Rich, Charlie - Feel Like Going Home Lyrics

Lord I feel like going home
I tried and failed and I'm tired and weary
Everything I ever done was wrong
And I feel like going home

Lord I tried to see it through
But it was too much for me
And now I'm coming home to you
And I feel like going home

Cloudy skies are rolling in
And not a friend around to help me
From all the places I have been
And I feel like going home

Lord I feel like going home
I tried and failed and I'm tired and weary
Everything I ever done was wrong
And I feel like going home

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Rich, Charlie Feel Like Going Home Comments
  1. Gerwyn Evans

    Apart from the lighthearted pop hit "Mohair Sam," much of Rich's career output unfortunately coincided with the "countrypolitan" schmaltz period of Nashville in the 1970's. This heartfelt song was the exception.

  2. AuntieMHere

    Beautiful gospel sound, all the way up and down the piano. Reminds me of Harry Stewart's "End of My Journey."
    Pure genius, both.

  3. AuntieMHere

    Thanks so much for this video. I saw Charlie Rich singing it on TV decades ago but couldn't remember the title and couldn't find it (no Internet back then). Sister insisted I meant the song "don't it make you wanna go home." Nope. Comforting song. Does anyone remember a version by a man with a raspy voice? A bit like Joe Cocker, but much higher range. I couldn't find it by googlin. Thanks to all, and especially to Guy Miller for solving my mystery...

  4. d c

    This son is so soulful - who hasn't felt this to their bone? I sure do/have.

  5. HUNNYBUNNY 69245

    Anybody homesick?

  6. sam gottlieb

    Everyone listen to matt andersen cover of this song! Please!

    Ross Crawford

    Also Tim Minchin!

  7. Sentinel Magnus

    The three stooges movie brought me here

  8. jim smesny

    I had no idea he could be so soulful--great

  9. Thom Bradley

    Emi A Young. 1971-2013. You just couldn't play the game of life anymore. You were declared at scene 7 Dec. 2013. You ended your earthly race early,at only 42.

  10. Don Karlos

    This is the of the best songs of all times...



  11. Evil Diesel

    I only ever heard the J Mascis version of this song and I have to say as much as I love J this is so much more touching.

  12. kingsotall

    And that's it..

  13. James Zorn

    wish you were here to tell me its going to be ok its not ok im falling apart i want to make things right and hold you i need you so much i miss my only friend whydoes everything go away

  14. Sold Out

    01.01.2018 Eis am Stiel 8, RTL Nitro

  15. hossam roushdy

    Ivy jackson God Bless You I'll be praying for You

  16. Sethu Sekhar

    One of the local NPR stations plays this song at the end of their Monday night "Soul Serenade" program. However, it is a bit faster version. He must have recorded it on different albums.

  17. David Kerrigan

    If there is anyone around who actually knew Charlie Rich, I should be most grateful to hear from him or her. I met Charlie when I was about seven years old. He made a big impression on me and quite frankly despite his faults I still consider him a great man. I haven't long to live now and I have some unanswered questions. I wish he were still around to talk to.

  18. Spencer Schultz

    it reminds me when I go back to great wolf lodge it was like home

  19. Kathleen Millett

    My hubby lost his fight with cancer last week. He loved this song so we're having it played at crematorium as we enter


    Hi kathleen
    I hope that you can draw some strength remembering the good times you had and keep those close to your heart, God Bless you.

    Steve Payne

    I am truly very sorry Kathleen,. My sincerest condolences you, as much as that may mean.

    Kathleen Millett

    Steve Payne thank you

    Kathleen Millett

    gingercat555 Thank you for your lovely words

    Janessa Strode

    Kathleen Millett May He Revel In Paradise

  20. jenan

    i was here. J.S

  21. Tara Hopkins

    This song really shows his voice, beautiful.

  22. paul crespi

    whatever song I hear is my favourite hard to seperste

  23. paul crespi

    great song .my best of all time

  24. Anthony Bevilacqua

    This is a masterpiece

  25. Massimiliano Zaccagni

    God bless you Ivy.

  26. KimTrails65

    Much Love to you, Ivy Jackson...I know what you mean and I sure feel the same!...stay alkaline!

  27. Ivy jackson

    I've been fighting stage 4 cancer for over two years. Heart disease also. Even though I thank God that I feel good on most days I'm constantly going to clinics other than chemo (5) .  I'm just plain tired. this song speaks for me.

    Dolf Zeevogel

    +Ivy jackson I know how you feel. It feels like hell. But hang in there!  I'm probably on the other side of the world from you, but I wish you the strength you need.

    Ivy jackson

    I'm doing surprisingly okay... 'still hating on the clinic visits but the clinics are  part of my life line.  Thanks for your message. Blessings to you.

    Paul Murray

    It's all in God's plan.. Stay strong. I'll be praying for ya!

    Janessa Strode

    Ivy jackson God Bless You

    Evil Diesel

    I'll sing this song for you Ivy and it will be better than a prayer - wherever you are!

  28. Judith Padilla

    So awesome Mr b

  29. Paul Richard

    Check out the Dexter Romweber version of this song

  30. SweetbriarRE

    You can feel and sense the sadness in his voice.  Like he lived the very lyrics he sang.   It goes right through you

  31. mrfettish1

    it is the way  I feel today-the most beautyfull girl song hit me between the eyes..i forgot abought that song-thanks for posting it

  32. Alif Aiman

    so feeling ! this song makes me cry ;(

  33. mrjimmy1231

    allison i will always love you baby i want to go home

  34. lost94133

    No one can sing this song like Charlie .

  35. mysteryguy451

    very pretty song!

  36. brotherlouie

    As Tom Waits said. "Charlie Rich. He sure can sing, that son of a bitch."

  37. David Grimmett

    wow -what a song, why haven't we heard this much much more - power, true and from the heart. I want this played at my funeral - bless you man!!

  38. Ave

    such a deep voice, emotionally sung

  39. Geoff Wood

    Love The Notting Hillbillies version too.

  40. Roady With Kody

    Check out Matt andersen's version. Plenty of soul

  41. sara motsinger

    some times i fell like going home lord

    some times i fell like going home lord

  42. erico888

    His blessing and curse was that he was so at home in so many styles...blues, country, rock, gospel....this is as good a gospel/blues as I've ever heard...

  43. countrynuno

    One of my favorites. Thanks

  44. R Paz

    just a great song. so much emotion,feeling in his voice. miss you charlie rich.