Richard, Cliff - Long, Long Time Lyrics

Love will abide
Take things in stride
Sounds like good advice
But there's no one at my side

And time washes clean
Love's wounds unseen
That's what someone told me
But I don't know what it means

'Cause I've done everything I know
To try and make you mine
And I think I'm gonna love you
For a long, long time

Caught in my fears
Bringing back the tears
I can't say you hurt me
When you never let me near

And I never drew
One response from you
Oh why you fell
Over men you never knew

'Cause I've done everything I know
To try and make you mine
And I think it's gonna hurt me
For a long, long time

'Cause I've done everything I know
To try and make you mine
And I think I'm gonna love you
For a long, long time

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Richard, Cliff Long, Long Time Comments
  1. Kathy Holland

    Love Cliff's version.

  2. Antonio Galor

    Long Long time ...cliff congratulatios..

  3. Antonio Galor

    Longe longe time , congratulações..cliff

  4. Margaret Lim

    Love this haunting melody ❤️

  5. Evelyne Souchar

    Another song to add as my favourites. Beautiful.

  6. Evelyne Souchar

    Beatuful song. in an beautiful voice, i din't heard others versions by anothers singers, but I love it in Cliff Richard voice

    Kathy Holland

    Linda Ronstadt recorded this before Cliff. Love both versions.

  7. Elizabeth Hann

    Shocking, shocking, shocking. Shocking because it's *Cliff Richard* - that consummate *English* pop star - singing "Long, Long Time", a folk/country hit made famous by consummate *All-American* country/folk-rock singer Linda Ronstadt. Up until now, I never knew Cliff recorded this. His take on it is...interesting. He bleeds the country out of it - as one might expect - and turns it into decorous folk- pop, as opposed to country/folk-rock, but he does all right by the song anyway.

  8. Bitten Bech

    Lovely ❤️ song, lovely slide show . And my favorite singer ❤️

  9. Thomas Rafanan

    He was and will ever be my favorite singer

  10. jeanny vd ven

    great song !

    Jackie Jack

    jeanny vd ven 1

  11. sterling twilight

    Cliff Richards, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Matthew Ward (religious) and Steve Perry; the greatest ear appealing vocal sounds in my subjective opinion.

  12. Patricia Zapata

    Simply beautiful

  13. Delfina Albini

    Wonderful voice.. wonderful   Cliff  and lovely songs.

  14. Marquet Huguette

    The 31st of february street album is very successful. I like it very much. Cliff is so talented.


    Finally I realized that "The 31st of February" was coming from his album. Thank you for reminding me.


    Me too most favorite album

  15. Patricia Perry

    I have loved his music since I was 13 yrs. old! He will always be number 1, even above Elvis! I'm 64 now,and still enjoying it! :-)

  16. Neusa Cardoso

    valeu Susan......Cliff meu favorito

  17. Neusa Cardoso

    Fantastco cliff richard

  18. Neusa Cardoso

    cliff muito romantico

  19. Neusa Cardoso


  20. Neusa Cardoso

    todos os comentarios bons lindo..............

  21. Neusa Cardoso

    muito lindo eu paro para te ver cantar e dançar e maravilhoso

  22. Neusa Cardoso

    long long taime linda musica lindo video cliff richardvoce e muito mais que especial

  23. 123xconnieb

    I've always loved this song by Linda Ronstadt. Cliff's version is very nice too.

  24. Dvine Dzine

    Oh, Cliffy was gorgeous in that, hubby will have to understand! :)

  25. alittlenluv

    I now have a stong urge to get out Take Me High and watch it. I think I will be spending tomorrow with the very handsome merchant banker, Tim Matthews, enjoying "Brumburgers". Shhhhh, don't tell my husband!