Rich, Charlie - Midnight Blues Lyrics

Midnite, you know you're doing me wrong
Midnite, doing me wrong
Keeping me up all night long
All night, all night long
Everytime I feel a little bit free
I hear those blues, midnite blues
Commence to calling me

Midnite, why don't you leave me alone
Leave me, leave me alone
I'm trying my best to make a happy home
Happy, happy home
Everytime I feel a little bit free
I hear those blues, midnite blues
Commence to calling me

I just can't help to feel a little bit ashamed
Everytime I hear you call my name
I'm blaming you for all the bad things I've done
Blame you for what I've done
Still I will admit that every once in a while it was fun

Yeah but midnite, don't keep me running around
Don't keep running around
I made up my mind, I'm gonna settle down
Ah ha, settle down
Everytime I feel a little bit free
I hear those blues, midnite blues
Blues, midnite blues
I hear those blues, midnite blues
Commence to calling me
That blues is a calling me
Midnite blues is a calling me

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Rich, Charlie Midnight Blues Comments

    He's forever a King !

  2. dean lloyd

    Great song! Early songs are fantastic..more a jazzster than a Rocker and vocally Elvis inspired..

  3. Léo Appeal

    Génial !!!! De quelle année est cet enregistrement ???

  4. sheltv100

    He got his singing style from African Americans.

  5. Joe Kelly

    Had the pleasure of drumming for Charlie Rich in late 60's at a club called The Showboat in Hot Springs National Park - Arkansas.Last time I went through H.S the former Showboat is now a Chinese Restaurant.

    Kamel Hamlaoui


  6. Nick Lovett

    If you listen to this with headphones, you can hear him from 2:02 to 2:10 struggling with his breath. He's singing so far behind the beat and with so much restraint and the bass and drummer is such motherfuckers that it's eating him alive.

  7. Monica Onofre

    Love this song 📻🎙💃🏻❤️

  8. Peter Jay

    knew the Hillbilly Moon Explosion version, but this one is for the real cool cats !

    Scotty Robins

    Johnny legend done a great version also on Rollin rock records......

  9. Hans C.

    Bluer than blue...and yeah, what a set of PIPES!!!

  10. Janet Geddes

    knew the detroit cobras version butt damm this kicks ass

    Sofia Grönberg

    Charlie Ricoh

  11. Stephen Stone

    Total brilliance. A great artist who had a great feeling to his voice which sounded raw and unique he was different.

  12. Jennifer Upton

    Such a massive talent - the Silver Fox was amazingly gifted.

  13. Mike Meehan

    cool as hell what a voice 😊

  14. andeas jungbaum

    rockabilly Srbija

  15. Nilton Borges

    Please, what year?
    Regards from Brazil.

    Pete Hyland

    I believe it was 1962

  16. TheBrandon425

    Had no idea he was this good!

  17. Zara Jones

    Great! 1.Charlie Rich 2.Detroit Cobras

  18. smoothvelvetsinger

    Great song, Charlie is the man.

  19. Hathaway Alfred

    First time I heard this song I had a bonner.

  20. Suzattackkkkk

    fucking good! thank!

  21. hadiesasamutha

    totally fucking awesome thank you so much his man is the man as all fuck. yes. sir.

  22. Ken Bramham

    He played this song in the Purple Steer in Vancouver in early 1970 he was a part owner in the club and he would appear there from time to time it was a great time

    Nonny Kelly

    Buddy Knox was also part owner of the Purple Steer was he not?

    Hans C.

    Thanks, Ken, you just broke my heart. ;-) I lived in Vancouver then and had no idea Charlie was in town. *sob* *sniff*

  23. Slickbolinga

    Oh Yeah!!!

  24. Slickbolinga

    Oh Yeah!

  25. Angelo Gillono

    This was great, never heard this one before..ThanK You!