Richard, Cliff - Constantly Lyrics

All day I'm walking in a dream
I think about you constantly
Just like an ever flowing stream
Your memory haunts me constantly

Shadows fall and I try to drive you from my mind
So you're no longer near to me
But my heart sees you there with me
Every sunset you share with me

The rain that patters through the trees reminds
Me of you constantly
Your name is whispered by the breeze and love birds
Bring your song to me

Just as sure as the stars keep burning
In the sky your love will stay a flame in me
A flame that burns so bright
Not only through the night
But constantly

Just as sure as each star keeps burning
In the sky your love will stay a flame in me
A flame that burns so bright
Not only through the night
But constantly

Though we may be far apart
You're constantly deep in my heart

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Richard, Cliff Constantly Comments
  1. mercy mallari

    Love you doux ..naloloka nako kpg nkkdinig ako ng songs pr sa mga ex mo😂😎😍

  2. Emelita Perez

    "" CONSTANTLY "" 🌹🧚🏽‍♀️

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Emelita Perez for viewing.

  3. Nickolle Morata

    This song reminds me of my grandparents when they're singing on their karaoke

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Nickolle Morata for viewing .

  4. Rito Tamondong

    This song i was elementary school

  5. Rose Walsh

    True love always.

  6. Diana Hayse

    Not a day goes by you aren't on my mind...I miss you so much. Mr. V. i love you.

  7. Vera Mortelez

    Ik denk de hele dag aan jou,

  8. Lida Cartel

    Wowww ... AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL ... I love CLIFF RICHARD ... i've always loved him way back in the 60s and still do today ... i really love his SOFT and SWEET voice ... i love all his songs, never get tired of listening to them ... he's really AMAZING and i love it !!! From Philippines w/ love ... Mabuhay !!!

    Lida Cartel

    And yes ... our very own JOSE MARI CHAN really sounds like him ... in fact, JOSE MARI CHAN is considered as our CLIFF RICHARD here in the Philippines ... he's one of our finest and greatest singer/ composer here ... and we're really so proud of him ...LOVED, LOVED him too ... he's SPECTACULAR !!!

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Lida Cartel for viewing and for your nice comment.

    Lida Cartel

    @Perping Josol ... you're most welcome ... how nice of you to acknowledge and do appreciate my comments ... i love it !!!

  9. Lyn B Reyes

    a song to remember

  10. Wanlambok Kharmalki

    He was born in India at Lucknow

  11. Patricia Moore

    What sensational natural beauty. I had forgotten this little gem from Cliff.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Patricia Moore for viewing and commenting

  12. Melinda Gaac

    So beautiful! I feel in love everytime I hear your songs.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Melinda Gaac for viewing.

  13. Demy Gonzales

    i will never give up listening to this reminds me of my elementary school days yr 1960.manila philippines

    Perping Josol

    Thank yo Demy Gonzales for viewing

  14. Rohini Pandit

    Like to hear this number constantly.

    Perping Josol

    Thanks Rohini Pandit for viewing

  15. Emelita Perez

    " CONSTANTLY " 🌷💞

  16. lettie bautista casimiro

    All cliff richards songs tumatagos sa puso. BEAUTIFUL!

    Perping Josol

    Thank you lettie bautista casimero for viewing

  17. zirfy gragasin

    Nice song

    Perping Josol

    Thank you zirfy gragasin for viewing/

  18. SublimeHawk6

    I'm so glad I found this song

    Perping Josol

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  19. Beng OEY

    Watching in Nov 2019

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  20. Janina Barbara Natoniewska

    Excellent :):) ''.

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    Thank you for viewing and for your nice comment.

  21. Kline Tacardon

    I misses my sister Rebecca Caldona so much with this song. You are constantly in our hearts!

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Kline Tacardon for viewing.

    Kline Tacardon

    @Perping Josol You're welcome po.

  22. ima aka


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    Ima aka: Thank you for viewing.

  23. Anisah Ab Ghani

    This song is simply beautiful, with Cliff voice it nails it.

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  24. beanieboowarrior

    For our papacBoo🇺🇸👏🥰❤️🥰

  25. abigail

    Very romantic song by Cliff Richard. Thank you for posting.

  26. Evelyn Macala

    hi school days i remember

  27. Vanessa

    I love this song by Mr. Cliff Richard...very nice video and a pretty girl at 0.21 & 0.31. Thanks for sharing.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Vanessa for viewing and for your nice comment.

  28. erica vonne estacion


  29. Teodoro Jr Marzan

    This song send a beautiful message to my loved we care and love them constantly through all the years of our life

  30. Malaya Mendoza

    Only Cliff Richard can sing this song sooooo beautifully!

  31. Philomena Peterson

    Evergreen Cliff. There will never be another one like him. He's really one in a lifetime ! This song is very close to my heart. Thanks for sharing. October 2019

  32. Bitten Bech

    Whos still watching October 2019 :-)

    Evelyn Macala

    me i like it best

    Philomena Peterson

    Me Nov 2019


    Dec 24, 2019

  33. Florence Langley

    still in love with cliff after 50yrs

  34. Tol Apostol

    🌲🌷merry christmas and ppy new year 2019🌷🌲

    angelito prospero jr.

    Ikaw nanananaman? Haha

  35. Tol Apostol

    🌲🌷merry christmas and ppy new year 2019🌷🌲

  36. Anna L. Nickens

    Who's still watching 2o19.. <3

    Ernesto Sales

    Never get tired listening to this song
    Cliff's best.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Anna L. Nickens for viewing

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Anna L. Nickens for watching.

    Perping Josol

    Aditya Chandra : Thanks for viewing.

    Perping Josol

    Ernesto Sales : Thank you for viewing.

  37. chye ng

    Another beautiful song by a greatest artist and bring back so many lovely memories ,  Love Cliff Richard!

    Perping Josol

    Thank you chye ng for viewing

  38. Axis Guns

    Lovely visuals, when did you make this video.💓

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Axis Guns for viewing. I created this video last May 17, 2013.

  39. Jaime Cruz

    Very constantly nice and remembered song,,,thanks for sharing,,

  40. Mario Balindan

    Kaboses nga nya si Jose Marie Chan

  41. Ineke van Straaten

    first record I bought before even having a record player!

  42. Gomgom Pasaribu

    "Constantly my memories come and go like a dream..."

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Gomgom Pasaribu for viewing

  43. Cyprian Ferns

    Probably one of the greatest songs and Cliff made it immortal with his amazing vocals..The video too is beautiful..Thank you

  44. Emelita Perez

    " reminds of you " constantly " 💞🦋

  45. Cristen May


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  46. Peter Collins

    this guy has a great voice

  47. Rubina Jan

    One of the most beautiful songs of Cliff Richard.

  48. Vera Mortelez

    prachtige tekst,prachtige stem ,mooi gezongen..

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    Vera Mortelez: Thank you for viewing.

  49. Danny Willis

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Such a lovely song . Has to be one of his best.

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  50. Let Calderon

    Beautiful song.

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  51. Liz Baldovino


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  52. Malaya Mendoza

    Cliff Richard has a very soothing and expressive voice that you will love listening to every moment of your life!

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    Malaya Mendoza: Thank you for your comment and for viewing.

  53. Angel Paredes

    this song and vision by cliff went viral during my college days at lyceum of the phils

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  54. Irene Ajodha

    Your memory haunts me constantly.

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  55. Günter Zedelmayer


  56. Charlie Obleada

    The End

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  57. Eleanor Hernandez

    I love this song! It brings back old memories when I was in College... this reminds me of one of my dearest friend, He was a good singer, and likes Cliff Richard...that was 1965...🌹

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Eleanor Hernandez for viewing

  58. Marline Flores

    Reminds of my oldest brother Toto Jr., he like the song so much probably of his girlfriend then. Miss him a lot.....

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Marline Flores for viewing

  59. Aletta Munnik

    Such a lovely song, could be written for us.

  60. Pierce Ryan

    Excellent,,good video as well.Oui.

    Perping Josol

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  61. Jocelyn Stars

    "you're Constantly deep in my heart." my favorite song in oldies but goodies song. 🌹🌹

  62. Emelita Perez


  63. Katarungan Para sa bayan

    parang kilala ko yong nasa pics. engeneer sya.

    Katarungan Para sa bayan

    oh diba tama ako?

    Perping Josol

    @Katarungan Para sa bayan: Mali ka at hindi Adelfa ang pangalan niya.

    Katarungan Para sa bayan

    @Perping Josol ANO ANG PANGALAN NYA?

    Perping Josol

    @Katarungan Para sa bayan :Robert

    Katarungan Para sa bayan

    @Perping Josol ah yong babae robert ang pangalan nun?

  64. Patricia Sigonier

    Idolo de toda mi Cliff Richarrs.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Patricia Sigonier for viewing.

  65. Marietta Chacon

    This was my brothers favorite he just passed away 7 months zags every time I hear this song make me feel like crying I missed my brother 🥰😢💖

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Marietta Chacon for viewing and I'm sorry to hear of the passing away of your brother.

  66. Francoise Gross

    And in mine too

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  67. Matilde Nicolella

    He’s the BEST
    Just the Best

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  68. mercy mallari

    Thnk you for sharing amor 😎😍😘😘😘

    Perping Josol

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  69. Janine De asis

    Naalala ko yung tiyahin ko, kinakanta nya to, sa videoke,😭😭 we miss you so much, ate marlyn 😭😭

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  70. denise lefeuvre

    Constantly says it all ☹️☹️☹️💔💔💔

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  71. Emelita Perez

    " all day im thinkin' about you " constantly " 🌹

  72. May Babinall

    OMG I am 74 I am over the moon with this Channel.I have been following music since I was three.When I am bored that’s all I do either listening to my music or watch YouTube.Thanks So Much

    Perping Josol

    You are always welcome May Babinall for viewing and for your nice comment.

  73. Darren Nicholl

    great words to a love song for me and my girl

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  74. Michele Engleman, San Diego Real Estate Specialist

    Beautiful! Love Cliff Richard's rendition of FRENESI!!

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  75. Isabella Lopez

    Always loved this song. . :)⚘

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    "Como la hiedra" Paloma San Basilio... y hasta ahora me entero de que es una versión :-)

  77. Renan James Ganir

    Can you please me give the summary meaning of this song? It bothers me

  78. Nate 1992

    Perping Josol Luckily I was able to find the Parlophone 45 RPM of this in Raon St in 1983 before the vinyl records what about to be phased out but now it came back. Thanks for sharing this great Cliff song which was a big hit in the Phil. in the 60s.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you also Nate 1992 for viewing and for your comment on Cliff Richard.

  79. Emelita Perez

    MISS YOU 🌹

  80. mo vincent

    It sure will forever xxxxx

  81. Emelita Perez

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  82. Evelyne Souchar

    My english is very poor, but i improving it.

  83. Evelyne Souchar

    I like comment the Cliff Richard perfomances because i always have answers to its

    Neil Cartwright

    I wish I could I'm to busy I'm off to Canada next month enjoy regards DJ smidnightcaller YouTube

    Evelyne Souchar

    @Neil Cartwright I don't understand your answer at my comments about I Cliff Richard- Maby you are writting about an other comment of other people.

  84. Evelyne Souchar

    Anima e cuore, I like in English by Cliff Richard

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  85. YieldMore

    Wonderful visuals my friend. Greetings from India

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  86. Emelita Perez

    CONSTANTLY 🌹🌷 your love will stay a flame on me

    Larry Narvaez

    Your love will stay aflame in me; a flame that burns so bright not only through the night but constantly. 😊

  87. Ladyvine De Vera

    Ann Curtis always on the mountains ehehhe. Crush sha nung nag upload. Apir kuya!

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    Thank you Ladyvine De Vera for viewing and for your comment. I am just an avid fan of her and she helps me capture more viewers. Thanks again Ladyvine.

  88. Deidre Mulroe

    I love this song so much, his voice like velvet , so romantic..
    How can you compare today .? Different world..
    O'h I long for the older days"..💖

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    Thank you Deidre Mulroe for viewing and for your nice comment.

    Deidre Mulroe

    @Perping Josol you're more than welcome X

  89. Raimie Avussakur Jasnie

    just one of those nice easy listening songs of Cliff Richard....

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  90. Ailsa D

    My Mum wants this at her funeral! 😢

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  91. mo vincent

    He will always be a great singer ❤️ 🥰

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  92. salvador selleza

    Rod Stewart

  93. Marietta Chacon

    Love the song thanks for sharing 👍💖😊

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  94. FUCK YOU


  95. Nyla Sarmiento

    loves to listen to his voice.

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    Zxx. Otra vez te vas a despedir de mi?