Richard, Cliff - Peace In Our Time Lyrics

Go swiftly
The flags and drums can hypnotise
When glory has faded the dream
Is worth more than the prize
A twisting turning flame
And a freedom burning bright
Knows all of the names
And all of the games
Of the yellow black and white
We've gotta have faith
To work it out
Faith and hope
Without any doubt
Give us strenght to make a start
Put a song in our hearts....

We're never gonna break down these walls
And build a prison with the stone
'Cos you and I know what love is worth
We're gonna build heaven on earth
We're running in the wheels of fortune
Turning water into wine
We're gonna take love and make it shine
We're gonna find peace in our time

Softly, softly
When there is lightening in the sky
When the rivers are rising and
Trouble rolls in on the tide
We'll keep on keeping on
'Til all the tears are dry
We'll weather the storm and
Welcome the dawn
Of tomorrow you and I
We've gotta have faith
And get it fast, faith and hope
And make it last
Give us strength
To reach the stars
Put a song in our hearts


We're raisin' the dust
It's heaven or bust
And we'll see this dream come true
We're gonna have faith....(faith)
The road will be long
But there's hope....(hope)
To carry us on
We'll have strength...(strength)
We'll never go wrong
With this song in our hearts


At the sign (sign)
Of the dove
It's gonna shine (shine)
Shine (shine)
Shine (shine)
On a wing
And a prayer
We'll be fine


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Richard, Cliff Peace In Our Time Comments
  1. the king

    Classic Cliff

  2. Ben Lindsay

    Happy Birthday, Sir Cliff ! I really love all the hits you bring out !

  3. Dragonheart Lilienfeld

    This song is more important than ever. We need peace and tranquillity. Sir Cliff hits it to the point.

  4. terry

    Eddie Money did a killer version of this song in 1989, may he Rest In Peace. Cliff is a legend as well.

  5. 692MOM

    There will never be peace on this earth, never be heaven on earth, I know you love Christ Cliff....but its only gonna get worse until Jesus returns. The peace in our hearts can only come from Christ!

  6. Margaret Lim

    He’s a 🔥cracker ❤️

  7. Dennis Daniels

    This is Another Song that should be Aired should be Played now as we approch Easter. Come Radio 2 play this song it says what we need to hear, Have Faith don't be left behind.

  8. patricia F

    Fantastic 😍

  9. mary fessler

    Fabulous Song so true to this day Sir Cliff Thankyou for your Faith loved you and your music for 60 yrs 🌹

  10. Tiscean L

    Been a fan for over 50 years, love this song, especially live in concerts. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this video’s fab

  11. Mabel Durocher

    Amen brother Cliff...peace in our time...Psalm 121

  12. Alan Fox

    Regilion and politics are the two things you don't talk about in his world so by releasing the single cliff Richard was invited trouble through the front door.

    Siobhan Murphy

    Alan Fox you think? I've seen worse songs than this. This song sends a powerful message. It needs to be told. 20 years later it still does.

    Irene Francis

    Sorry Alan Fox, what you have written makes no sense. I wish I could understand you. Are you saying, keep quiet when everything around is falling apart and say nothing ?

  13. MsFanmail

    i bet cliff was a tory voter known him to live in weybridge surrey i am too and live in surrey

  14. Mr. Bass Pages

    Ein absoluter Meilenstein. Dieser Song ist gewaltig.

  15. Marietta Chacon

    I hope we get more views a lot people doesn't appreciate good music and that is sad but I like this song of Cliff a message comes from his heart love it :)

  16. Cliff for #1

    Only 6,000 views for this Cliff classic?!


    21,000 Now! :)

    Kathy Holland

    37000 now

  17. Gerry Roffel

    Peace In Our Time
    and in our heart

  18. Jodie Johnson

    love this song jodie

  19. lwest20

    is that his mum in the video..first 20 secs..lady sitting down clapping

  20. magda3102


  21. momonne77

    @MsFanmail Me too !!! Thank you so much for sending, I like this clip very much !!

  22. MsFanmail

    i love this song