50. aviel Sosani


  51. elaine Stearman

    my tutor is in this video hes called mr wiklkinson to be honest his actually good x

  52. aviel Sosani


  53. Stu Pidity

    For memory I think this was SAW produced.

  54. Pat Nightingale

    me too never believed it

  55. tmallo1

    LOVE this song and the whole album ...soooo happy he was cleared of the recent accusations you Cliff!!

  56. Stephen Guppy

    First time I've played this in 20 years. this stands up against anything then and most things now and I am not really a Cliffy fan.

    S B

    Stephen Guppy A truly ridiculous statement

    Stephen Guppy

    I don't give a flying XXXX what you think. We are all entitled to our own opinion even in this day and age.

    S B

    Stephen Guppy Correct. Even if your opinion is truly ridiculous.. you are most certainly entitled to it


    YYYYYaaaaassshhhhhh man lets get this as the theme for Pride 2018

  57. abner frayle

    The baby bvoomers of the rolling 80's way back when...LOLz..

  58. jeremy wilkinson

    Cliff ruled in the early 80s and 90s! he is the boss in those times. early Cliff was not as good


    jeremy wilkinson well he has spanned his career almost 60 years. His 60th anniversary is next year

    Christopher Dale

    Wired for sound is an ultra classic and timeless and i haven't seen anyone come close to pulling off a clip in rollerskates.

  59. kit1544

    Great song and great video!  Love Cliff in this era!

  60. Kidwaryod Production

    Is that Nick Beggs on bass?


    Yes, I think it is.

    Lee Halbert

    Definitely is, on Chapman Stick

  61. Vittorio Lapadula

    Mi pyace. Ciao

  62. Kjl H

    cliff can sure move then & now..! 2015
    love the guy .. xx

  63. Christian de Ravin

    Surprisingly Cliffy baby could sure dance here. He even looks cool !!!!


    +Christian de Ravin He's every bit as fit as the dancers who were probably half his age!

  64. Andy Orton

    very good memories to this

    Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)

    +Andy Orton Good to see you Axel you bring back good memories yourself!

    Andy Orton

    lol one of my favourite characters :)

  65. Darren T

    Cliff was in his 50s at this point in 1989 and he is dancing just as good as the dancers, Amazing !!!

    S B

    Darren T False


    Yoo is juss jelass


    No, he was about 48...

    Em Lew

    He's terrible, hence why they only show his top half and not his legs. His producers must have thought it was a good idea to knock off Janet Jackson because she was big at the time. Funny video though, especially the roller skates at the end.

    Leonardo Lupini

    Actually he was exactly 49 here

  66. Ni Azzam

    .....GOD' BLESS Oz'Ni.....

  67. Susan Graham

    OH SNAP!! I just saw Sir Cliff Richard danced the hip hop way knowing to contribute the global craze of the New Jack Swing era from the mighty UK BIG props to him.

  68. colin sherwood

    re-release this for chrismas 2014

  69. Ramon C

    It's impossible not to appreciate him. What a  great man.

  70. James Williamson


  71. Martin Wegge Vendelbo Lindevall.

    good music

  72. Jodie Johnson

    sexy cliffy jodie

  73. Jodie Johnson

    go sir cliffy jodie

  74. Daniel Hugill

    way back to March 1990 Now 17

  75. congratulations1968

    Great song!

  76. alfapiksi


  77. missingamanda

    good memories xxxxxxx

  78. sTeVie4TV

    Great track

  79. Nicki Jay

    and they say British people dont have talent ?? LOL x


    He is Indian.

    Jodie Johnson

    so what

  80. MsFanmail

    can i marry you cliff my perfect man


    Behave yourself.



  81. MsFanmail

    Cliff looks so good in the video and he looks like he is havin fun

  82. Ann McRory

    LOVE the video to this track.

  83. vale pan