Rich, Charlie - Beautiful Woman Lyrics

You are my dream come true
And I believe in you, beautiful woman
And you are like a breath of spring
Warm like the summer rain, beautiful woman

Every breath I take
Every move that I make
I'm reaching out
(Reaching out, reaching out)

Just to get a little closer
Just a little bit closer
Move a little closer, baby
Closer, closer

You, you are my dream come true
And I believe in you, beautiful woman

Every breath I take
Every move I make
I'm reaching out
(Reaching out, reaching out)

Just to get a little closer
Just a little bit closer
Move a little closer, baby
Closer, closer to you

You are my dream come true
And I believe in you, beautiful woman
And you are like a breath of spring
Warm like summer rain, beautiful woman

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Rich, Charlie Beautiful Woman Comments
  1. Lecs Gonzalez

    Sharon Tate 💓

  2. Suzanne Webb

    When I was 18 I had a huge argument with my dad I stormed out of the house I’m a huge temper . Mum said this came on the radio and dad said this is me and sue song . I’m 57 now and I so miss my daddy 😥

  3. Manuel Tubens

    A great classic. From Charlie Rich. RIP

  4. James Roberson

    You women should cream yourselves on this love song

  5. Bob Wagnon

    My daughter and I are estranged a bit. It breaks my heart and this song always makes me think of her! I would give my left lung to have things right again!!

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Bob Wagnon Contact with her and just talk to her from your heart how you feeling. Its never to late for fogive and forgivness. May God Bless Your Soul.

  6. Victor Jeffers

    I remember this song ! Very beautiful !

  7. Ame Sauvage

    I watched a movie several years ago, with this song closing it out. It was a sad story with a little girl coming to visit her boyfriend. His older brother and his friend forced themselves on her and the boyfriend helplessly witnessed it all.... If anyone knows this movie, please share the title. Thanks in advance.

  8. Margaret Lloyd

    The newsagent sang this song to
    me every morning when I went for my newspaper, he used to make my day xx

  9. Mickey Bowser


  10. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing song. 🥀

  11. Lucario The Inkling

    Back in 2005, ahh the Summer Breeze and my mom and dad was listening to this song, I was 5 years old and me, my mom, my sister, and my mom listened to this song. It was a very well made song... I lost my mom back in 2013 due to colon cancer... cancer is a bitch! Now I am 19 (About to turn 20 in a few more months) (09/08/2020) and I still miss my mom, of course who wouldn't? Your parents are YOUR loved ones, so please whatever you do, please spend some time with them before they lose you (Through Death) so if yall see this comment then please like and spread it to other people so they can know that spending time with your loved ones is important, because someday you might not have them around, it could be in 20 years, or it could be tomorrow, so please spend time with your loved ones.
    <3 Lucario

  12. Lucario The Inkling

    Rest in Peace Charlie Rich! You made great songs, and if yall wanna know how he died then he died from Pulmonary Embolism, which is a fancy word for blood clot in the lungs

  13. Jonathan Seitz

    Good song, but not as good as Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I still don't understand how this song kept it from being a Number 1 song on Billboard. Out of all the Elton John songs to be Number 1, it should have been GYBR.

  14. LolaCrazy2221

    I asked somebody at work one day, she's somebody that's pretty and I have a crush on her, if she has heard of Charlie Rich. She didn't say anything.

  15. Kroཻppvysöetførp Vœཻðparrs.

    Véletlenül látta a világ legszebb lányát?

  16. Mrs Jax

    My mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world!! ♥️♥️♥️😇😇😇

  17. Heinz Breuer

    Meine schöne ist leiko ikemura seid 1974 ist sie meine große liebe🌹

  18. Anthony Landreth

    One of our greatest legends of real country music the way it should be! R.I.P Charlie Rich!

  19. Rob Harding

    Memories, Great song ,wonderfully sung.

  20. aquhoil

    good music

  21. Danielle Johnnie Hill

    Wont beat us dad ever I love u and I couldn't be more proud of being able to tell the world you are my dad x

  22. PrincipeFernando

    Beautiful song.!
    Thanks Charlie.

    Sound like the Beatles.

    Thanks life.

  23. Joseph Consoli

    Wow, was this a huge hit at the time. It takes me back to being a little kid. I can see my childhood home and elementary school. How wonderful to live in a time when a beautiful song like this made the charts. What do we have today? Billie Eilish moaning about depression with blood and spiders coming out of her body. What a sad state society is in today to make this Grammy winning.

  24. MegaJetsfan1

    Classic song. This is real country music, not the nonsense of today!

  25. andy taylor

    " I let my world slip away from me" yep, that's what I stupidly done.

  26. Bella Bella

    I don't like country music but my God this is my favorite song when I was a kid in the 70's . Love you Charlie Rich!❤️❤️🥀

  27. Sara Wilkinson

    A few years ago me and my husband had a HUGE argument and I walked out of the house and went for a coffee. There was music playing in the coffee shop and suddenly one of the staff changed the tape and this song started playing, and then my mobile rang and it was my husband apologizing and asking me to come back home, which I did.....but I will always remember how strange it was that this song was kind of telling my story.

  28. em Bro

    WOW!! I used to like this song as a little kid! I was living in the ghetto. im black. All black neighborhood from chicago. How in the world did I even know this song existed!? But this was a favorite song.

  29. Keith Collett

    Tracy was my most beautiful girl in the world,I lost Tracy in a automobile accident 6 years ago and I miss her so much

  30. The Starman

    A good song

  31. Carlos Rioda

    Thank U Malcolm in the Middle XD

  32. Soraya Arredondo

    It song that brings back memories!!

  33. Dan Gibbs

    0:57 is one of those perfect moments in a song

  34. mkl62

    A #1 hit for Charlie Rich in December 1973. It also hit #1 on the Country & Western charts and the Adult Contemporary charts. Ditto for the same 3 charts in Canada and also in Belgium. It went to #2 in Ireland and the United Kingdom, #3 in The Netherlands, #7 in Australia, #8 in Norway, #10 in France, and #14 in Germany. We prepare to say goodbye to 1973 and prepare for 1974. What will the music scene be like in the upcoming year? Stay tuned.

  35. Susanne Müller

    Philipp, weisst du noch .....

  36. Paul Morrison

    One of the first songs I remember and I was about 4yo

  37. Tom Waits

    I see her everyday at work, only she belongs to someone else.

  38. jackbrad

    costanza, a girl and whisky brought me here

  39. Jason Wilson

    Didn't really like this when my parents played it when I was a kid, now I love it, how I wish I could be a kid again

  40. Jude Rodrigues

    so true for me at the moment and forever.

  41. Новиградский руфер

    мишаня огородник

  42. Dannibee Hill

    She's missing her gala xx

  43. mac16one

    Silver sexy Fox!

  44. Lana Armstrong

    In my opinion, this is such a beautiful song. 😊❤️💯

  45. kernriver1967

    Lord, got loaded at The Blackboard, in Bakersfield and dance with a beautiful lady..
    Lost a good thing, but that's life..

    Old dude here..

  46. Jean-Claude Angus

    We are now in 2020 and YES we still listening to that music wy because we love it you bozo so stop asking if there are peoples who stil listening

  47. Queen Bee

    777 unlikes???

  48. Kerry Mckenna

    Omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this song 2020💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  49. Mary H

    Myy bf jeff sent me this . I love song

  50. Coasters, Gaming and Stuff

    I can guarantee I’m the only one who came here from Altonville Mine Tours at Alton Towers 😂- but this is actually such a great song

  51. Flying Snail 666

    "The Ranger" got me here.

  52. Frank Zap

    George.. i'm gonna have to ask you to leave..

  53. DavidJHarrisonEssex

    "hey, did you happen to see the most ugliest slag in the world?"

  54. Brian Foster

    Happy New Year! Hoping the 20's are good to you!

  55. Deborah 78.

    Moral of the story, watch what you say beforehand. You never know what your cruel words will do to a loved one. And once it's said, there's no taking it back...

  56. Wolf & Fury

    I never had the opportunity to sing this song to anyone! But still i will try.

  57. Noreen Convay

    you can feel the old scool country.

  58. Dannibee Hill

    And my dad is seeded loaf haslit or corn beef tomato must be salted 4 pints red milk and shop glasses no good magnified glass iv got his waistcoat and its staying here. 2 nebuals and a bottle of desolvables

  59. Dannibee Hill

    And my dad and kind xx merry Christmas I love u with all my heart xx they are coming soon xx

  60. Rey Pollo

    Craig send me here. Tell Lois that he is sorry.

  61. Marie Hamelton

    Reminds me of my parents they had the most beautiful Love story they've been married for 38 years and going strong.! God Bless Them! Makes me sad that I lost my husband in 1992 and I'll never know that kind of love.

  62. Tiffany Layman

    I lost my dad at 18. Not sure why this song makes me think of him, but I do. 💗

  63. Dannibee Hill

    And I don't give a flying monkeys no man is fit to lick my dads boots and I'll never give him up so piss off

  64. hello jorpati

    Nowadays I hate to be beautiful...why its like maturity...

  65. keith mccardell

    We all find happiness in the end . Worth the wait

  66. Lecs Gonzalez

    The Sharon Tate's song

  67. Betty Walker


  68. Richard B

    What an artist, Charlie, you music is timeless, beautiful, you are sorely missed.

  69. Tony Freeman

    One of Sam's lads

  70. Edward Smith

    Hey did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world and if you did, was she peggy

  71. Eric Skivers

    I may have listened to this song for the last time . It is one of my precious moms favorite songs. Im with her next to her bed at the home . just played it for her . She’s 94, and will probably with god before the weekend . I sang along , not too bad either . Lol. I just wanted to type this to commemorate the moment , or something . I’ve known a few , but she IS the most beautiful girl in the world to me . Catherine Skivers . Mom , blind advocate , best friend .

    e m

    bless you and your mom, eric. you'll always have the songs that had meaning to them. a kiss to her from me.

    Eric Skivers

    e m thank you so much . I had to reply to tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts . She passed on 12-12. I’m going to be ok . She was ready .Happy holidays .

    e m

    @Eric Skivers awww, sweetie. i'm sorry. you take care, and happy holidays to you too, hon. many comforts.

  72. Oliver Chimply

    Do you think Charlie could have been looking for Donna Fargo? She's over there ---------->

  73. Grandas Girl

    Love u dad xx with all my heart and soul xx

  74. diana lynn ward

    to Nadia and mother Diana lynn ward from zakaria yasin

  75. Grandas Girl

    Waiting for my barrister lol xx love u dad xx Winston green xx 1992 xx

  76. Grandas Girl

    Yep I need a dentist I need a job but I will never be that person ever

  77. pandorasbox 2 2

    What year was this released?? Anyone know?? It brings a lot of memories back about my mum and dad . My mum died 19yrs ago at 65 and my dads now 83 ,they were married when they were 18 . My dad would sing this to her if he messed up and he’s been on his own since. He said he couldn’t have another relationship because he felt he’d be cheating on my mum 😫❣️❣️. God Bless him .
    Stay Blessed people

  78. MegaJetJaguar

    ♪♫ Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?
    And if you did, was she cryin'? Cryin'?! ♪♫

  79. Martine Demoustier

    waaaah les vacances en camping avec les parents et toute notre bande de copains vive ces années d insouciance

  80. Nathanial Ponn

    Great Song. RIP Charlie Rich.😁

  81. Svein Grimstad

    I woke up thinking about thnis song today and i knew I was in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. So now I must reach out to her... and let it be love :-)

  82. Spitha Roo

    I still have this on vinyl. My favourite country song. Memories.

  83. Rian Helderop

    Beautiful song ❤️

  84. Capricorn Sun, Sag Rising, Libra Moon

    I'm still listening in Nov 2019.

  85. coolcatmc

    Soo many memories with this song !

  86. john ziepe

    Another great song Charlie rich

  87. Dragan

    This song is timeless, a classic! It pertains to me so strongly, except maybe the part where she is crying.

  88. Amanda Colon

    I was 10yr old back then, but remember this as it was yesterday

  89. Dizzy Lizzy


  90. Dizzy Lizzy


  91. Lorena ll.

    My dad use to sing this song to me.🥰💝🌷🐺🤗🤗🤗🤗😥😥😥😥😥

  92. Lorena ll.

    Beautiful song sweetheart.

  93. Karen Whymark

    Dedicated to my beautiful mum miss you so much ma angel hug’s X’s until we’re reunited again sleep safe Xx 🙏🏽😘

  94. Grandas Girl

    Winston green 1992 Saturday visits you had long hair and a flat top we swapped bobbles every Saturday xx always my number 1 xx

  95. Kylie

    Listening to this song makes me want to walk down on the side road of a small city in Europe in the morning.