Rhys, Gruff - Space Dust #2 Lyrics

When I saw you in the seminar
Raindrops and fireworks flow
Active Volcano's aglow
I never heeded the warning
We fell in love by the morning light
In the middle of the afternoon
Head over heels for you love
In the middle of a crowded room
Lightning descends from above
In the quiet of the afternoon
Space dust engulfs us
In space dust

Tell me you're the only one for me
It's just a walk in the park
Told me you'd always be there for me
Things sometimes change after dark
You upped and left without warning
I had to work in the morning
Couldn't even look me in the eyes
You had your sunglasses on
Didn't even care to say goodbye
You didn't even answer the phone
You never called me at all
Space dust just breaks up and dies

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Rhys, Gruff Space Dust #2 Comments
  1. Kevin Le

    lovely song

  2. Paul Thompson

    love this tune

  3. Gloria Pucci

    Gruff, we love You. Poland's still looking forward to Your and SFA concert, Do feel invited!

  4. valérie Adjedj-Delgado

    J'ai gardé le shampoing de l'Hôtel Vinci. "Space Dust"... Inclus, puis plus. Poussière, grisé, parti en fumé, hareng sortilège. Tu es si toxique. Je te hais. 

  5. TruckT1

    this is fucking amazing...

  6. pablo ferro


  7. beklanaze

    Wow...this could be a track from Smile. He makes no secret of Brian Wilson's huge influence on his music.

  8. Gary Furlong

    pure magic - Gruff has never released a bum track.

  9. Trey Roque