Rich, Charlie - A Field Of Yellow Daisies Lyrics

We met in a field of yellow daisies, wild and young and free
And he picked a bouquet for me
She loves me, she loves me not for daisies didn't lie
They knew better than I she'd go away
But they didn't say why

Have you ever been in a field of yellow daisies
Where the air is warm and pure and sweet
Just as the loved one at your feet

She loves me, she loves me not
For daisies didn't lie
They knew better than I she'd go away
But they didn't say why

I may fade like petals from the daisies
But for her love I'll always yearn
Each year when yellow daisies return

She loves me, she loves me not
For daisies didn't lie
They knew better than I she'd go away
But they didn't say why

They didn't say why
They didn't say why
They didn't say why
We met in a field of yellow daisies...

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Rich, Charlie A Field Of Yellow Daisies Comments
  1. countrypaul

    This is the 1965 version on Smash. The 1974 re-recording was a #23 country hit, accoding to the text on that post's page.

  2. Herbert Horsch

    This song brings back all my memories of 1974. Where I spent an approximate year and found my great love.

  3. Anthony Reichardt

    Another version of this tune worth listening to was recorded in December 1965 by the TREE TOPPERS and issued on Scarlet Records.

  4. jerry taylor

    I truly miss his music.

  5. airgrbo1

    This song reminds me of my grandma

  6. Anna Jones

    Love this song.... memories what memories 1974... miss those days after all these years.

    Linda Jackson

    I know what you mean. I miss them to.

  7. gary leask

    The silver fox velvet voice miss him a lot

  8. Deadleg66

    This song takes me back to the 70s, instantly I was helping my mom clean on a Saturday morning. She always had some good music playing in the background, makes me miss her.

  9. Tango Bango

    I remember lying on the floor with a wonderful girl, listening to this song. We were young & free. It was a long, long time ago. Her name was Sue.

  10. jennifur sun

    wish you would download the whol LP. think that is the one i own?or Sun Sessions.

  11. Kay Maughan

    This song brings back great memories of 1977 wish I could go back.

    Wayne Kennedy

    Me to Kay.

  12. Sandy Y.

    This song lets memories of someone come back to me...  wish it was 1973 again; I will never forget him

    Herbert Horsch

    herbert horsch

    Herbert Horsch

    Yes this song is a memorie of someone in Minnesota, was 1974.

    Herbert Horsch

    I miss her!

    jerry taylor

    Same here and I miss her so much it hurts

  13. kdetroit

    This is yet another example of a great song that I can't understand why it was not released as a single. I think if he'd released this in 1972-1975 it would have really done well.

  14. Ed Jones

    Why can't I find the tom Jones version of yellow daisies to down load


    @Ed Jones Why would you want to?

    jennifur sun

    it is up now

  15. jennifur sun

    keep hoping someone will post the whole LP called Mojair Sam  used to have it years ago  great LP


    @jennifur sun There were two Smash albums, just totally great music!!!!!  Would be good if you did that, because there were two LPs, and the music was wonderful.

    jennifur sun

    @flomurdock have only heard the one

  16. bazthehandyman

    Nothing to beat C.R

    Kenny Dobbins

    I think Johnny Cash is better.

  17. Terrence Van Dyke

    Here is another great song by the 'SILVER FOX!

  18. N T’rant

    My Mums been asking me to find this song she hasn't heard it in years so Mum this is for you!!! I Love you Mum Please stay well for us we need you Always and Forever Tash xxx

  19. rl collman

    A real Favorite thanks for putting it up

  20. m daniels

    and from me---thank you.

  21. Cheryl Yedrysek

    This song was the inspiration for my supposed to be first wedding, the flowers were going to be yellow daisies. Wedding didn't happen, but this song lives on. I forgot how much I love this song and love Charlie...what a crazy, awesome voice! Thanks Ronny O for introducing me to this wonderful singer!

  22. S.O.A.P.

    Written by Charlie's wife Margaret Ann, this was initially an album track in 1965 before being released in 1974, becoming his biggest hit written by her. However, it didn't seem to even make the top 20 of the country chart, and it wound up being his only single from that year (discounting "My Elusive Dreams" and "Something Just Came Over Me," released December that year) as well as his first since "Tomorrow Night" (between BCD and TMBG) not to go #1. Great quality, lots of feeling!

  23. ARosser14

    @flomurdock My pleasure.

  24. flomurdock

    Thank you!!