Richard, Cliff - It's All In The Game Lyrics

Many a tear has to fall
But it's all, in the game
All in the wonderful game
That we know as love

You have words with him
And your future's looking dim
But these things
Your heart can rise above
Once in a while he won't call
But it's all, in the game
Soon he'll be there at your side
With a sweet bouquet
And he'll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting finger tips
And your heart will fly away

Once in a while he won't call
But it's all in the game
Soon he'll be there at your side
With a sweet bouquet
And then he'll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting finger tips
And your heart will fly away
And your heart will fly fly away
And your heart will fly away

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Richard, Cliff It's All In The Game Comments
  1. Dinah Booth

    I’ve always loved this song♥️🌹🌺💐👏🏼👏🏼💋♥️

  2. Hengky Manangka

    Jumanji The Next Level bring me back to this song

  3. soetiono soeharno

    Sir Cliff Richard !

  4. Evelyne Souchar

    What a gift for my ears. Beatiful voice.

  5. Irene Kent

    Lovely voice thanks Cliff for the happiness u bought to us

  6. Galileo Pena

    Of all the singers

  7. Mrfairchap

    No, sorry, but I never really appreciated Cliff in his early manifestation - I thought he was just trying (and failing) to impersonate Elvis. Strangely enough, I thought he was much better the second time around, with “Wired for Sound”, “Devil woman”, etc - that was cool!

  8. Colin Silman

    this song has been blocked by facebook as it goes against their community standards I suggest they get a life

  9. Teresita Daniel

    The voice! The person! An artist for all seasons. Have been Sir Cliff's fan since the sixties.

  10. Evelyne Souchar

    He has a very relaxing voice.

  11. Paul Schliker

    So good!!

  12. Francis Alan Wormald

    At 82 I knew of & out of my sooo many...This dude was the real deal WHA? HAPPENED??? I NOT NO!!!!

  13. Nareeya Suppamanop

    I've been drifted in​ his game for​ a long​ time.​

  14. Tamara Tamara

    Super piosenka.Brawo

  15. Diane Anderson

    11th July 2019 still listening to this classic.

  16. Manuel Calvan

    Ka-boses talaga ni Jose Mari Chan. Sinadya o hindi nag-aspire ng originality si Jo Mari?

  17. Janes Wattimena

    My virgin time...🥴😁🤘❤️

  18. Janes Wattimena

    Yep its all in the game😘🤘

  19. John Lavery

    Where has all the music gone...Reminds me of my youth...and it has gone....summer days ..carefree.

  20. james fitzgerald

    Very feminine voice!

  21. Janes Wattimena

    The 60's when i hear this song i had good memories 😘

  22. Rose Agaatsz

    Love of all your songs my handsome Cliff Richard. Forever my favorite artist 🎼🎧🎶👀

  23. Derek Thomson

    Some voice

  24. Colin Dale

    Tell Me - has it all been a Game ???

  25. Shane Wiliamson

    he is one off the greatest.godbless him.rock.n roll.x

  26. purijohnston


  27. Pacci MSK

    Cliff is a very brilliant singer... and I love him so much!

  28. 박성용

    So sweet. I was born in 1976 but my teanage was full of songs sung by Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Patty Page and Pat Boone. I enjoy the fast bit songs of these days, too but I get much more healed by the old guys...

  29. Rose Agaatsz

    Love all your songs sir Cliff Richard ! Simply magnificent 👀

  30. jon callum


  31. jon callum


  32. jon callum

    Just great!

  33. Rosita Arciaga

    wow na wow talaga

  34. hersel loft

    Tommy did a great job on this one but the first time I heard this was by England's answer to Elvis

  35. Intestinal Worm

    Best version! Original melody was written by US Vice President Dawes.

  36. Beresfordjohn Greene

    Good singer ain't he?

  37. Aura Rose

    This is a beautiful song and lyrics I love the sound of Sir Cliff soft melodious voice. Thank you, so much tommyw194070 for posting.

  38. mrob75

    a very popular record played on "American Bandstand" just before the show left Philly to the west coast.

  39. marie Haswell

    He makes my heart beat faster love this dreamy song

  40. Jen D'Costa

    A beautiful voice and person. Absolutely adorable .
    Love all his songs

  41. Derekgough Gough

    Kitty kitty

  42. Elly Its

    Manny years ago

  43. Elly Its

    I remember this song, thats i was young!

  44. Elly Its

    Its A love song. This is my song

  45. mary fessler

    Lovely ballad again from my childhood love Sir Cliff xx🌹

  46. mary fessler

    Sir Cliff you are a living Legend .xx🌹

  47. Joan Murray


  48. Lester Parfitt

    one of the best singers in my era

  49. Rosita Arciaga

    Pag naririnig ko si Cliff kumakanta kilig na kilig ako wow

  50. Rose Agaatsz

    Hé was one of the best artist in my youth. Love his voice and the melody ! Gbu Sir Cliff Richard ❤️

  51. annie enano

    I remember my high school days. My crush that teaches how to feel what love is .

  52. Nelia Alejandrino

    The Voice! Love him so much for his songs!

  53. Flor Candela

    I L<3VE it..!!

  54. snowflower

    kissers cliff

  55. Danny Willis

    Just beautiful. Elvis is my fav singer. But Cliff is right up there .

  56. the king

    This is the best version of its all in the game.,, it...❤ 👍

  57. toyne38

    Great voice

  58. Virgilia Pamutongan

    😊 👍

  59. Robert Mcintyre

    cliff the weirdo

  60. Frans Vanhove

    I was 15 in 1963. Oh, those memories!!

  61. Janet Carter

    He's wonderful singing l listen to his singing every day lovely voice

  62. Christiane Muller

    Belle chanson, grand chanteur,merci

  63. Tony White

    I agree brenda

  64. Brenda Pabandero

    I've listened to Nat King Cole and Tommy Edward's version but I prefer Cliff Richard's version, it has more feeling

  65. OneHitWonderGuy

    Wow - flawless remake of Tommy Edwards' #1 hit from 1958. Went to #2 in Britain, Sept. 1963. Huge Cliff fan here

  66. Hi Everybody! Unboxing & Play with Molly & Sarah

    the melody is written by Calvin Coolidge's vice president! how cool is that?

  67. Tony White

    I love this song it's amazing

  68. Garath de Kock

    56Music. Also listen to the Tommy Edwards version. My favourite, although the Cliff one is great as well.

  69. 56music

    Actually like Cliff's version the best of them all, even better that Nat King Cole's version. I was going to marry Cliff when I was 12!

    Bitten Bech

    I was going to marry him when I was 15. Sigh...It was really funny back then in the 70's...- for me it was.

    angela williams

    This version - not that good

    Wendy Stroupe

    angela williams tommy Edwards much better

    Evelyne Souchar

    Its not well done to say the others versions are better than Cliff's Richard If you don't like, don't say anithing and keep for youself the singers you like [email protected] Stroupe

    Pierre Van Dick

    Prefer this version

  70. Danny Willis


  71. priti kailasvati

    the first cliff richard song I had heard was this one in 1963....I had no idea who he was...

    John London

    maybe , he came back to UK after "Summer Hollidays " ?

  72. sarahgittel

    Did Cliff get married?

    mggilles hope

    no he didn't get married. but engaged twice.

    james fitzgerald

    He’s gay for Christ’s Sake! A confirmed Bachelor as the Press use as a metaphor

  73. M Y

    it seems.its gonna be my wedding song.

    M Y

    fuck you

    Sam Riches

    Melih y

  74. Peeter Muna

    Eleonora said that she can't get enough of Cliff's singing - well I agree with her - iv'e been a Cliff fan from the early 60's and i still play his music to this very day 2/6/2016 Plus the fact that he is a Christian makes it even better

  75. Ni Azzam


  76. Hutahaean Adil

    just can't get enough of CLIFF... what a voice!

    Flora Mcgrath

    love it 😁

    Flora Mcgrath

    love it 😁.

  77. shaunxk8

    Ahh the wonderful game of love, played it a few times sometimes won some lost but in the end it is only a game.

  78. May McElwaine

    This is my absolute fave Cliff song. Magical!

  79. il João

    What amazing stuff! Congratz from Portugal! :)

  80. T Budi Setyo

    A lovely song !

  81. John Paul Dutton

    hi sir I still sing this on concert

  82. thmccabe1

    lovely song, reminds me of my youth in the early 60s

    JjPlayz Mc

    My favorite song when I was a teenage fan of his.i

  83. Bharat Patel

    This guy provokes way too many memories, he is and always will be a total legend

    Sandra Tonge


  84. Peach Butterfly

    Beautiful.Happy Birthday Cliff.

  85. Handi Hidayat

    one of very best songs from Cliff

  86. Dave Kelly

    Such a lovely song. Makes you want to fall in love doesn't it :-)

    Ann Hewit

    cliff love songs are brilliant I like to sing to them as well as listening to them. and l think he is a fantastic acter

  87. K.C. Nair

    A superb song from one of the greatest singers. Love his voice

    Bob Wallis

    +K.C. Nair Absolutely!! He and Elvis are on the same level!! Ergo, Cliff is the greatest living male singer of all time!! Songs like this make the hair on my neck stand up; and I'm a "normal" male!! How about that?!!

  88. Richard Go

    The lyrics and message of this beautiful song reminds of our love experienced. Superb and brilliant.

  89. Maria C

    Love is all a game

  90. Peach Butterfly

    uploaded on his birthday,thx sooooh much

  91. Harry Hopworthy

    Cliff recorded many wonderful songs. This number is just one of numerous classics, under his name. One of the most gifted singers who ever lived.

    frances jones

    Love cliff richard

    da ghost042

    Tommy Edwards did it best to me.... 1958

  92. Stephen Williams

    This version of this song is my favourite. In his day Cliff Richard as a great voice for both ballards and dance songs

  93. anthony banfi

    Beautiful version of this song.

  94. Tong Leung Lau

    Romantic song

  95. Helen Darley

    cliffs best song so romantic

  96. Dedstar

    Hi Tommy,
    Is it cover or original ?
    Best regards,

  97. นายวิชัย ปัญจวงศ์

    this song's on my mind

  98. Paula Wyatt

    So lovely this song :)

  99. delfina albini

    Romantic song    and  romantic Cliff. He is my favourite singer since l961.