Rich Mullins - Creed Lyrics

I believe in God the Father
Almighty Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth
And in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son our Lord
He was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of the virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilate
He was crucified and dead and buried

And I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am
I did not make it no it is making me
It is the very truth of God and not the invention of any man

I believe that He who suffered was crucified buried and dead
He descended into hell and on the third day rose again
He ascended into Heaven where He sits at God's mighty right hand
I believe that He's returning
To judge the quick and the dead of the sons of men

And I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am
I did not make it no it is making me
It is the very truth of God and not the invention of any man

I believe it, I believe it
I believe it
I believe it, I believe it

I believe in God the Father
Almighty Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth
And in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son our Lord
I believe in the Holy Spirit
One Holy Church
The communion of Saints
The forgiveness of sin
I believe in the resurrection
I believe in a life that never ends

And I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am
I did not make it no it is making me
I did not make it no it is making me
I said I did not make it no it is making me
It is the very truth of God and not the invention of any man

I believe it, I believe...

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Rich Mullins Creed Comments
  1. shadow Drake

    This song is just what i needed to hear

  2. Joshua David James

    Rich Miss You Sooooo Much!!! Wish you were still here among us in The Flesh in Jesus Christ. God's Love!!!

  3. C. Dawg Knight

    Gone too soon 😥

  4. Liz Gedge

    I can feel the love, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit flowing through this song.

  5. Liz Gedge

    This song is truly inspired. Feeds my soul.

  6. William Dixon

    Really a good song, life is so short and Rich Mullins was an unusual guy. I believe him to be a true Christian and follow the teachings of Christ the best he could. We all struggle with sin in some way. It's rare a Christian admits "he sins", unknowingly by denying he sins he is creating a sin if he says this. I truly admire Rich Mullins and he lack of love for money.

  7. Christine Byrom

    Rich Mullins explains exactly who he is and what he stands and lives what he sings.

  8. Lisa Dixon

    thank you for this. i received his cd as a gift for my confirmation in 2001.
    i recently found out something not great abt my church and this is a challenge since i already left it once and wound up in a literalist hell
    i came here for the creed. for what is right and just and true.
    thank you for that reminder & for your holy life.

  9. Mary Reiter

    The first time I heard him I was just a babe in Christ. It broke my heart to hear of his passing. Just thought of him today and that's why I'm here. I know he is now resting in Peace in Jesus's arms.

  10. April Robinson

    This is what I believe

  11. PerryTheSlendy

    The Apostles Creed

  12. lisa williams

    A true authentic troubadour.. love u

  13. cgrscott

    A great original song writer. He wrote hits for other music artists and then he started recording his own songs himself. I used to work with a guy who attended Cincinnati Seminary with Rich. My my associate respected Rich a lot.

  14. nvsbl2

    That land looks just like the land where I live. I loved Rich Mullins' music. From the soul.

  15. April Robinson


  16. beingright

    I love Rich Mullins songs and 98% of what he said between his songs, especially related to being saved by grace and not by works. Therefore, he was no Roman Catholic. I don't think God wants us to be poor however. He doesn't want us to be rich either (Joel Olsteen). He wants us to love God and love people. Rich Mullins did that.

    Jack Jackson

    I'm interested in where you believe he talked about the faith and works. He never made a lot of point about being any specific denomination in his work. Also, it would require a low understanding of Catholic Doctrine (that is to say, the Epistle of James) to claim that one who believes in salvation by faith couldn't be Roman Catholic

  17. Pray Unceasingly

    He was part of God's church.

  18. John Fultz

    I wish his family would allow all his music to be released for performance tracks. I'd love to sing his stuff in church but very little of it has been done.

  19. Leslie Curlis

    One of my favorites!!!

  20. KSHI GM

    Rich came to our church several times to minister through awesome down to earth believer of Christ... Appreciated his testimony through stories he shared before playing a song...

  21. April Robinson

    This is what i believe

  22. April Robinson


  23. Djay Bustamante

    Rest in Christ's Heaven. Rich

  24. Sean McCuaig

    What is that string instrument that plays in the beginning...


    It is a hammer dulcimer

  25. Don Scott

    A true man of God.....R.I.P. Mr.Mullins

  26. Puelof

    Any one else know any other good Christian musicians like this?

    favour ekeanyanwu

    Puelof nope

  27. Armen Armelion

    It Is Making Me!! God Bless Y'all!! Dedicate 2 My Channel 2!!

  28. Elizabeth

    One of the best songs ever! Can't wait to meet you in heaven Rich!

  29. MrSargebaxter

    Great cover of the third day song

    Leslie White

    MrSargebaxter actually he wrote first and third day covered it

  30. Mike Raspanti

    God, thank you so much for giving Rich Mullins such a wonderful voice. I can’t wait for that great reunion!

  31. Daniel Benson

    The ONLY way you can go to Heaven is to confess your sins to JESUS and then ask HIM to forgive you,then you confess that JESUS CHRIST is THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD THE FATHER.Then you ask JESUS to come into your heart and be your LORD AND SAVIOR.Then, and ONLY then your name is written down IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE.You are washed in the blood of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.IF your name is NOT written down IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE when you die, you DO NOT go to Heaven.To claim that there are different ways to go to Heaven,is a lie straight from hell it's self, AND you are telling JESUS that what He did by laying down HIS life to die on the cross for our sins was a waste.Our last breath here on earth,is our first breath in eternity.Where will you spend eternity? God NEVER has, and NEVER will send anyone to hell,YOU AND YOU ALONE CHOSE hell yourself by rejecting Jesus,while here on earth.Please Accept Jesus!

  32. Kelly KitKat

    Umm, do not devils believe in as much,
    but such are not saved, are they?

    Beware of EUGENICS (ZIANism) :
    They who promote such ideology,
    hide themselves behind labels,
    symbols, and music, song and dance,
    assaulting the senses with an audio and
    visual display, to beguile if possible, the
    Elect of God even. But at their core, they
    are preaching a bloodline theology,
    promoting the idea that genetic heritage
    determines who is who. "Magic biscuits",
    "magic koolaid", and "behold, water - see
    ditch, fall in" - that, is their religion, what
    they believe in, wherefore their damnation
    is just. They do not see 'CHRIST' as
    being of Hebrew origin ( not latin or Greek
    as their paid academics claim ). The Angel
    Gabriel did not say, His name is Jesus,
    but he said to her that they were to call his
    name Jesus. Does any other but God know
    the true name of her own child? ( Three
    Concepts : lord, god, and christ. )
    Jesus is The Christ, the Son of God.
    Christ is like an ark you have to be found in
    to escape when God destroys this, the second
    world. We are as living stones built up into a
    temple. Jesus is not God, but he is The Lord.
    God is a spirit, whereas he is The Word Made
    Flesh, The Christ. ..
    From the beginning, the synagogue of
    satan has perverted christianity, to beguile
    and destroy gentiles, while they themselves
    have not kept the law of moses : basically,
    Pope 2 claimed Peter was Pope 1 and had left
    him in charge.

    . .....That said, the Apostlic Creed is
    a good place to begin your quest, learning,
    growing, in the truth. But be not mislead.
    For example, to say "only son" is not the same
    as to say "only begotten son" - the latter
    witnessing to the virgin birth. And to say
    "communion of saints" - well, what does that
    refer to, or mean, if not to bread and wine, or
    "won't you try my pizza? - it's vegan". I would
    say it refers to the sharing of thoughts and
    feelings, with they who are living, as well as
    with they who fell sleep.

    Jack Jackson

    I'm not even gonna try with the blatant Aryanism in the last half of your comment, but the first bit was interesting to me. You seem to assert that Rich Mullins was a "Eugenic", one who produces Christian music, but really believes in genetic Salvation. I feel like that is not fair at all to him, and is entirely insulting to his magnum opus. Even Scripture says to make a joyful noise to the Lord, and to play to him skillfully. Rich never asserted in his music that Salvation comes from anything but the Grace of God. If you wanna attack worship songs on YouTube, go ahead, but be aware that putting more all-caps font into your comments doesnt make you right.

    Jack Jackson

    If Jesus is not God, how is he Immanuel: God with us?

  33. Rayan Agarm

    1100:1 vws:sbs

  34. Matt Hearst

    Although I do not count my self as one of the saved I love the music and message of Rich Mullins. A man that had talent, faith, and commitment. He loved us and God.

  35. Joseph Colombo

    Love it the best

  36. BenW783a

    Hey, thanks for the original uploader credit. Much appreciated. I just wish I wasn't still using that "Remain Seated" intro shtick -- What a relic from a much older YouTube.

  37. BillLykken

    Rest in Peace My Brother!

  38. Dean Haas, Jr.

    I have loved this song for many years - I believe this is a very anointed song.

  39. Steve Elam

    Our modern mega church movement isn't bad but this man alive would have a word or two to say ,since he's with his father,we still trudging the road must stand

  40. Dan Flury

    I think that when you shine this bright, God takes you early so He can have you right by His side..Keith Green is another one!

  41. singing4hope

    the intro is funny lol

  42. PoGirl

    I used to listen to Rich's music for years and never knew his story. I want to see Ragamuffin. My dad gave me the nickname "Raggedyass" when I was a child so the name Ragamuffin caught my eye and brought me back to his music again. Jesus has brought me strength in all my trials and will to the end of my days..

  43. Lloyd Heath

    He's with the king

  44. ehrldawg

    Love it !!

  45. Rich Martzeni

    You hear God's love and mercy in the music alone. I had greatly distanced myself from God for almost a decade, not wanting to live after cancer and nothing could change that, until for the last time I put my hand up to shake my fist..but Yeshua had different plans. In my most hardended heart of hearts, my darkest depression, I felt God calling my name and he opened my eyes, mind and soul. As he called, I felt a presence that was saving me at the last second so instead of shaking my fist to God, but instead my hand clasped the other and begged for forgiveness, mercy, wisdom and love. He turned my contempt for humanity into compassion. He turned my massive igorance into massive knowledge, and my great foolishness into great wisdom.

  46. David McAninch

    What's he playing?

    Jack Jackson

    Hammer dulcimer

  47. Yo Jimbo


  48. Yesica1993

    I love this so much.

    Does anyone know the instrument he's playing?

  49. Yo Jimbo

    @im eddie just saying @ iam who iam.

  50. Claudia Palomino

    I love this music

  51. Corinne Yaworski

    What a wonderful musician and songwriter he was. bravo, Rich!

  52. Roger Temple

    He was around long enough to do what he was called to do down here,then was called home,Amen

  53. Yo Jimbo

    iam gixx of everquest 2. i love him he loves me.

  54. sirsaint88

    We desperately need a Rich Mullins in the Christian music world today.

  55. John Beville

    This is the Apostle's Creed.  Rich wrote the music to it, but the "lyrics" are the Apostle's Creed.

    Jack Jackson

    Yeah but there's also some quotation from GK Chesterton I think

  56. BRD

    Very powerful!

  57. Street žurnál

    Best christian song I've ever heard..

  58. cat warren

    I know those little children lives were forever touched by being in Gods spirit on an thru Rich look at their face

  59. J Boehner

    I LOVE RICH :'(

  60. Kimberly Ivanov


  61. Anthony Ravenda

    Wow, that was good!

  62. Dr O'Boogie

    What an amazing song and video! I'm so moved by the truth that while I watched it, Brother Rich now sings and rejoices in the very presence of the God he was making declarations about in this song.

    I look forward to joining hearts and voices with him in His Presence too one day!

  63. Rick McConnell

    Rich lived out what he believed as few of us do. it was our great loss when he left early.

  64. Connie Long


  65. Will Bell

    I'm curious as a former Kansan and seeing the plains all over this video: does anyone know where this video was filmed? The parts of the video with water remind me of driving by the El Dorado Lake on I-70.

  66. jon wayne

    When the 'Roll is Called up Yonder', I believe that Rich Mullins will be the Director of Praise & Worship. RIP old friend!

  67. Author Brenda Winters

    Love this music--

  68. LovesGod2 Always

    I believe too!

  69. Tim D

    classic and still powerful...

  70. Darren Z

    One of my all-time favorite songs. Makes me want to learn how to play the hammered dulcimer.

  71. Will Robbins

    "I did not make this, it is making me...I Believe in Jesus Christ"...I am a witness...Will R

  72. R T

    Rich Mullins. The prophet of flyover country!

  73. Victor Labrada

    This world needs more Rich Mullins and less 'positive and encouraging' empty music.

    Chad Toews

    Victor Labrada, preach brother

    A G

    Some of these people you list have not had a clear annointing from God to represent His Word:

    You Say, - Lauren Daigle

    See what Steve Camp had to say to the CCM industry years ago.

    Jairo GranadosBarquero

    @Marco Sanchez I don't think it was untimely. Have you watched the movie "Ragamuffin"? I watched it on Amazon last night. The Father took him when he was ready to accept the Father's love. Incredible remarkable story that many, including myself, relate to. Blessings!

    Craig Hiebert

    Just watched that movie on YouTube today, what a story. He had an identical upbringing to mine, but put out absolutely stunning music!

  74. Deception Slayer

    Nobody brings the Holy Spirit through music like Rich Mullins.

  75. Author Brenda Winters

    I miss my brother.

  76. Author Brenda Winters

  77. Keith Robinson

    Nicene Creed 325 AD. Beautiful... pray for us brother, see you soon.

  78. LMT

    my favorite song by Rich Mullins...he passed away on this day 19 years ago. He is still greatly missed.


    I remember waking up for work and foundout


    It was so sad :(  But Heaven's Band got another great musician!!!

    jay lee

    Me too.


    Wow time is getting away from me.I was trying to remember.I was thinking maybe 10,lol.

  79. Ronnie Burson

    I believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. SerasAtomsk

    Fuck yeah, this shit is dope. Taken too soon, IMO

    Michael Kayfes

    Well said, i bet Rich would've loved your candor, i sure did


    I bet Rich and Mike Yaconelli are hanging out together.

    Michael Kayfes

    Siyestrietza i don't know how, but i never heard of Mike Yaconelli. Thanks for the intro! i believe you're right and i think we all may be kindred spirits. i'll bet you have listened to Brennan Manning eh


    Nigga I gotchu. Sometimes I'm not so eloquent with my vocabulary, so I try to search for the proper words to express my internal feelings. Rumi once said “The axe doesn't worry how thick the branches are. It cuts them to pieces. But not the leaves. It leaves the leaves alone.”
    Catch my drift? But when I hear fucking music like this, I lose my god damned mind.

    Michael Kayfes

    SerasAtomsk i can't even tell you how glad i am that this music moves you so much, keep in touch with those feelings i think Someone is trying to reach you there maybe

  81. Bruce Dickey

    back in the day, before drones....

  82. Deborah Bonney

    Rich, to me was a modern day John The Baptist. He took the vow of poverty and gave al he had to the poor.He lived on an Indian reservation and taught kids how to play music. He was so so special. He also went out in a chariot of fire as he wanted...(his song)

    Tim Trozzo

    Rich didn’t go out in a chariot of fire,he was thrown from the jeep and hit by a semi,in fact there’s no mention of any fire at all. I love Rich,and I still listen to his music on a regular basis,but this whole going out like Elijah is getting old.


    Tim Trozzo just had to be double sure he was dead

    Don Scott

    @Deborah Bonney These Christian artists today owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rich Mullins. This is probably because he was the first Christian singer I started listening to,but I would say he was the greatest of them all. He just didn't write songs about God's grace and love,he showed it to others throughout his personal life. To me,THAT'S a TRUE Christian.

    Don Scott

    @MrSargebaxter I've always thought Rich was Native American himself. He sure looked like it. I am half Cherokee myself.


    Tim Trozzo,  Don't be so shallow.  It's not about the physical exit.  It's about the life.  Yes,  both Rich Mullins and Keith Green blessed us greatly with God's word in music and they both went out with a whirlwind to fuel their chariot of fire.  And I am certain that looking back on the stars was/is as insignificant as a candle in Central Park.  The going out like Elijah theme does not get old and never will.  We need more such anointed ministers seeking God first and living for the purpose to minister.

  83. Carol Halford

    .........freely ye have received, freely give..........Matthew 10:8Please, take the monetization off your channel.  Shame, making $ off a man who has died and in Heaven.


    I'm not positive, but if it is copyright material I think youtube either makes them put it on, or they do it themselves to offset the cost.
    To whoever put this video up,
    Thank you. It was a blessing to me this morning.

  84. 2byTwo

    This song is something I heard from childhood... it's been so many years and you know some things just ain't like they use to be its sad in some ways

  85. Donald Newton

    beautiful song!!

  86. heartwideopen357

    Wow, I had no idea this was his original song, because I had only heard the third day version! What a gift he had for music and song writing, the Holy Spirit was definitely moving through him!


    heartwideopen357 His songs are just plain honest.

  87. Mary Jones

    In a moment of COMPLETE discouragement and depression in illness and struggles with pain, I was flicking through videos from old days when I was strong, and ran across Mullins' work. And once again, I will breathe. To quote Job, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him." Job 13:15 May his grace and mercy uphold me, for I am at the end of my strength.

    Linda Mackenzie

    I hope you have come through that tunnel,because it is a bad one,i'm in it right now.It dawned on me i don't have to fight this anymore,it is GOD himself who is holding me up,i have a sense of peace that has been eluding me for years.May GOD grant that all is well with you.A sister in Christ.


    hi. I hope you’re still fighting. I had given up the whole faith as bunk and that was that:..

    but somehow He didn’t allow “the smoldering flax to be quenched.” I never imagined I could ever would ever have faith in Him again; but it’s all real: the stories are true.

    I hope you’ll grab hold of Him. Or trust His grabbing hold of you.

    His arm is not shortened, not one millimeter, that it cannot save..

    Tiara Ilic

    [email protected]

    Jairo GranadosBarquero

    Mary. Finish the race strong. You and I are more than conquerors. God bless you.

  88. Sharon Keith

    Know how to fly? Take everything IN FRONT of you and push it BEHIND!

  89. Faith Highlander

    What a Blessed talent ... his songs & singing touches you like in such a tremendously way. One of God's helping Angel's ..

  90. Michael Kayfes

    i dont know but i BELiEVE!!!!!!!

  91. Scott Abbott

    I'd love to sit next to him at the banquet feast.

  92. Donna Sulfridge

    "What religion are you?", the crazed shooters asks. I don't know much about religion, but I would hope I would have the guts to say as some of his victims did, "I am a Christian." I am a Christ follower who loves Galatians 2:20. May we speak up about our faith in love always.

  93. hhhunt777

    Gosh, my husband said to me this a.m. as we were driving back from the gym..." I need to hear "that song" this morning..."I knew which one he meant...the One I can't Listen to without CRYING!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Hallie Harker

    BOOM!!! AND THERE IT IS, FOLKS!!! Just in case ANY OF YALL were mistaken about what I believe and who MY SAVIOR IS!!! NOW YOU KNOW!!! And try as you might, push and pull as you will, ON CHRIST, THE SOLID ROCK, I STAND AND I WILL NOT BE MOVED!!!

    As the song says, "And I believe what I believe! It's what makes me what I am! I DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ME!!! I DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ME!!! I SAID I DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ME!!! IT IS THE VERY TRUTH OF GOD AND NOT THE INVENTION OF ANY MAN!!!"

    And now, Christian, put YOURSELF into it! "______ believes what __ believes! It's what makes ___ who he __! __ DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ___!!! __ DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ___!!! I SAID __ DID NOT MAKE IT; NO, IT IS MAKING ___!!! ___ KNOWS IT IS THE VERY TRUTH OF GOD AND NOT THE INVENTION OF ANY MAN!!!"

    Genevieve Jones

    preach it, mother!!!!!