Rich The Kid - Came From Nothin' Lyrics

[Hook - Rich The Kid:]
Young nigga came from nothing, got it out the gutter
Had to go and get it, tired of bread and butter
Was raised in the streets, I barely seen my mother
Young nigga came from nothing, got it out the gutter
I been in and out of jail, you barely know my struggles
I been juuging round the city, flexing with no muscle
Young nigga came from nothing, all I know is hustle
Got to get that guala, nigga bout my fucking hundo

[Verse 1 - Rich The Kid:]
Young rich nigga came from the very bottom
I ain't have no choice, all I knew was robbing
Bitch nigga I ain't finna starve
Had to rob, I ain't have no job
I'm sinning, I'm winning
I'm asking the lord for forgiveness
Juuging, finessing, I'm [?]
Dominate your roll like [?]
The struggle, the struggle is over
You a broke ass nigga, I'm a young rich nigga
Pull up in the drop top rolling
Feels good to be rich
Now I'm fucking your bitch
And I'm switching up whips
QC the label, got money on the table
Plugged in the city like cable, gone


[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
Ok, I'm shining bro, my wrist gon stop
Gon go, it's frozen
I hit DO and pour a four
Lil Joe and me, no Jodie but I ball like Kobe
15 racks for the slug, they go like Rollies, rollies
Kick a pack, rolling like Rollie Pollie
Oldies, brodee
Designer to the head
Tryna catch up with the plug like I'm a fed
Cooking up all of this work, leave a nigga amazed
I got patience with a pistol and you can sure get this lead


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Rich The Kid Came From Nothin' Comments
  1. Jesse Rogers

    When he had talent

  2. Greg Parker

    Classic shit

  3. ChaneL TypE

    this shit never get Old

  4. nauticaxo_