Richard, Cliff - Really Waltzing Lyrics here, really waltzing?
Is this me here, being so square?
Although I know this kind of mu-sic
Makes me sick and you sick
Still I'm aware...

Yeah, it's me here, really waltzing
To a Viennese one-two-three
And if you'll pardon me the simile
I'm a Romberg and Frim'l-y [?]
How can this be me?

[Bass voice (mock Austrian accent):]
I've got zee urge to vear short leather trousers
And dance za vay Strauss-es made their mous-es

[Cliff Joins in (with mock accent):]
Give me some frau-ses dressed up in cute blouses
Helping their spouses tie bells on their cows-es

[Cliff (with accent):] I'm really waltzing
Though I shudder at the idea
And though I really should know better
Here am I in operetta
Really waltzing here

[Cliff & full chorus:]'re here, really waltzing
As we take our partners and bow
We say "a plague upon the houses of all the three Strausses"
But, all the same, we must kow-tow
To the rhythm, catchy rhythm
For the violins play and we've got to go with 'em
Yes, we're waltzing, really waltzing
Look at us, really!

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