Rich Gang - See You Lyrics

Hey, Ysl
Yeah yeah yeah yeauhh

I got the streets in a head lock
I got your bitch in leg lock
I do not fuck with the fed cops
F-150 or better
All of my niggas gon' get it
We gon' bust it down and split it
Fast food I want the chickens
Igloo I freeze the city
I can see you in a Bentley
In the back like Oprah Winfrey
Umbrella like Mr. Bentley
My dick be sniping these bitches
Ima make it rain on her forehead
Fuck you pay me just like uncle sam said
Ho this ain't no fur this a lamb head
You can't get the picture but the cam did!

[Verse 1]
Pull up in nuthin' but big bodies
On top like scottie 2 hottie
Load up the Fire then I light it
Shootin' shit get me excited
Double C cups fucked the titties I tried it
Piece of me inside her mouth call it trident!
Nigga having sex on a boat
I got, my water on I need me a float!
I am, the black kid where is all my folks!
I slimed them out and then I left em on the shore
I got, bands on me yes I meant plural
I am, so fresh man I feel like I'm a tourist
And, I want 50 whole bands for a chorus
Everytime I ball you know that ima score
Please take off them drawers man you making Thug bored
Ima hit the showroom and make a damn flood
Then I wonder why all my niggas import
Man my ice is water like a cosa nostra [?]
I swear to swear to god baby I'ma big slime rep [?]


[Verse 2:]
I won't lay down till' there's ice in my ears
I won't drink it unless it syrup don't want beer
Ain't in no prison but when i appear
You see my diamonds from far but I'm near
Blingin' I'm blingin' my chopper gon' ring yes I ring it
Off em' no reason I kill em at on spot at Four Seasons
Ice skating like Lupe Fiasco
Ima stack then hundreds tall no Rango
And I'm only 23 but I got stains tho
When we kill em we won't hold any remains tho
I'm fucking Randy Savage
Riding with the karats and the bad bitches
Nigga must be a crip cause he drinking so much red in the Activis
Ima start from the middle then I'm headin' to the top then I'm going deep all in that pussayyy
Lil baby want all of my cream and you know its all white I'm mushayyy
And you know her old man be a pussy ass nigga like a bookie
Plus T.I. took it but I ate the cookie!


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