Richard, Cliff - Do You Wanna Dance Lyrics

Well do you wanna dance and hold my hand?
Sqeeze me baby I'm your man
Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

Well do you wanna dance under the moonlight?
Squeeze and hug me all through the night
Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

Do you do you do you do you wanna dance
Do you do you do you do you wanna dance
Do you do you do you do you wanna dance


Well do you wanna dance to a rock'n'roll band?
Come on baby, give me your hand
Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

Well do you wanna dance under the moonlight?
Squeeze and hug me all through the night
Oh baby, do you wanna dance


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Richard, Cliff Do You Wanna Dance Comments
  1. Ara Depoyan

    Le grand cliff richard .nous fait souvenir les jours de yéyé 1960

  2. krazy kat

    They don't last like Cliff nowadays !


    Didn't realise that there were "Bluetooth" connected guitars in those days!!!

    Mohammad Shishkebab

    His microphone must be a modern one as well, they sure were well ahead of there time with equipment.


    Исполнитель: The Shadows
    Альбом: The Very Best Of
    Дата выпуска: 1963 г.

  5. สมพงษ์ ทองนนท์

    Elvis never die

  6. 65motowngirl

    Believe it or not, I’m 72 years old and never heard of this guy until now. For some odd reason he popped up in my You Tube searches. Of course I’m familiar with “Devil Woman” and “Dreaming” but had no clue who the recording artist was. Fascinating guy. I especially like how he looks today at 79. Fantastic facelift. He waited until he was in his 70’s and wisely choose to have just enough done for a natural look . Unlike others who look like freaks from over doing it.

  7. hersel loft

    Great cover,the first wave of british music

  8. andy moore

    I adore Cliff and the Shads but can't help thinking of Freddie and the Dreamers when i see the dance moves!

  9. Marianne Markus

    Cliff Richard my weakness I love this Guy so much

  10. shirley28able

    Very nice 🤙

  11. Patricia Moore

    Yeah, I do!!! The good old Shadows. Cliff is almost 80 now and still has the moves.

    andy moore

    I am 60 and cannot move like him!

  12. loner girl

    Cliff Richard thoooo ❤❤

  13. Mark Giallo

    Are you telling me this wasn't a Ramones original

  14. JcP jean-claude

    Cliff Richard and his wonderfull Shadows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dovla Dovla

    Heard this song in pornvideo with Riley Raid. I stopped watching it, just to find this song.

  16. Wyatt Podmore

    Cliff and The Shadows were the best UK pop act before the coming of The Beatles.

  17. mahendra singh

    2019 and still rocking !!!!!

  18. Henry Byrd

    Oops! Cliff's voice starts singing b4 he opens his mouth or gets to the Mic.

  19. александр иночкин

    super beat. = alex.ukraine

  20. Beverley Todd

    He was gorgeous. He’s a lovely man ❤️

  21. petebest22

    Brian Bennett could at Lest do the right drum beats to the song 😔

  22. rohaya jantan

    Cliff richard..i love his songs when i was teenager...😎

  23. Diane Mckillion

    I think if ever they decided to make a movie about Cliff Richard, the ideal person to star as Cliff would be Ray Quinn. He looks so much like him

    Penny Lover

    Or Corey Feldman

  24. JB Ferreira


  25. harakiri0lm


  26. docdoowop

    pure gold

  27. rob grady

    Hello kitty

  28. Vandotavares Tavares

    Está canção , aqui no Brasil está eternizada na voz de Johnny Rivers

  29. Ernie

    Good God! There he is! He stepped down to do a little dance with ...Uh who was that?

  30. yuen hung Chan

    小環姐,😋👍👏👏 好豐富呀!

  31. Al Melling

    So clean cut. Wonderfull

  32. Roomdy Bany

    Ok baget

  33. Rose Agaatsz

    Cliff Richard looking Sharp ! My favourite lifetime artist 🎤🎧🎼❤️

  34. Pepinio

    Rudi Carel


    bingo !!!!!

  35. nelma gomes

    Muito bom! Obrigado!Beijos!!!

  36. Ingrid Holm

    Cliff is the best ❤❤

  37. Stanley Sherlock

    Not with you , you paedophile.

  38. tobyweiss1010

    Amazing how how Hank and Bruce can play that great guitar work with the their guitars not plugged in.

    Nobody Important

    That is the magic of rock and roll.

  39. Rouhi habashi

    Wowwwww awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻oldest from Tehran Iran

  40. Paquita Navarro Esteve

    Señor, cuantos años tengooooo!!!!!!
    Pero me gusta igual🤩🤩🤩🤩

  41. Tony Johan

    Cliff Richard 👍👍🌺🌺🌼🌼

  42. James Hope

    I preferred the Beach Boys version myself

  43. mrsnoopyaaaaa

    What a FLAMER

  44. Dodo2

    Super it is a beautiful sharing .Ont never tired of his years. If only we still had people like that .. especially share do not forget they are almost our era ... go dancing everything is allowed.

  45. Rita de Graaf

    Geweldig swingnummer.Cliff Richard.

  46. Luis Guillermo Diaz Orellana

    Rick Astley look very similar in 80s and 90s, I think this guy was the inspiration.

  47. Leslie Folwell

    An accolade to my genuine Anglo friends on Facebook. God Bless.

  48. patummar ratchasi

    Love you .... Cliff Richard Always
    My English teacher.....

  49. loongl

    diy speakers

  50. Sharmishtha Basu

    He was soooooo adorable

  51. A. Jansen

    The showmaster in the beginning who announced Cliff is Rudy Carrell, so this performance must've been in the Netherlands back in the sixties.

  52. Siemma Khan

    Legendary cliff Richard

  53. Ade Hendra

    his songs was very nice


    2019? Evergreen forever.

  55. Jarosław Wodowski

    Ed schiran

  56. Sures Anba

    Very decent. So talented. This is what i call good music. Sir Cliff Richard always rocks. How many out there knows his real name???

    Aura Rose

    It's Harry Rodger Webb, I like Cliff Richard better. I agree Sir Cliff is loaded with talent, I love his soft dreamy voice. :)

  57. 김창주

    책임지고 사퇴하시오 많은 사람 괴롶히지 말고

  58. Wheldon Rodney Boon

    Cliff was nothing without the Shadows.

    Guillermo J Bello

    Wheldon Rodney Boon Don't be ridiculous.

  59. Lorna Williams-Astley

    Gee they were good. Love Cliff Richards and The Shadows.

  60. Pauline Jones

    He was so cute ☺

  61. walter hugo anaya durand

    Que época muy hermoso de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

  62. Diane Anderson

    16th July 2019 still listening lol.

  63. Ian Gordon Craig

    best shadows line up


    John Rostill and Licqurice Locking were good but I prefer Jet Harris.


    Love his smile!!

  65. Ryan Johnson

    One of the rare moments you see the shadows singing on of my all time favourite Cliff Richard songs

  66. Diane Grant

    Love Cliffs golden oldies the best

    Cristina Van Zevenbergen

    Clif Richard in Liege

  67. Jackie Maree Reekie

    He was fekn fantastic...!!!!

  68. กิตติศักดิ์ แก้ววินิจ

    2019 Love

  69. Maria Shaw

    Love it 😍♥️💙💗

  70. Pol Herrera

    Good Dance / Music Choreography !

  71. Darren Nicholl

    brilliant song I sang

  72. iconoclast

    This should be billed as C.R. and the Shadows.

  73. Virginia private

    I love this song.

  74. Dolly Dagger

    Happy Birthday to Sir Cliff Richard! ♥️ He turns 78 today!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Happy Birthday Cliff, turns today to 79!

  75. Dolly Dagger

    Omg, he sings this song??? I've heard this song a million times! The Ramones do a cover of this song.

  76. Christiane Mahy

    I was mad about that handsome long brown guy singing, dancing, joking and of his musicians with their fabulous sound and I am still now.

  77. david jackson

    Great piece of footage - thanks

  78. julie brtek

    Truly love this classic hit song. One greatest Band and Cliff Richard. Thank you for uploading this video clip. Love classic songs of 1950s.

  79. veronica purcell

    My dad passed this music on to me. Cliff is my favourite and I was lucky enough to see him live some years ago. Today my 4 year old song heard this song and is now playing on repeat. 😍

  80. Paquito Ignacio

    It amazing, at his age now he still good looking guy and maintain his hair.

  81. Patty Markham

    2018 still listening!!

    leila hammoudi

    Me too🤗

    SharpShooter 1041

    Me too, I'm only 27 haha

  82. Hermine Poorthuis

    Cliff richard liedjes mijn favoriet jeugd sentiment ❤ ❤

  83. Julie Edwards

    love it old music x

  84. dorisdayno1

    Love this song and yes cliff i sure do wanna dance especially with someone like you !

    Muriel Redd

    Yes I do want to dance with you !!!!!!!!!!