Richard, Cliff - I Just Don't Have The Heart Lyrics

Love had ended
Can't be mended

All along the line
I've been true to you
Even though for some time
I knew we were through

I was feeling
That love had ended
Can't be mended
But I can't bear to see you cry

The feeling's gone
It's been missing too long
But I just don't have the heart
I just don't have the heart to tell you
It's such a shame
That it's ended this way
But I just don't have the heart
I just don't have the heart to tell you

There'll be no goodbyes
There are no words to say
When you realise
That I'm far away

You'll be hurting
Like I've been hurting
The truth was burning
But I just can't say goodbye

The feeling's gone
It's been missing too long
But I just don't have the heart
I just don't have the heart to tell you
It's such a shame
That it's ended this way
But I just don't have the heart
I just don't have the heart to tell you
Ooh but I just don't have the heart
I just don't have the heart to tell you

If I stopped to think about
The good times that we shared
I could fool myself believing
That somehow love, love was still there
Ooh (love, love, love, love, love had ended)
(Love, love, love, love, love had ended)

I was feeling
That love had ended
Can't be mended
But I can't bear to see you cry

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Richard, Cliff I Just Don't Have The Heart Comments
  1. AWEH Collective

    2020 and this song still bumps hard in West End / Club Galaxy Cape Town, South Africa!!!!

  2. Retrolution Games

    SAW songs were the sound of my childhood! To this day, okay, I know they're the musical equivalent of junk food, but you just can't get enough...

  3. Peeks'n'Pokes

    I like the 20CC version better.

  4. cantforgetyou

    Can't stop listening to this song. So emotional and deep. Even though you hear a (happy) dance beat. S.A.W. could write very beautiful sad melodies, like this one.

  5. Juliukas101

    Sounds just like the studio version! Who cares if he's miming! Not a Cliff fan but I really like this song - it's upbeat, catchy and in some ways was ahead of its time. Sounds more mid-late 90s than1989!

  6. Rosemere Bernardo

    Que relíquia....que saudades dessa música....ah, meus 17 anos....💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶2019!!

  7. dave d.

    One of my favorite track from S.A.W. sung by the legendary Sir Cliff Richard.

  8. Catherine Farrugia

    Reminds me of my teenage days. Love it

  9. Steve20127

    Old shirt lifter.....

  10. Egil Albert

    Brilliant song 💯🔥

  11. Otterino

    Play at 125% speed for the perfect song for a racing game.

  12. Peter Mcdonald

    Pete waterman face is brilliant such a happy smile, oh and the dancers are pretty cute as well!

  13. Tanya Todd

    This is my all time favorite song by Cliff Richard !! I can watch this video over and over. Love the choreography!! Thank you again Cliff❤

  14. Diego Nicieza

    Stock Aitken Waterman extraordinarios , brillantes

  15. Diane Dyer

    Truly a pleasure watching him 💚 still got talent with everything that's happened to him he's pulled himself through love to him 💚 love Diane xxxx 🌈💚🐸🏳️‍🌈

  16. Sebastian Welcome

    to Steve he was 49 50 back then in 1989 30 years ago he is 80 now years old now because there was this tv program on in 2018 with him talking about his life and music and the police raid back in 2014 on one of his homes and the trial in 2019 and how it affected him

    Anne Wilson

    Cliff was born on 14th October 1940 which makes him 79 he is the best right from his first (move it)

  17. Linda St John


  18. Graham Stirzaker

    Cheese on toast fest but fab happy song reminds me of the 80s

  19. TessTess Hutchinson

    Can tell a stock aitken and waterman song straight away.

  20. Mery Popescu

    Beautiful song , beautiful , handsome Cliff, beautiful show, l enjoyed like l was there in the in the public ! I hope Cliff will come in Romania for a concert ! Love Cliff and his music!💋❤👏

  21. Ken Likes

    Always a wee toe-tapper...

  22. konductor268

    ..l listen track in october 1989..the best superhit of Cliff Richard..😃😂 santiago de chile..

  23. Mery Popescu

    A new song for me here in Romania ! I listen now for the first time and l like it!

  24. 692MOM

    Cliff's song to Sue Barker!

  25. Steve

    This is more like an exercise video! 😅 but fair play to him. What was this, 30 years ago? So Cliff would have been 77 or 78 at the time. Bloody good shape for a man of that age! 😁

    Sebastian Welcome

    to Steve he was 49 50 years old back then he is 80 81 now because there was a tv program on about his life and music in 2018 and that raid in 2014 and trial in 2019 and how it affected him

  26. Jamila Andersson

    We Can't Hear A Singer Or A Band And Music Today Anymore. .Omg I Love I Miss These Days
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  27. patricia F

    Cliff is the BEST one more Time 🥰

  28. Moni

    The dance is so happy

  29. Alison Cleeton

    Soooo glad Sir Cliff did this! Love, love, love it! Xxxxxx

  30. Vickie Clarkson

    Loved it at 15.. I’m now 45 still love it xx

  31. Perry Cree

    Totally mimed!

  32. TheEwoodBlue

    Filmed at my first ever Cliff Conert. I lived within walking distance from Wembley at the time, so I could hear the concert on the Friday night & went on the Saturday, what an amazing day :0)

  33. Ľubica Lehocká

    Všetky videá super spev, piesne, hudba ♡×♡×♡×choreografia, šaty...krása!

  34. Rob James

    God he loves himself.
    miming to the track and stealing the 'Thriller' dance moves.

    Global Empire

    Yes, surprised no one has picked up on the mining which he mimed on every performance as it was a SAW song.

  35. Jessie Jess

    Brilliant dancing and beautiful, upbeat song. It certainly is heart warming

  36. Carolyn Allinson

    Love this song 😀

  37. Rose Agaatsz

    Cliff Richard you’re so handsome and sexy on this magnificent song and beautiful video ! 🎶🎧🎼👀

  38. Garcia Angie

    Im your fan i love you😊

  39. Stephen Holmes


  40. Tanya Todd

    This is one of my favorites!! Love the song and the dancing!! Great one!!!


    You can tell this shit 💩 is stock ' aitkin and Waterman can't you ?
    They all sound the same SHITE 💩

    Chris Maynard

    Mr Miserable ?

  42. Joanna Speakman

    This is a fabulous song. I like listening to good music singers and groups. Cliff is amongst the excellent singers that I like to listen to.

  43. ELIJA40

    Always considered this the best of the Stock Aitkin and Waterman songs. Shows the quality of the voice of this guy.

  44. Maria Shaw

    Love ❤️ his moves,he is amazing 😉🌹🌹💙💗😘

  45. Charmaine Francke

    I love the song just dont have a hart

  46. Nazley Swartz

    2018 and still love this song:)

  47. mary fessler

    Awesome music from an Awesome man xx🌹

  48. Marius Mitrea


  49. dean` Brady

    Absolutely chronic yet I like it lol

  50. djpaco inthemix

    i love👍🔊🔊🔊🔊😎😎

  51. Jasun Uranium

    S.A & W killed you

  52. fatwalletboy2

    That instantly recognisable SAW sound.......


    Sounds like it should have been a Rick Astley song but he did "Take me to your heart" which was very similar!

  53. Smiles4UFL

    Dear God, I forgot how how that man was/is....Mmmm-hmmm!

  54. Thomas Farmer

    Possibly Cliff's gayest anthem (after the Newton John duet) and I mean that in the most positive of ways. He brings so much sophistication to the S/A/W sound (that many write off as cheesy and cheap). This is a pop gem of the highest degree and decree! A++

    Richard Berry

    Listen to Donna Summer's Another Place and Time... I'm sure this was written for her originally for that project

  55. SheIIsbells

    One of those dancers looks like carol smiley

  56. Jd Mc

    I would have liked to have been at that concert.

  57. PurelyAfrican

    This was one of the few saw songs I liked in the 80s.
    Alongside Donna summer "this time..." and Brother beyond
    "the harder I try".

  58. kelly wilkinson

    I remember going to see him in live and it came to mistletoe and wine and every was quiet apart me i was the only one singing it felt that he was singing to me

  59. Jurresp Dougsp


  60. Ruthie Kumar

    Cliff at his sexiest.

  61. Luisa Díaz

    I love this song!

  62. Maria Kaukari

    What a brilliant performance cliff and your dancers. Your movement gets better with age,
    A bit like wine! Your energy is unbelievable cliff pass it around we could all do with more
    Energy. I like to know where you get it all from? So much talent you are certainly unique!

  63. Graham McDonald

    Listen to those Neighbours chimes in your left hear, I feel young again!

  64. Konjames manalili

    nice one cliff

  65. johnfhm

    Cliff Astley

  66. gav peck

    Love this Song ❤️❤️❤️

  67. fustina grey

    Love it..he looks fab😍😍

  68. tornike kataloniaa


  69. KennnnnnyTucky

    I vaguely remember an interview where Cliff recalled recording the vocals with SAW but the song sounded completely different at that point. Who might even have started off as a ballad. But it worked out well.

  70. Mae MacGregor

    I have always liked this one.

  71. Dnreb Frodneffap

    Sie haben den alten nochmal zu einem Hit verholfen,genau wie Donna Summer,ich fand's gut!!immer noch top!

  72. a person

    Such a happy song

  73. DJ Private Ryan Philippines

    sooo love this song...

  74. Lachlan Douglass

    I was at this concert. 1989. Where does time go?


    Nice Cliff !   ..    Truth From The Start !  ..   Never Stop !

  76. MultiRedskins12

    One of Stock Aitken Waterman's best songs . . . Cliff Richard's vocals bring it to life. Great track.


    MGBetts1 Embrace SAW. They bring joy and happiness to the world. Please provide extensive examples of how they killed popular music. I’ll wait.


    @MultiRedskins12 - I had more than a gut full of SAW back in the day. If you want an essay, look elsewhere.


    MGBetts1 Stock Aitken Waterperson will live on . . . it’s sad that you are so sad. You are unable to provide specific examples. The premise of your original statement is now defunct. That’s a shame.


    @MultiRedskins12 - Because You say so? Now I am worried! 🤣


    MGBetts1 Yes. Absolutely. Please find solace In Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Richter’s 1958 performance will suffice.

  77. vandrossfan

    Love this song , cheesy as, but who gives a damn.


    Probably the best song Cliff Richard ever did

  79. pebosat

    Cliff best song ?

  80. Alyssa0401

    its a good work out song !! its so funny to see all them dancer wearing work out clothes !!!

  81. Alyssa0401

    All thow its a sad song....its bloody awsome . And SAW were actually ok . Lots of singers from thenwho had them as producers are still awsome !!!

  82. amy clarke

    Saw were fun

  83. Mark Hughes

    k. The fact

  84. Harry Maiden

    I have never been the biggest fan of Cliff Richard but this has opened my eyes to what he can do, This is Amazing!!!!!!

  85. junjun badayos

    Aaaaah, the "SHOULDER PADS ERA". Beautiful performance of Cliff as always!

  86. SirChristopherGorton

    I must get a suit like that one.

  87. Jeremy Barfour-Awuah

    Saw the chic of the 1980's

  88. Alexandr Sadomov

    Great! Great! Great!

  89. Susan Graham

    I was only 2 in 1989 and honestly those dance cat moves are WICKED COOL!!!! You gotta be in shape to pull it off he did. Thanks Cliff You're a COOL CAT!

    Ruthie Kumar

    Loved the video.

  90. marichu bates

    Love you Cliff!!!

  91. Charlie Magri

    Great singer and song, but that dancing looks a bit naff!

  92. Hafersten Productions

    This song reminds of Daytona USA for some reason.

  93. Charlie Magri

    Britain's greatest ever pop star; second is Marc Almond!

    dean` Brady

    Charlie Magri mark almond ! Hahaha aye nae danger


    What, better than the one and only Freddie Mercury?

  94. S B

    horrible dancing

  95. S B

    this guy apparently wants (thinks) he's bigger than he is


    S B he doesn't think he's bigger than he is. He is the King of Rock and roll

    S B

    Jamoid & you're the Queen. KEEP dreaming.. I won't hate on your reality

  96. SirChristopherGorton

    I was only 6 years old in 1989. This was Cliff's first dance record

  97. Stu Pidity

    I was 18 years old when this song came out, and I used to play it death back in the day, but little did I know back then that it came from a singer who was then 49 years old. Cliff certainly breaks down all age barriers with this number, and that's one of the main reasons I've always liked him.

    Charlie Magri

    I'm glad you came aboard, because Cliff has a personality which is fantastic and you he is so modern and ageless!

  98. Pat Nightingale

    love him xxx