Rich, Charlie - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Lyrics

Everybody's gone away
Said they're movin' to L.A
There's not a soul I know around
Everybody's leavin' town

Some caught a freight. Some caught a plane
Find the sunshine, Leave the rain?
They said this town's a waste time
I guess they're right, it's wasting mine

Some gotta win! Some gotta lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues

You know my heart keeps tellin' me
You're not a kid at thirty-three
You play around you'll lose your wife
You play too long you'll lose your life

I've got my pills to ease the pain
Can't find a friend to ease the rain
I know I should try and settle down
Everybody's leaving town

Some gotta win! Some gotta lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues
Good time Charlie's got the blues

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Rich, Charlie Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Comments

    i agree i was about 9 years old i you to pick charlies songs on the jukebox in the bar

  2. ZombieWulfgrl D

    The Silver Fox💞🌹 He was such a beautiful man. And his voice was, well this is probably the second country song I’d ever heard (Waylon was first). I still have his cassettes!

  3. El Kabong

    Jeez, a great song.

  4. lynne ackegan

    Some of my all time best memories of my pops involve 🐎 tracks, french fries, fried chicken and Charlie Rich playing in the background. I miss him and this music helps alot.

  5. Sherry Conner

    This was one of my dad's favorite songs.

  6. Jerry Anderson

    only the good die young, Mitch Mconnell will make 120

  7. Audie Krejce

    Always loved Charlie Rich great voice good song

  8. Eddie Macdonald

    Good effort. For me, the Elvis version is definitive but Charlie Rich is a class act and no mistake. A very credible performance.

  9. herman munster

    he was such a classy singer , rest in peace my friend

  10. Chewy Pritchett

    He looks like Greg the Hammer Valentine

  11. blondae zeiber

    True man and true words

  12. Adolph Oliver Bush

    He could sing the phone book, and I'd likely love it. RIP Silver Fox.

  13. Choff C

    Love Mr. Rich...Great Voice...The Silver Fox.....!!!! And this cover is as equally as good as DO'K but in respect to both men..!! & Elvis killed it also...chk it out

  14. Curt Ray

    been awhile there charley. damn its been awhile

    Rob Kearney

    Charlie Rich was as real as one could b, and is still a true legend in the hearts of us all (No other singer/ song writer could even come close to being #1such as Charlie!!

  15. elvismemories52

    Linda Thompson said Elvis would listen to Charlie Rich in his later life and Charlie was a regular visitor to Graceland too visit Elvis

  16. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    Hes got a real nice voice hes fab

  17. linda Stewart

    The silver fox..still love this old song !

  18. Van Holden

    RIP. Mama, Prissy, Dino,Harley, Big Daddy, Roho,Charlie Reardon and all that is gone...I miss yall so bad!!!

  19. Nicholas Stix

    Is it the recording/sound quality, or is something funny going on with Charlie's voice here? It sounds awfully high for him.

  20. james shields

    Got My Pills To Ease The Pain!!!

  21. jaxflfreebird

    Charlie Rich would have been 48 in 1980 and so I guess he was happier to sing the song as "You're not a kid at 43."

  22. slingbladejeff

    Some got Win ,some got loose so true..

    Kai Wong

    It's "Some gotta win, some gotta lose"

  23. Jennifer Upton

    One of my all time favourite singers.

  24. groovyangel65

    Wow...what a flashback...thanks! Early 70's...I was just a kid...lived in Oregon...little town called Lowell. :)


    Been through Lowell. I was a kid too. Still in Oregon ;-)

  25. Eirann LeNormand


  26. Paul Madsen

    He was famous to me, clint eastwood did to, well liked.

  27. Michael Ford

    The Silver fox with a silver voice.

  28. John Jarou

    I like Charlie rich,  but this song belongs to danny o'keefe.


    I've heard both. I used to think that this song belonged to Danny for the longest time. No one could hold a candle to him. But then I started listening to Charlie's version over and over, and now I prefer Charlie's version to Danny's. Just saying, everybody has their own preference and likes. This is mine.

    John Jarou

    rpetrics     ok buddy.   to each his own.   hey, great song anyway you slice it.


    You got that right!

    specific pacifica

    John Jarou. I'm not here to say otherwise but I really love Charley crocketts version. Look it up if you have a moment.

  29. tgigunner

    beautiful song!

  30. ZIT TER

    😎👍🆒❣️👍👍🎼🎵🎶🎼🔊🔊📢📢🎶🎶🔉SO GENIAL!!!

  31. Bleu Skye

    Darn what a good looking man !!!

  32. hardlines4

    Reminds of his hit " Rollin With The Flow

  33. Rick Lehman

    loved his music!!!!

  34. AW R

    Can't beat the Silver Fox.


    Yea, it only took 20 years to be an instant success.

    Shane Lind

    The Pride of Colt, Arkansas.

    Choff C

    The Silver Fox....Loved his Style

  35. snicker9400

    wow- this is a first on this song for - saw charley in early seventies- wow he sure looks good-

  36. TERRY Hallcom

    The Best, RIP

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Charlie too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the best. May they they both RIP though.

    Stacy Foster

    Kenny Dobbins Johnny Cash couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag in my opinion! Which all is intitled to their own opinion,even if it stinks!! LOL
    Just kidding! Jerry Lee Lewis,Mickey Gilley,Charlie Rich! From The fifties,to the nineties is when the best music was made,and will never be topped! They'res still some that has it,but you gotta look hard! When you do hear one,it's much easier to appreciate! I'm so glad I grew up listening to the best music! From Hank Sr,to Hank Jr,and all the inbetweeners!!! I can't get enough,it takes me back to a much simpler time,and the memories made in those times and moments! Thank to all those greats for sharing their music,and lives to let us all have that music we all so much adore!!

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still a few traditional style artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait, Randy Travis, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Rodney Crowell, Clint Black and Dwight Yoakam.

    Eirann LeNormand


  37. sabrina ponnet

    super song and video

  38. Al- Azar

    Me da nostalgia este tema.

  39. Bleu Skye

    So beautiful

  40. Herb Walker

    The night he burned that paper saying John Denver had won. hahahahaha Smooth Silver Fox!! LOL

    Carol Paukstis

    Herb Walker

    Eirann LeNormand


  41. Roli Betodeberian seguir

    q sarpado canta este chabon

  42. kelly st. clair

    will always love you, Charlie

    George King

    kelly st. clair
    So very right Miss Kelly... I'd wager that you are a wonderful Lady if you like this song! I hope whoever has been blessed with your attention realizes just how lucky he is! God bless, Miss Kelly 😇
    Sincerely, GK 😎

  43. diacas2225

    I can´t understand why Charlie just had so little success, the most of people just know "The most beautiful girl"

    Choff C

    FYI, He had a shit ton of success

    ....Check his bio out ..!!!! Plus he was the One & Only Silver Fox..!!

    !Academy of Country Music

    1973 Album of the Year – Behind Closed Doors
    1973 Single of the Year – "Behind Closed Doors"
    1973 Top Male Vocalist
    American Music Awards

    1974 Favorite Country Single – "Behind Closed Doors"
    1975 Favorite Country Male Artist
    1975 Favorite Country Single – "The Most Beautiful Girl"
    Country Music Association

    1973 Album of the Year – Behind Closed Doors
    1973 Single of the Year – "Behind Closed Doors"
    1973 Male Vocalist of the Year
    1974 Album of the Year – "A Very Special Love Song"
    1974 Entertainer of the Year
    Grammy Awards

    1974 Best Country Vocal Performance, Male – "Behind Closed Doors"
    1998 Grammy Hall of Fame Award – "Behind Closed Doors"

    Wayne Kennedy

    He was Successful with his songs. But when Charlie pride come out the Industry turned towards him for some un-known reason which i never cared for. The Radio stations stop playing Charlie Rich and started playing Charlie Pride. I cried all the time when they did not play Charlie Rich when i was in my Parents car going somewhere when they played Charlie Pride, Cause i said it should be Charlie Rich. I then started singing The song i remember so well. My Favorite.

    gustavo sierra

    You are absolutely right. First, listening to this song just brings the tears when Charlie sings it. He was an amazingly talented rock-a-billy piano=playing singers who rivaled Jerry Lee Lewis. He killed it when it came to country and he was a pro at blues and jazz. A Monstrous talent Charlie just didn't seem to fit in anywhere until Billy Sherill got a hold of him and invented the "Countrypolitan" sound. By then he was in his 40's and didn't want to be pigeon=holed into one class of music. He could do it all and no one beside the great Ray Charles could touch him. Listen to his last album "Pictures and Paintings" and check out his penchant for jazz. Charlie Rich is the real deal.

    Scott Anderson

    @Wayne Kennedy ......Charley Pride and Charlie Rich are like comparing apples and oranges..... Pride gained popularity in 1966 with "the Snakes Crawl At Night" which was 100% pure Country, with some awesome steel guitar work by Lloyd Green. Pride's fame just went thru the roof for about 12-15 solid years..... Charlie Rich dabbled in jazz and blues and a bit of R & B going back to the early sixties, but never ever a Country presence til Sherrill threw Behind Closed Doors and Beautiful Girl at him and offered him a contract. Rich made no bones about his dislike for twangy trad Country.... He was truly at home in a much more bluesy Memphis atmosphere than the GOO in Music City. Plus remember his antics at the CMA Awards show in 75-76 when he set fire to the ballot when John Denver was named Entertainer of the Year??? many folks became very disheartened with Rich after that. Dont get me wrong here, I loved Charlie Rich..... I think he pulled off the Country thing quite well in spite of the fact he never really liked it, but he and Charley Pride are just like night and day in my book..... Pride is still kickin too, at well over 80 yrs old.

  44. Rob Sinclaire

    Wonderful thank you!

  45. Rebelman476

    Always Loved Charlie's song's. Was a little Boy when Listening to real Country Music in the day.

    Dino Mireles

    +Rebelman476 tru dat..... as I'm racing father time and enjoying being in my 40's, more and more I'm listening to the music of my blessed childhood


    @Ghetto Cat You'r Welcome.

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still a few traditional style artists.

    Sue Streets

    charile rich music never ever die go on for ever more he was fantastic singer

  46. Walter Jurva

    Good song, good man and good memories..


    Walter Jurva p,t


    ️️❤️XXXOOOXXX ❤️

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