Rhys, Gruff - Sensations In The Dark Lyrics

Once upon a time I took to melody and drank it every night
A dedicated pacifist, no fistfights, no antagonistic knocking out lights

Sensations in the dark...

A century of shadows lifted upwards
And discarded to thin air
Now I could speak my mind to others' mothers
Without blushing up to my curly hair

Sensations in the dark...

And with a bright air of madness and flair
You introduced me to great new ideas
So you did, so you did, that's right
Well little, little by little we were pulled apart
By forced come to play
Well colour, colour, colour coded I was designated
Emigrated out of your way
Though we were pulled apart
The memories outlast
Adventures in the past

Sensations in the dark...

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Rhys, Gruff Sensations In The Dark Comments
  1. ismael barcenas

    bien por el tipo mariachi

  2. Baron Kimball

    Gruff don't care for those helmet guys, I guess.

  3. Carolina de Nanclares

    what song is the one playing at the beginning of the video?

    Christopher Anderson

    shark ridden waters

  4. Martini

    this bloke kind of sounds like jeff lynne

    Geraint Lewis

    Martini nothing like it.

  5. eschuber8

    daft punk in the video too, wait no... just scuba diving mariachis, the usual stuff


    more like dank punk

  6. crm2507777

    reminds me of listening to atlantic 252 on long wave on my ghetto blaster with my headphones late at night 

  7. Rachel Schleifer

    whale traaaaail

  8. lavine348

    Get Gruff Rhys's Sensation In the Dark on Tap Tap Revenge Tour: h ttp://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ-8wsm9b-c (close the spaces)

  9. tamcon72

    I see what you did there. Heh.

  10. d00dEEE

    Really. Llewellyn Jonas I would believe, but Jones? No fucking way.

  11. samy islas

    viva mexico cabrones

  12. MrJdog272

    okay so I'm pretty fucking high and i just watched that for the first time in my life and I'd just like to say that it was pretty damn awesome. You gots yourself a new follower man!...I can't move...

  13. tamcon72

    No, sir. But now to you: Can you seriously be calling out Gruff Rhys at a post under one of his videos at YouTube?

    Also, I'm American and I refuse to believe there is an actual person called Llewellyn Jones and that she lives across the street from Gruff Rhys's mom. I mean, what are the odds?! :)

    Geraint Lewis

    tamcon72 it would never happen as Llewellyn is a man's name.

  14. NuNorthernSoul

    Love this, whole album is amazing!

  15. tamcon72

    You realize this query sounds to the rest of us like it cannot possibly be for real, right? :)

  16. David Dalzap

    Sí, es una muy buena canción.

  17. Gloria Pucci

    this man.. he's more then just a man.

  18. ghost dog

    the man is a genius

  19. theindiekidable

    He's the coolest man on Earth

  20. Henry Williams

    @cguitar100 noooo. but there is also like 10,000 more views since then too

  21. cguitar100

    @jammywilliams1 now there is 3 haahahahahahaha

  22. Sarah Macgregor

    Bloody hell he just gets more attractive with age as well. He can't be stopped!

  23. Henry Williams

    i love how how with 53, 787 views there is only 2 dislikes

  24. Frida Kahlo

    god damn it gruff, do you how hard it is to get the physical CD of Hotel Shampoo in america? HARD anyways- I love you

  25. nath909


    Griff, pronounced Griff but spelt Gruff.

  26. tamcon72

    What's with his Reform rabbi in the record store look?

    Great song just the same--oh, how I luuuuuuv this man :)

  27. Israel Alí Guardiola Gonzalez


  28. rafiwel


  29. spinozareader

    There is something so Gerry Rafferty about his voice. (And I mean that as a compliment.)

  30. silvy ebasta

    well, it's a bad copy of CHINA CRISIS's music! no thanks

  31. PIEKART2001

    this reminds me of the left bankes 'love songs in the night' very good tho

  32. NicoleRadler

    He's coming to Sydney!!! YAY!

  33. TheWrongBoyfriends

    thanks apc1863 !
    That s the tune Kevin Ayers maybe with some Syd Barrett too
    What a tune Singing a song in the morning

    What a happy tune and a great way to end a gig

  34. Dominic Youe

    Played this on my radio show... Went down real well, I love Gruff Rhys XD

  35. Rémi Sochala

    Absolute Genius! btw... it's on my version of Hotel Shampoo TWBF :S

  36. TheWrongBoyfriends

    On his pre christmas uk tour ( no band ) he sang a song at the end about singing a song to feel ok
    thought it would be on hotel shampoo
    but no
    any one know what it was or where it is ?

  37. Dominic Youe

    Think I have found my track for the battle of the bands this week on xpress radio station...

  38. TheMuckymouse

    One person hasn't experienced sensations in the dark

  39. Stu Taylor

    This is Mint, can this man do no wrong! No doubt it will bo doubt get overlooked, through awash of shit music filling the charts these days. A modern day music icon

  40. Ricky Stevens

    Saw him play this live at the Topman CTRL mx gig week before last and it is soooo much better live, still a great tune though!

  41. John Skisumo

    Like the Calixico style horns.

  42. RobinLaRoca

    Splendid work.

  43. ages ago stuff

    he can't go wrong

  44. illmorn

    Another great video. Can't wait to see you in Paris next Month.

  45. Rhys Gethin

    Cadwar gwaith da fynnu Gruff! Gutted bod gaim dy weld di yn lerpwl mis yma, methu cael ticedi digon buan!
    Comment cynta! Gen boi lleol cymraeg!
    Pob lwc, Geth