Rhye - The Fall Lyrics

Make love to me
One more time
Before you go away
Why can't you stay?

Ooh, my love
Come home to me
Just for a while
I'll leave this piece in you
Why can't you stay?

Don't run away
Don't slip away, my dear
Don't run away
Don't slip away, my dear
Don't run away
(Don't ruin this heart of mine)

The sun is gone
It fell into the fall
But I don't want it this way
Why can't you stay?

Don't run away
Don't slip away, my dear
Don't run away
Don't slip away, my dear
Don't run away
(Don't ruin this heart of mine)
Oh oh

There should be words
There should be words that explain the way
But I am tongue tied and twisted,
Where's those words...

Don't run away
Don't slip away, my dear

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Rhye The Fall Comments
  1. Paula Panganiban

    it's called falling out of love :(

  2. adsyoffinch

    And that's if you're ever lucky enough to meet someone you hate to watch grow old...
    Be that lucky because being alone and watching yourself age isn't what you want, trust me.

  3. Lady Day Dream

    My ex and I used to listen to this in car rides after fighting. That was the most toxic relationship I've ever experienced. I'm happy I can listen to this song again. He introduced me to a lot of good music. I'm slowly listening again.

  4. Dick whittington

    I dont think hes Fit to drive

  5. leoispoop

    Worst Cooks in America.

  6. bedtimestorynyc

    Danish (and Scandinavian actors in general) must be always hired to play in music videos - they are amazing, very well trained and vulnerable!

  7. Ali Athar

    wow man what a video, what a video, if you understand it :)

  8. A Lover

    The instrumentals in this song reminds me of "Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle"

  9. Ziòtek Nowak

    Marijana Jankovič beatiful women.

  10. Shirvan Haciyev

    very emotional clip. more such stories

  11. kez iko

    the next step, his wife decides to leave him for the man with whom she spoke during the evening. Pretexting that he is immature and that she needs a man and not a teenager ... reality is painful.

  12. zm453

    I think the ends gives us hope in the sense that he goes out for a ride alone and will find someone else to sit on his bicycle.

  13. Stephen Dick

    What a beauteous song! How can anyone dislike this? Clearly there are people who just get on Youtube and spend their time hitting “dislike” on everything just for the sickness of it.

  14. uzaydakiunicorn_

    Bölüm 13
    Köstekli saatin ucundaki kelebek
    14.12 19

  15. dune buggy

    didn't know until now but this is one of my favorite videos. i feel like the best videos are the ones that don't make the musicians the focal point but rather add a whole 'nother layer to the song

  16. #1 Fan

    3:08 is my favorite part of this song

  17. Iam Grace

    My anthem

  18. Christina S

    Took me a week to remember this song, had the music and the video playing in my head but not the words lolll

  19. Hot Love

    Fantastic 💋

  20. Misho Meskhi

    code 14 s

  21. Cable 277

    Amo esta canción.
    Espero y veas este comentario Lucero.
    Te extraño mucho.

  22. Cable 277

    CHALE :')

  23. محمود عاطف

    محمود عاطف

  24. Mihai Gioaba

    The moment you realised you fucked up

  25. PapaMedwed

    очень очень правдивый клип

  26. Wed Mar

    Ölüme Fısıldayan Adam
    - Büşra Yılmaz

  27. Hakkoum Mohammed

    Nice 😍 I want serious relationship good luck to all 🍀

  28. RetroBass

    Such a sad reality

  29. Kiss Me

    Fantastic 💋🔥😘

  30. I Love You

    Fantastic 💋😍🔥😘

  31. Denni

    so who's the guy?

  32. David Johnson Sr

    If you have kids. You will grow apart from your spouse. They are like little leeches that will bleed you dry.

  33. Alexsandr


  34. casselskeep

    I cant believe everyone saying the girl is him remembering his wife in days gone by. He has clearly met a younger women at a different party who reminds him of how things used to be and how his relationship has changed. It's called "the fall". Fall in love, fall out of love, his potential fall from grace.

  35. Gasparuccio X

    i don't know this singer , is she succesful?

    Christian S Larsen

    He. It's a he.

    Gasparuccio X

    @Christian S Larsen ok sorry, he's succesfull?

  36. TaMonicka Jenkins

    Could this be Simon Peg's brother ?!

  37. Mirio Togata

    Estas bien cabron me gusta

  38. Ketan Singhal

    in the end, he just biked to his dealer. Like we all do.

  39. falloutgirl902

    I love how the woman is the one who’s lost the lust for life in the relationship and is depicted as moody and no fun for all we know he cheated a month before and she is just not felling him like that, not right now, not at all 😂😂😂

    Edit: I wish the director did half the video from her perspective because there’s two sides to every story 💜

  40. Jamal Jamar

    It's super sad that I'm only 22 and have already felt this feeling with the woman of my dreams ://

  41. dachou55cs

    best song ever

  42. EconMan

    Who knew it possible. YT offered me something I love.

  43. Alexander Feelin

    Song structure is a Pet Shop Boys - My October simphony

  44. bruce wayne

    J'ecoute en boucle !

  45. Day that Fallows

    I realized, I look similar to this man...

  46. William Yarbrough

    Shawn of the Dead?

  47. jaime rincezl'oeil


  48. GESLIN Eric

    Bien sur, la chanson est très bien, très belle. Mais la vidéo devient proprement culte concernant les mâles de plus de cinquante ans. J'aime quand l'art populaire touche d'aussi près une vérité humaine. Cette mélodie est obsédante, littéralement, et la morale de ce clip reste vrai , avec grande élégance et plaisir.
    Pour les mâles contrariés, absolu besoin de lire Leopardi.

  49. VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS see the real Vietnam

    cool tunes

  50. Matt Perry

    The dude is horny for his wife when he was young, she's with him, but he hasn't seen her for many years. He wants to fuck the newer version. And he can never have it again. The lyrics are she saying goodbye to him, one last fuck in the name of the old days, because time erases the lines, and kills.

  51. Todor Ivanov

    beautiful women

  52. Sunney Leone Official

    Lovely 💋🔥

  53. Shaun Skura

    This VIDEO forever!

  54. mar'itza gtz

    Wow, can't believe it's been 7 years since this beautiful song was released.

  55. Сергей Мороз

    Ты не та

  56. Aleksandar Zlatanovski

    october 2019

  57. bipola telly

    I thought it was The Fall.... doing a song called Rhye.

  58. CarolKukita

    They are the same couple from the family at "Open". The message in Open is that the girl is too imature for the kind of relashioship that the guy is trying to build with her. But in "the fall" we see that the "perfect couple" from Open is, in fact, the result of what that guy from the young couple (not the family) is trying to change on that "imature" girl. He loved her spontaneous way but maybe he was the responsable for what she becomes by acting the same way guy from Open acts.

  59. Юрий Пирогов

    sound like - Robbie Williams - Feel -

  60. Kero

    Well, i guess the lyrics says it all.
    "don't run away" although it might be referring to the couple's old days, and the wife's younger self, but it also might be meant for the guy himself; who's clinging desperately to the past, unable to live this "reality" as he should. He sees the ghosts of his old simpler days where he was young & free-spirited, and he wishes that nothing had changed. Yet he realizes that he shouldn't be stuck in the past. Which is why he doesn't see his younger self but only his wife's; to emphasize the fact that he had out-grown this version of reality that he seeks to re-live. He has become an adult and he must not " run away " from that. And in the end.. he's shown to have very strong love for his wife and that he's willing to live through adulthood if it's for her sake, and decides to give himself a break every now & then by taking his bicycle out.

  61. jusemapu

    is that man the boy of Home Alone?


    Видео ряд о кризисе среднего возраста, по крайней мере у меня так, вижу свою жену с которой 15 лет прожил_ девчёнкой которую повстречал однажды,...... и очень тоскливо что много лет ушло.... но я люблю её все сильнее!

  63. andreas weckemann

    oooouuu yeaaaah ... back to the r... wie spiessig doch so manche beziehungen werden können 😅👍 .... und vor allem „ it needs just one of 2 „ 🤘

  64. ASA ASA

    If you're wondering, yes, that is Rasmus from RIta on Netflix and TV2 Danmark.
    And yes, he is hot.

  65. kevinchimuka

    Listening in 2019?



    Ruben Barrera


  66. muppet watcher

    Rubbish song, lovely ladies 😆

  67. David Gómez

    who is the model?

  68. Metmarfil

    The dude is a disrespectful asshole, that's the story.

  69. Steve Saxum

    I’m 61 and there is so much in this video and song that’s familiar in my life. All I’ve got to say is jump in as many tubs as you can. I can guarantee you will be shocked at how fast time goes by.

    John Bettinger

    when the situation of tub jumping appears!!! get wet!!! the laughing will keep you warm.

  70. Man de Gaturiss

    Since In Rainbows i don't feel this.

  71. Man de Gaturiss

    [House] Rainbow Yorke 07

    Man de Gaturiss


    Man de Gaturiss


  72. Madmartigan

    What a recommendation. Dayum

  73. Nathalie Dupont

    don't grow up! it's a trap :D

  74. Bas Finnis

    Another great tune. Love it

  75. M Aly

    boogy llov

  76. Jesse Franco

    This song makes me cry so hard boogers come out my nose.

  77. kindanice101

    This video says so much in just 4 minutes.

  78. Chris Stevens

    This is my favourite song at the moment

  79. Bob Combs

    Beautiful song and video

  80. Danny Lones

    his acting is gorgeous
    I feel every emotion

  81. hovercar00

    Can we stop and talk about how she's totally okay walking into the bathroom and seeing her partner sitting a bath tub full of water?

  82. ırmak

    “Seni dün gece kafamda öldürdüm yine.”

  83. Suraj Das

    the singer is a man?!

  84. Neil Wilson

    Sorry, thought this was the Manchester band The Fall. You are useless, and I will go away. don't do more music, please.

  85. Gloria Pamela

    I love this video!

  86. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    The woman would say: "I moved on but you never changed". (So my wife of 35 years said). Does "moving on,changing" mean love is over? Some of us wanted love once and it later became less necessary to them.

  87. aris vel

    Vienna's depressed days

  88. kelvynification

    Brilliant concept... this is how life and some relationships end up... I reckon most of us at a certain point in our lives yearn for the freedom that youth allowed us.

  89. Emilio Donna

    che bello credere di potersi innamorare. di nuovo...:(

  90. Ju Uva

    That's why I won't get married.

  91. zizielarousa

    I remember you listening to the song i remember that night and other nights

  92. Cecilia Ferreira

    Rhye es amor♥️

  93. luciok

    the video reminds me "being boring" by Pet Shop Boys. almost 30 years ago

  94. Lidija Katić

    Just to be young again...to feel it again...but it's all gone.

  95. Sean Gavin

    I look at this and wonder how the love of my life went from a very free spirited playful should to someone who had an affair and divorced me and now 10 years later I have absolutely no emotion for her at all.

  96. Sam O

    I really liked how he farted, stained his ass and no one said anything