Richard, Cliff - Miss You Nights Lyrics

I've had many times I can tell you
Times when innocence I'd trade for company
And children saw me crying
I thought I'd had my share of that
But these miss you nights are the longest

Midnight diamonds stud my heaven
Southward burning like the jewels that eye your place
And the warm winds that embrace me
Just as surely kissed your face
Yeah these miss you nights they're the longest

How I missed you I'm not likely to tell
I'm a man and cold daylight buys the pride I'd rather sell
All my secrets are a wasted affair
You know them well

Thinking of my going
How to cut the thread and leave it all behind
Looking windward for my compass
I'll take each day as it arrives
But these miss you nights are the longest

Lay down all thoughts of your surrender
It's only me who's killing time
Play down all dreams and themes once remembered
It's just the same this miss you game

Yet these miss you nights are the longest

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Richard, Cliff Miss You Nights Comments
  1. Suzanne Robbins

    2020, and still back for more Cliff!

  2. The Jovial Brit

    I've been a singer, pianist and musician for 25 years and have this sort of singing voice because I've always preferred to sing songs from the 40's, 50's and pretty much songs that have this silky, strong vibrato. I'll be performing it live, tonight, for people ^.^

  3. Jake C

    I wasn't really a Cliff Fan, I'm in my thirties, I thought you had to be a lot older TBH, but I play guitar, and try to sing a bit, now and then. I played this, with a friend on piano, harmonically it wasn't too difficult, but boy when I tried to sing it, I couldn't come close, and that's when I became a fan of this great singer. Respect.

  4. Anthony Fawcett

    Whatever anyone thinks of this man his music,his voice is this song but my favourite is the next time ,"what a song".

  5. stacy hewes

    my auntie funeral song passed away 29th December 2019 ... R.I.P x .. also my mum loved cliff Richard! r.i.p mum x

  6. Alan Fox

    we picked this song for my mum funeral my sister cried and one of my cousins walked out and cried. we did my mum proud.

  7. constantinescu elena

    Thanks !

  8. guenthi47

    very nice song

  9. Frances Taylor

    Love Cliff xxx

  10. Allen Sayer

    One of his best..

  11. Wendy Diane Vincent

    Miss you daytime

  12. Dave Hall

    My late wife loved Cliff and this was her favourite song. We played it at her funeral last July. I miss her so much.

  13. Angela Gatenby

    Love the words to this song

  14. john newson

    Cliff at his best.

  15. Ülle Pihelgas

    Very beautiful song.

  16. Angela Gatenby

    Such a beautiful song

  17. Patricia Moore

    This would have been perfect for the last slow dance at the hop! So much feeling from you Cliff.

  18. Greatbritishpatriot Greatbritishpatriot

    I lost my two children over thirty years ago to my lying ex wife.
    It broke my heart then and it breaks my heart now
    And this song used to make me cry every time it came on.

  19. Mariana Bas


  20. Abbi Jabe


  21. Margaret Cross

    A brilliant song love this song

  22. Karina Ismail

    I play this for my mom 💙 you fought for so long,
    On the seventh day she rested
    Two heart's stopped beating
    Two world's ended
    I will be there for Dad now

  23. Suzanne Robbins

    This American wishes Cliff belonged to us, but will enjoy just listening to him when I can...Thanks England for this treasure!

    Suzanne Robbins

    Un ...Thank you too! How nice to meet others from across the pond!

  24. Basil Nedic

    cliff how can anyone knock you when the crapp thats on these days is played and you and othere years ago worked so hard for what we have these days your ok cliff they got no richt

  25. Kim Treveton

    If you have ever fallen in love and parted for the wrong reasons you will feel the same feelings when you listen to this Beautiful song.

  26. Alex Tiganus

    Cliff,you are a gift from the God!

  27. Lulu Stash

    Have loved you all my life Cliff, still loving you today. Your music / songs taught me who Jesus was.. Thank you for everything. God bless you brother!

  28. sandy cartwright

    Miss you Merlot, so much, these miss u nites are the longest. Its been 2 months, you will alway be in my heartxx

  29. PraiseGod Kubeka

    Exactly all time favourite song thank you Cliff

  30. Валентина Итальяно

    У меня сегодня праздник души

  31. Biker Paul

    A truly beautiful song. I have always loved Cliff's songs and this one makes me cry every time. I lost my darling wife over two years ago and so these lyrics are so meaningful now. 😥

  32. Fizza O

    This came out at the time we had just got married and I had to go back to complete my degree as I taken off a year sick. Every time I heard this on the radio I cried. That was the hardest year of my life apart from this year when I broke my knee and my poor mother died.

  33. Ryan Vranch

    Beautiful underrated song this is

  34. Ivan Bignell

    Think I'd have this for my funeral it's so sweet, mellow, endearing sad...? Cliffs best song ever.

  35. Goldilocks ClyQ

    These miss you nights
    Are the longest... #116days

  36. Ganna Dol

    Читаю комментарии и понимаю, что у каждого своя история любви, счастья и несчастья.... И у меня своя история...... 1977 год, мы танцуем под эту неземную песню с самым лучшим мальчиком в нашем классе....... Прошло 42 года..... Мы по прежнему вместе и по прежнему любим.....

  37. Oliver Le Gear

    I'm not really a Cliff fan, but you'd have to be dead inside not to be moved by this performance.

  38. Allan Thompson

    What a classic song. Can’t believe it was released 43 years ago.

  39. Richard Amner

    The voice stacking delay makes it so good.

  40. Heike Bohne

    Cliff Richard has a unique voice. Brillant Song. 👍🏼🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿

  41. Lee Lewis

    Best harmony vocals ever

  42. Suzanne Robbins

    I am back in 2019 for this one!

  43. Andrew Hall

    His best song.

  44. Maureen Biegner

    Miss my friend

  45. fullfatdeano

    I miss my mum ;-(

  46. Justin Cooper

    These miss you nights are the longest Gran. Until we meet in heaven you xxx

  47. Penny Johnson

    Love cliff know one can take his place when are you coming Australia love and big kisses🌹💕

  48. jsmusak

    One of Cliff's best and one of the saddest songs ever written.

  49. Meladisinné

    Favourite Cliff 💞💙

  50. Maureen Biegner

    Such a lovely song I still miss my old friend After so many years have past by .. thinking nights of how it could have been..

  51. Marcel Versteeg

    his most powerful ballad of all time!

  52. Beryl Gillespie Simpson

    A favourite of mine.

  53. Peter Lejewaan

    blijft mooi,tijdloos!!

  54. Кирилл Антонов

    These are songs of my youth. Songs that create a nostalgic mood.

  55. Margaret Gaskell

    Still listening love the song he sings it so well...🙏🙏🙏🙏⚘⚘⚘⚘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  56. Neriza Ann Concepcion

    Went here because of Westlife. Beautiful song indeed😘

  57. Adrian Cooke

    This and Ocean Deep are my favourite songs by him

  58. O. W.

    Beautifully crafted.... One of his best song's... 👌🎶🎼🎤❤

  59. nick shields

    a truly great song that gets to your heart if u miss someone,theve all tried to bring down cliff through absurd allegations ,but all came to nothing ,the Man stands for decency and all those decades of great music,I respect you Mr Richard

  60. Gill W

    Like may people on here, this is by far my most favourite of all his songs. Now, thanks to the media b******s, and the BBC who made his life a misery, we have lost him to live in New York. I can't express how upset and sad I am for him, who entertained us and millions like us for years and years. I saw him at the BBC on Top of The Pops in the sixties when he first came on the scene, and loved and respected him for years. I hope all these nasty vindictive are satisfied now, and hope he is happy in New York. God bless you Cliff!.

  61. Edmund Fendel

    Beautiful song from Cliff the legend.

  62. Eberneezer Scrooge

    Tiny Tim saw me crying, I thought I'd been bitten by a snake, but the snake bite was a queen ant in my brain and I thought my name was Jake, yeah these ant pheromones make me psychotic.. Wawawawawawawa wawawawawwawa 😂😂🐜🐜🐜🐅🐯🐒🐵🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🙋🐯🐯🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  63. Marie Lester Moseley

    Beautiful ❤️🎸❤️

  64. Elizabeth Humbley

    What a beautiful song, brings back many memories. 🤗

  65. Suzi64grad

    My husband just had a stroke, and this song speaks to me..


    My husband is recovering from his stroke, and as he comes back to me I thank Sir Ciff for helping me cope!!!

  66. Tpviper

    Got to admit, i am not a big fan of Sir Cliff. But, this track is his best.

  67. Chrissie Auclair

    Just played this at my elder sisters funeral.  She loved Cliff and it is the most beautiful song.  RIP my beautiful Wendy and thank you Cliff for this fitting song.

  68. Melinda Gaac

    Very beautiful song... Thank you so much. God bless you always, Sir Cliff Richard!

  69. Brenda Rice

    I love cliff Richard it was played at my mums funeral every time I hear it i think about her I miss her and I start crying i know it's silly

  70. guenthi47

    What a nice song

  71. Eugene Barry

    This is still so, so good. Cliff Richard at his very best and this is a testament to his talent, great vocal and ability to give a great song that special emotion and feeling that separate the best from the rest. Thanks for the music Sir Cliff.

  72. dawn hawkins

    Mum picked this song for her funeral she sadly passed away last october ,and although i listen and shed a few tears it also brings me comfort xxx

  73. Malster

    For my money, this is the best song he’s ever sung.

  74. Pauline Sanders

    R.I.P mum miss you always, you wont be missing grandad now. I have never forgot you and the promise i made you before you passed on. Love you always

  75. Marietta Chacon

    Cliff so gorgeous and the voice ahhh lovely lovely what can I say I love this guy 💖💖💖😊

  76. Eugene Barry

    Perfection in the song, the performance and the emotion. A master of his craft with a God given gift of song so generously shared . You don't need dancers or bells and whistles when you are this good and Sir Cliff you are the best. May you live long, share more music and be happy . Enjoy the joy after your pain and always know that we trust and believe in you. Thank you.

  77. m g

    The vocals, production and arrangement are flawless.

  78. Rachel Louise Hallaron

    We had this song at my mums funeral along with izzy and dannie dancing in the sky she had a crush on cliff from being a little girl we sent her to a few of his shows she had all his music videos


    Cliff must be dedicated to cliff's dead dog 🐕 ? As he's never had a woman has he 😆 😆 😆

  80. Pia Hansen

    Goosebumps all over.....gorgeous song and that voice..Haaaaaaah

  81. Merle Perry

    Loved you and your music for 59 years you will always be no one to me ❤

  82. Jake C

    Cliff has said in the past that this was one of the nicest songs he had ever heard, and that it would of been a hit for anyone, but the singer and writer Dave Townsend said Cliff gave it something he hadn't even imagined when he wrote it. Songs are like babies to writers, and when he heard Cliff's interpretation ,he instantly knew it was Cliff's song, and helped produce it.

  83. irene Dire

    This is just so heavenly from Mr Richard

  84. Sancho O'Dell

    "These Mishue Knights are the longest". This feels like a Christmas song. Just the whole feel of it. When he sings about these Biblical 'Mishue Knights' Bright Knights form the night who come out to rescue these loved ones from bedrooms of old. Oh we will long for our own 'Mishue Knight' That's what I though he was singing about when I heard this as a kid. (A very similar misunderstanding of another song "Knights In White Satin" by The Moody Blues also conjured up similar  images of medieval Knights draped in white satin coming into bedrooms to bring salvation to loved ones everywhere!)

  85. Francis Formalhaut Moon

    Who's he singing to?
    A camel?
    It sure as hell isn't a woman!

  86. Kerry Louise McNulty

    Love this song, Cliff is fabulous, grew up listening to his lovely voice 🙂

  87. Irene Kent

    Sad song but miss a loved one

  88. Margaret Gaskell

    Still listening now ....memories come back ...🙏💕🌹........a most beautiful song

  89. Anne Dale

    my teenage crush!

  90. Panya Wong

    Most of Thai advertising are nonsence and stupid.

  91. Panya Wong

    เมื่อไรจะเลิกบร้าเกาหลีสักที ทำชื่อเสียงประเทศเสียหายหมดและยังไรสาระ

  92. patricia F

    What a voice, and beautiful song 😍

  93. Rosita Arciaga

    Beautiful Song

  94. Mely Mallari

    Beautiful song !

  95. Carl Maher

    I never liked Cliff, but this was and is moving.

  96. shonerip

    Very great professional performance. Ciao 👍 Pino

  97. Velvetblue

    I haven't heard this....another beautiful song Cliff Richard.

  98. Tata Tata

    This song is great thank you Cliff

  99. Jon Gowan

    Yes I’m 73 now, and yes I truly love listening to cliff to man sing, this music is the real music slow music not the music that you can not tell the words to it.

    Suzanne Robbins

    Jon Gowan I am 73, and love Cliff’s music! Nothing like getting lost in his music...when I can’t sleep I listen to him, and I feel better!