Rich, Charlie - You And I Lyrics

You and I
We're gonna fly
Across the sky
Higher than high
Just you and I

You and I
We're gonna sail
Across the sea
Free as breeze
Just you and me

You and I
Floating my boat
Leaving our smoke
Slowing our boat
Just letting it soak

You and I think
Song that I sing
Ringing our bell

Heaven like

You and I
We're gonna groove
Make our move
Let it laid back
Stay on our track

You and I
Heaven it's like
Crying or cry
And saying goodbye
Of tears in our eyes

You and I
We'll gonna fly

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Rich, Charlie You And I Comments
  1. soso abad

    the best singer of all time

  2. Maricris Banares

    I love you very much my love 😘😘😘

  3. Terry Harris

    Remembering my mum and dad😔

  4. daguplo morimoto

    i t alwayz ...

  5. Jojo Regalado

    Very nice video. Tribute to fathers.

  6. Marvin Monzon

    Love this song

  7. Ri Chell


  8. mercy mallari

    Cant wait amor 😎😍😚😚😚❤❤❤to fly with you accross the sky 😎👈❤ love you doux😚😚😚

  9. Lorena ll.


  10. Zalvador Cabayaran

    What a wonderful song

  11. Geraldine Atienza

    Oh my God it bring me sadness

  12. mercy mallari

    Hopefully we'l gonnna fly togeter

  13. Donald Honeycutt

    Charlie Rich has always been one of my favorite country singers. Thanks for bringing him to youtube

  14. felicitas capolinas

    Ones in my life time!..i learned! This!..and trying to study!..the whole song!...and i love it! means a lot! love it!..thank you! Studio!..God bless!

  15. Zalvador Cabayaran

    Love this song so much ...nag gogoosebumps ako upon listening to this song...

  16. Jairus Chad Rosales

    You nailed it Charlie Rich - listening with my Fiancé Mashael

  17. Diana Enriquez

    Oh, another undying song. Such kind of melody lifts my siprit. Your choice of songs is amazing. May not be so popular but songs that one will always cherish. Thank you again, uploader.

  18. Toffee Alfaras

  19. MsTereret

    Just you and I my love😘

  20. Helem Manchos

    You and i were gonna fly

  21. Linda Bandalan

    I remember one my theme when am i 17years old! My first love boyfriend! Nice song from chalie rich! RIP!

  22. Kristo Earl Jamero

    Hi There.... I remember the memories of my Father when i hear this song.... Peace all

  23. David Tuibeo

    Everytime I hear the song It bring chills to the bones

  24. sdc Cameron

    Love u to

  25. sdc Cameron

    Oh I know

  26. paul crespi

    love this song

  27. skylark gonzales

    love love this song.

  28. annabelle talibong casanos

    I could not explain the feelings i felt when i heard this song, it semce i drift away in the endless vast.....thank you for a long time finally i been search this song....

  29. MsTereret

    Really love this song I was in college. Reminds me of something😊😊😊

  30. MsTereret

    Can’t help not to think the moments of the past.

  31. Rasheed VioNaz

    I remembered someone special with this song,I❤it!

  32. Rebecca Rios

    I was in grade VI when I heard this song and from then on I love this song so much😍😘

  33. Vangie Ravarra

    I love this Piece, it reminds me of Someone special

  34. ameria express

    I remember Eric my husband he loves to play with his children when he's alive.. love this song you and i

  35. thekillwarrio 172

    what a lovely song,cant help but cry everytime i hear it played..brings back memories of my beloved mom and dad..

  36. mary tiffany sy

    i like this my dad said he knew this song when it was new

  37. mary tiffany sy

    my dad said this is a sad song now he left he will come back later i miss him already

  38. mhers amor

    i love this song... sooo much... you and I...

  39. thekillwarrio 172

    my dad loves this song like how many years ago

  40. Marvin Monzon

    Love this song

  41. mhers amor

    thank u so much this very lovely music... i really like this...
    ...mhers amor...

  42. musgrave68

    ...1975...why did those days ever have to go?...

  43. Marie Perater

    i like this song......

  44. Julie Fernando

    i love this song ... bringing good memories

  45. Jun Dulnuan

    the song i always remember we play and dance in a phono days after our high school graduation in 1976..a departing song with tears in our eyes

  46. papong

    i don't know when, where or someday/soon cross our path it will definitely in Gods time....

  47. Homer Robles

    one of the best song... my favorite...

  48. MsTereret

    my all time fave! it's only You and I my forever love! I miss u so much, but I need to stay away from you, 'though it hurts me so much!

  49. nickson punu

    nice songs love it you and i

  50. spcb77

    Wow, Oh my gosh, di ko alam si Charlie Rich pala kumanta nito. Bata pa ako noon.

  51. ako'y kayumanggi

    One of my favorite songs! R.I.P. Charlie.

  52. Laura Winters

    what album is this song from, beautiful.

  53. Kayla Duremdes

    Im 16 and even though this song is kinda old I still appreciate it. It remind me of my mom listening this when we were livin in thailand. 😌

  54. Merci Mallari

    Yes ...jst you nd i💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂mny thanksby

  55. Violeta Nazareno

    My favorite song....

  56. paul crespi

    lovely melody &lyrics .not to mention charlie 's voice

  57. Richard Tuquero

    Me and my Cristina

  58. Jason Alvarez

    Morning Glory.

    Peace. :)

  59. Amphy Nalagan

    you and i...luv u dar...

  60. Francis Carreon

    sure is an old one. but theres something about this song that evrytime i hear it just melts me away.just love it

  61. Jojo Perez


  62. Joe Kelly

    He Nailed it.  As a kid I would often go hang around a floating boat in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It used to be called The Showboat. Charlie Rich played there & everywhere back in the 60's.The boat is now a Chinese food joint.

  63. Macy Santos

    I can't help but cry each time I hear this song. As if my soul just left me and drift away endlessly in the vast universe...just like dying.


    Very well said.... I feel you. Such wonderful words... I felt the same sentiment.

    Jojo Perez

    because listening to the music is a journey through our minds

    Victor Vicente

    It's so beautiful that death should not be in your thoughts but romance

  64. Anne Manalus

    I remember my dad, he always singing this to me until i closed my eyes, i miss you  Dad! I love you with all my heart and even your not around i will always remember you!

  65. bonna pilapil

    sounds like heaven

  66. Mommy Marie and Sassy Ayesha

    whenever i heard this song..i missed my father so much....i hope he's happy with God.

  67. Ck ong

    Thank you for all this songs, some that I never heard before

  68. julius payongayong

    i really love this song, its been almost 13 years ago when i ask her to dance with me with this song.... and now we are one and blessed with 3 angels...and we got married in sept 2011.....

  69. rich lobrin

    i like this song

  70. jeremiah annie

    .wonderful songs.,

  71. acy ante lars alexander žura

    for all my ex girls and kids

  72. henry strzelecki

    Thanks to all of you who like mine and Uncle Bill Barnes song ..We love it too...Henry Strzelecki...... We were so proud to have Charlie do our song...what a thrill !!!



  74. Alfredo Anore

    perfect man classic voice from the heart!

  75. Natalia Sat

    Most beautiful song!!!

  76. Anne Edmunds

    Beautiful words, beautiful music, fantastic spiritual message.<3

  77. alejandro3561

    ive been searching for this song......thanks for posting Rommel

  78. Lanie Parone

    i like this song very much!!!!!

  79. MiAmor Channel

    great song brings back good old memories!

  80. strawberryblueheart

    hope the day would come that it will be just you and i...

  81. Arnel Vitug

    Love this song, remembering the good old days...!!!

  82. Daisy

    Love this song. Good old days! Thanks for sharing.