Rice, Chase - Carolina Can Lyrics

It was laying pennies on the rail's and sneaking off to chew Red Man
It was a Friday night win and followed by a Saturday bruise
It was a first Blue Ribbon my dad and I drank, baptized on Glenville lake
A tear in our eyes the night we lost all we had to lose

That tobacco town where I grew up
The tailgate down on a jacked up truck
A ring we earned cause we owned that state
A tombstone with my daddy's name
Now the six string dream on a crazy course
Has got my compass losing North
And I need someone to remind me who I am
Oh, Carolina can

It was faded blue denim on Franklin Street
A "He's Not" buzz, a house band beat
It was a summer heat dragging me to a fifth year fall
It was classes skipped cause the room couldn't teach
What we learned three days on Wrightsville beach
With my high school love, short hair
And that sweet hometown southern drawl

That tobacco town where I grew up
The tailgate down on a jacked up truck
A ring we earned cause we owned that state
A tombstone with my daddy's name
Now the six string dream on a crazy course
Has got my compass losing North
And I need someone to remind me who I am
Yeah, Carolina can
Carolina can

Now two time zones, ten states away
Another night, another show to play
Oh hey Mr. Taylor, she ain't only on your mind

That tobacco town where I grew up
The tailgate down on a jacked up truck
A ring we earned cause we owned that state
A tombstone with my daddy's name
The six string dream on a crazy course
Has got my compass losing North
And I need someone to remind me who I am
Yeah, when I need someone to remind me who I am
Yeah, Carolina can
Carolina can
Carolina can

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Rice, Chase Carolina Can Comments
  1. Jackie Hartman

    Oh love chase he so gourges an that smile...

  2. Melissa Mines

    Love this song WL👊👊👋

  3. -RB- Rudeolph

    An official video and they don't know it's "Southern Drawl". It's a way of speaking, not drawing.

  4. Chloe Moody

    Ain’t no place like home I miss Siler City. That place will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. Hookin’ Hogs With Henry

    Boone-Wrightsville, Love it.

  6. Kenya Robinson

    Absolutely proud of being born and raised in the majestic state of North Carolina. It'll always be home to me.

  7. Dillon Ramos

    I just moved away from NC to Arizona and this has me feeling all kinds of feelings 😭

    Chloe Moody

    You and me both honey. I got Carolina on my mind and I can’t seem to shake her 🥺🥺

  8. Yea Yea

    I'm American but I've lived in Australia for the last year and a half, this is my go to song whenever I get homesick.

  9. Kristyna Syblikova

    Chapel hill

  10. William Shaffer

    A Carolina young lady saved my life then was taken but still cannot be forgotten

  11. FroBeast

    Charlotte in the house

  12. Tracijo London

    #ChaseRice this is really so soulful I really love this so much #CarolinaCan one beautiful State ✊💯🌹🙏

  13. Jennifer Fultz

    That first Blue Ribbon my Dad and I drank. The tears...all of it! ❤

  14. James Hunt

    The song was written in Rowland NC

  15. Maggie Mantei

    Charleston, SC

  16. Michelle Gosnell

    Born in NC and small town call Tryon NC

  17. Misty Dobbins

    My favorite song by chase rice love this song ❤❤🎶🎶

  18. Cheryl Wittenberg

    Just realized that Chase was on Survivor season 21 and talked a lot about being from Carolina. As a huge Survivor fan, I like Chase even more now!!!

  19. Shetland

    I get the chills when that Union Pacific engine goes by. I used to sneak of with my buddies and go smoke cigarettes or dip copenhagen under an old railroad bridge in the woods and every now and then we would jump on one of the trains... now I work for Union Pacific 😂

  20. dustin Patram

    Love being from the same small town he was raised in Wilmington nc

  21. Misty Dobbins

    Still listen to your sexy voice sexy man love you always ❤❣🍻🍻🍻🍻

  22. Kim B Scott

    Love this song keeps me dreaming and grounded to my home town country back of the truck laying staring gazing into the sky watching for the shooting stars campfires guitar picking singing laughing kneeling giving thanks to my momma and daddy I want a man like this

  23. Drew Stevens

    This song is amazing, but the video looks like a high school project

  24. Drew Stevens

    I need Dramamine to watch this

  25. Jessica Harper

    Love it

  26. Daku Link

    Wilkes County here

  27. Connor Mikita

    Literally the worst

  28. Joshua Filchuk

    Awesome awesome song!!!!

  29. Rodney F.

    So glad I grew up here right where this song was wrote about I love glenville lake 😊👍

  30. Rob Ricci

    Huntersville NC. Love my new state. People here are awesome. Can't stick my nose to deep, born in NJ.

  31. Dustin F

    Charlotte :..)

  32. Kim ELAINE Broome

    Being from Carolina I find this to be my favorite of all no matter where I go that's my home

  33. Becca Lynn

    I miss my NC

  34. Sofie Love

    Im from Asheville too

  35. Lawana Grimsley

    so proud to be a North Carolina girl even proud to say a Mt.Airy (Mayberry Girl)

  36. Taylor Sims

    Currituck, NC here and always on my mind

  37. hounddog2952

    Born , raised backwoods NC . I'm gone die air ! Bury me on Southern Ground . Proud North Carolinian   - Ryan Compton YEEYEE  🎤👋

  38. Brian Casteel

    Even though this about Carolina's this song brings me home to Wilmington Il

  39. Evan Conner

    man i cry my eyes out every time i listen to this i am a tar heel from head to toe i love this state and every one in it this song was my connection to home while i was in the army its perfect man thank you #GDTBATH

  40. Keelan Weatherly

    Born and raised Sumter, South Carolina nothing better

  41. Chrissy Nye

    Love this Song Chase.........

  42. Zachary Giffin

    McLennansvill NC i live in the country backwoods

  43. Tanya Lamb

    I was that girl you met at your concert i was that little girl that you met

  44. Carrie Sutton

    Carrie Can!

  45. daniel owens

    This describes us perfect in Nc

  46. Freddie Lawton

    im from new York and this song describes me

  47. Jeff Young

    Great song! Brings me right back home to Concord. Moved away to Nashville 10 years ago and still miss driving those back roads. Love Tennessee but my wife swears we will settle down in Carolina one day.

  48. Toby Dillard

    Sylva, NC born and raised

  49. Jamie Stukes

    Pounding!!! 24-7-365 in the 803!!! Goooooo!!!! Panthers!!!!!

  50. Zachary Giffin

    NC Southern Country Boy right here

  51. CarolinaWhitetailAddiction

    Wrightsville beach born and raised here!

  52. Aaron Hilsgen

    damn! I never was really into him but this ones good!

  53. Hunter Lynch

    I like this song i was born I sc

  54. Waterloo TickleTime

    I live in Michigan :/ I've wanted to live in the Carolina's all of my life and in the next 4 or so years I'm moving to one of them

    Stacy Tomsha

    Me too! Exactly how I feel!

  55. Richard Goodwin

    Amen to this song!

  56. New England Rebel

    One day I'm going to Wilmington, NC... I'm in Alabama.


    Parker Joseph LivinForChrist best place in the world man... grew up there never trade it for anything. I been blessed the marines let me stay in NC

    New England Rebel

    Thank you for your service, brother.

  57. Chrissy Nye

    A North Carolina Man.


    i love this my daughters name is carolina

  59. Anna Whitman

    Durham/chapel hill born and raised. Franklin street ❤

  60. Lindsey Hunter

    I love this song so much and Friday can I take a pic with u

  61. Tony Valentine

    everyday I wish I could go back home to NC but it's just to hard haven't been home since my dad passed away five yrs ago...

  62. Michelle Starling

    Stay True North always...
    Go Gators!!

  63. Keny Maciel da Silva

    i miss so much Carolina...

  64. C. Kerns011

    I'm from nowhere near Carolina but the "2 time zones and 10 states away" part got me cause I'm from oregon but live indiana and finally after 6 years am going back to oregon for a visit in may.. The though of going back home is better than ever now that I've heard this song.. never forgot where you came from and what/who makes you, you.. And never forget where your happy place is..

  65. Deborah Clark

    I love this song it gives me goosebumps

  66. Zoie Mcdonald

    I love it

  67. Travis Cox

    love north Carolina

  68. Zachary Giffin

    Nc southern country boy right here

  69. Zoie Mcdonald

    at the start the white shevey is my dads truck and the white GMC is my mom's we were going to my ants house I can tell because the mud on my mom's truck and the little inendens

  70. Stephen Lee

    Never thought I'd miss North Carolina until I joined the army. Colorado you're beautiful but you can never be home. 2 more years and I'll get to see you again :/

    Regina Anglen

    stephen lee . by. .

    Christina Brown

    stephen lee good old Fort Bragg. my husband is active duty Army and we're currently stationed here. Bought our first home here as well. Love this place.

    Carrie Sutton

    stephen lee love Colorado, beautiful state.!! Lived in Carolina as a small child and still can remember the beauty of it. But...Colorado just seems more inviting, a beauty that takes your breath away

  71. Chris B

    tarheel born and tarheel bred. and when I did I'll be a tarheel dead

  72. Misty Dobbins

    Chase Rice I really love this song hell I love all your songs I have seen you in your concerts meet and greet I love you

  73. Kori19XX

    Asheville, NC

    Tony Valentine

    I'm from asheville also...


    Swannanoa right here

  74. Rayna Stiefel

    Just now hearing this two years later.Thanks Pandora

  75. John Manus

    listening this song I miss north Carolina but stuck in south Dakota one maybe I get to go home

  76. Guadalupe Lucio

    I know now y? Chase did this video great song. I like it. Sharing this. 😊👍

  77. Hunter Allen

    I'm a minnesota boy but i like this song

    Eric Crea

    Hunter Allen Mankato in the house!! Haha

  78. Dean WinchesterTM

    I'm from Alabama but Carolina is in my heart.


    From Texas and Carolina is my in my heart too!

  79. GodLovesYou amen

    Shelby NC is home

  80. Victoria Combs

    North Carolina girl. Love this song brings me back home.

    Victoria Combs

    Boone NC is home

    Stoned Alligator

    Appalachian State fan? :)

  81. Alex Grass

    west salm wi popukation 4000 and something

  82. Michael Brooks

    Fairview, NC yee yee

  83. Sage Kimbro

    This is our time. Panthers make the super bowl. Heels make the National Championship. Clemson makes the National Championship. Coastal Carolina brings the Baseball National Championship to Conway, in tears seeing how we've risen to every challenge. No matter North or South, WE ARE CAROLINA.

    SyCo Clips

    "Clemson makes the national championship".... nice joke 😂

    alex madden

    SyCo Clips Hmm...

  84. chuck gardner

    the train between raleigh and durham

  85. Raiden Games

    why are a lot of music videos just putting the lyrics now?

  86. Carter Machetta

    Great Song. Not a huge fan of the video tho

  87. gracie

    Where was this shot?

  88. james earl kidd outdoor videos


  89. randy bailey


  90. Craig Smith

    Hell to the yea! NC shout out. Liberty, NC here. 3 stoplights, walk in any restaurant and sit with a family you don't even know. Now that is country. I wouldn't want it any other way.

  91. Cooper Dalton

    North Carolina Strong!

  92. camdon ford

    Wrightsville beach is home (especially lollypop bay)


    camdon ford ayeeee I know all bout that

  93. Arkadash

    Spotify team I LOVE YOU !
    Im here thanks to you <3


    Exactly, came off the country playlist

  94. Orestis Papapetrou

    awesome song. I will be in carolina this may any places to visit people?Your thoughts appreciated.

    Craig Smith

    top sail island is good fishing and quiet beach. a must do is mountains, pilot mountain or hanging rock. Biltmore house. Man, you can't go wrong touring NC

    Orestis Papapetrou

    +Craig Smith Thanks for contacting. I check them out and are awesome spots. Thanks appreciate it.

  95. chris jenkins

    good song. i'm in Hickory, NC