Rhodes - Close Your Eyes Lyrics

Maybe I'm, maybe I am just as scared as you
It's alright, stay by my side
On the edge, on the edge of everything we know
It's alright, just don't look down
And I will hold on

I'll never let go
You're right beside me
So just close your eyes
I'll never let go, you're all that I need
So just close your eyes

When I look back
I look back on the times you tried to hide
Inside your delicate mind
In the end, in the end I'm just the same as you
And it's alright, just stay by my side
And I will hold on

I'll never let go
You're right beside me
So just close your eyes
I'll never let go, you're all that I need
So just close your eyes

I would die for, I would die for thee
So get in my heart
I would die for, I would die for thee
So get in my heart
So just close your eyes
So just close your eyes
Just close your eyes

I'll never let go
You're right beside me
So just close your eyes
I'll never let go, you're all that I need
So just close your eyes

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Rhodes Close Your Eyes Comments
  1. Paulojunior Paulo

    Músic show.

  2. Dũng Đình

    Can anybody explain what the meaning of the MV for me fls?

  3. Erin Toretto

    Dem Horizont so nach😭❤❤



  5. nameless name

    I love all your songs but the videos not so much

  6. surja shehu

    My eyes are tired😧

  7. Larissa Lima

    Que música perfeita, não tenho nem palavras para descreve-la, emocionante, meus parabéns

  8. Dominic May

    Fantastic !

  9. Sarah Caroline

    This is so Lucaria 🖤

  10. João Vitor Gomes

    Tocou no casamento da Dulce María!

  11. Michael Flores

    Listo!!!! Elegida numero 1 para mi matrimonio 12/2020 .. lo conocí y con esa canción me enamoré ❤️❤️👨‍❤️‍👨👬

  12. Kay

    He is the one and only singer who I think he’s way too underrated and deserves more spotlight, but also who makes me want to know him just by myself. Amazing artist.

  13. Luftya Sidra

    I am extremely mad he's still underrated! Wake up people! It has been 4 years!

  14. Nicole Goutelle

    💕 rhodes

  15. tiniiily

    Who else came from „Dem Horizont so nah“?💛

    Erin Toretto


  16. Karsten Be

    Dem Horizont so nah - Soundtrack

  17. arid;


  18. Julius Wicht

    Dem Horizont so nah ❤️


    Julius Wicht jaa

  19. Claude Monete


  20. Deyvison Nunes

    Somebody Saaaaaaaaave Me. It remembered me that song.

  21. Jesicca De Luna

    Gospel meets imagine dragons ????

  22. Diego S

    Love you Rhodes 😍 your voice is unique 🌟♥️🏅

  23. Stella 12345

    This song deserves so much more attention

  24. Serenatopia

    Pop done exceptionally well! Rock on!

  25. celine ferrand


  26. Hubert Pumpernickel

    So just close your arrrrrrse

  27. Brigitte Brigitte

    Rhodes you are amazing I love to hear your voice you are incredible singer thanks a lot for this good music👍👏💝

  28. Andrea Paucar Quispe

    Its been 8 months since I broke up with my boyfriend... well ex now, but this song was our song so every time I listen to this music.... I realize that I'm still in love with him :(

  29. Mert Furkan Eroğlu

    Bilmiyorum dinler misin bu şarkıyı bir daha ama şunu bil ki ben bu şarkıyla uyuyorum hala seni çok özledim söyliyemiyorum belki olurda bir gün dinlersin ve belkide bu yorumuma denk gelirsin ya şunu unutma seni hala çok seviyorum.

  30. Yusra Usman

    Just me or does he look exactly like Troye Sivan?!

  31. Tibor Tóth


  32. Delia

    What a voice omg


    Very nice song and extremely incredible voice!!!

  34. titinar fiori

    Grazie mille.. Grazie

  35. 레이리leyrie

    April 2019? Anyone?
    The voice is so 💜

  36. tizzyginger

    I forgot just how beautiful this is...

  37. Unpopular Comments

    I've heard of Rhodes because of Birdy, but I never considered checking him out . . . until now. And damn did I regret not checking him out sooner.

  38. Bonny Nny

    I really really really loved this song..Love RHODES...

  39. Silvia Santiago Miguel

    So beautiful song ♥

  40. Anna Luisa Bonoldi

    Congrats from Brazil! I loved your music <3

  41. Alfredo Cordoba


  42. st1l

    un invito alla depressione🤫😂

  43. shaw

    saw this on thailand tv show, he is so cute 😍😍

  44. cdzl


  45. psymon25

    rhodes such a talent need more like this such and amazing song and voice.

  46. Esteban Ortiz

    I love this song :)

  47. Gia Nina Morales

    Ohh... This is beautiful. 😮

  48. Other Davids

    Tragically overproduced

  49. Dano cano

    Dudeeeeww your voice!!!!! Are you like an angel? Or something? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I’ll replay this til my phone explodes !!!!!!

  50. Tania Namastê

    Rhodes, só posso dizer que essa música vem da alma, nada superficial...te amo por isso! ❤️🙏

  51. smoNE25

    Burberry fashion show

  52. Anh Vandewalle

    I NEDED MUSIC NEW PLIS, i miss u

  53. Anh Vandewalle


  54. Tania Insight

    Como faz para curtir eterno ou zilhao? Ameiiii e sim, Choreiiiiiiiiiiii

  55. Greg Hyt

    Awesome song but people dont know maybe it because they


  56. Jessie Kim

    Your song is so nature and beautiful,i like you,your song my heart so quit

  57. Sven Pert

    What a song! Nobady has ever done better. To bad, relasenships like that can only go worth, like endless hopless is The prise you gonna pay.

  58. mash2vhK

    Can be played nice 'n loud. Has this been in one of those CW shows yet, or a TV show? I can just imagine.

  59. Natasha Anne

    I was listening to the radio one day and heard Rhodes' Wishes was on... I almost teared up because he finally got the recognition he deserves for that voice & passion!!! The world need to know about Rhodes!!

  60. Norberto do Vale

    What a beautiful song...

  61. Frankie D. Pierce

    Wow!! Love it !! 💙🎶✨😱 One of the most emotional songs I've ever heard, he's amazing, he's so underrated, 3 years later I'm here :'3

  62. Cat Tate

    I can't stop listening. I do prefer the live version though. His vocals really stand out.

  63. Жанна Муканова

    Super.I like.

  64. Tracy-Ann Tracy-Ann

    Omg, omg, omg. This sooooo beautiful. Thanks for the upload.

  65. Margaret Coyne

    Still thee most butiful song of all time a masterpiece for sure

  66. lani kim

    Love this song. <3

  67. SUV OK

    i watched this music video when it was 20k views

  68. Simran Rodh

    such an underrated artist. love this song

  69. béré nice

    La casa de papel?

  70. Michel Moutinho

    I'm obsessed with this guy

  71. Stefanos Malesiadas

    What is the object that is being held by the girl in 3:16 ?

  72. Bella Anne

    I can't believe how this song spoke directly to my soul. It's perfection

  73. berrypickers

    Actually prefer the live version at the Burberry fashion thingy. Voice is brilliant and the video for it is a bit surreal. All looking at the models when he's belting out this live ??? Just weird but then I know bugger all about fashion

  74. Francisco Pereira


  75. Hirad Gorgoroth

    It actually sounds better when you close your eyes :)

    smarties forever

    don't want YOU near me

  76. A. Pashaj

    It's been a long time without listening to this song.

  77. ngianilive

    Μy favorite song!

  78. Cat T

    I love this song. This was the first time I've ever seen the lead singer too. He's cute. Cute

  79. Mariam Jubel


  80. Bân

    hay thế kia mà <3

  81. Feliphe Oliveira

    where are you ? rodhes ???!!

  82. Haya AlGhwairi

    I love you

  83. Clacy Cruz

    he is amazing ❤

  84. Minh Nguyet

    This is incredible

  85. Mileven

    he is so underrated

  86. Lucas Leon

    Please give me a thumbs up, so that people can see this :) My first musicvideo is out now! Check it out! #saybye #lucasleon

  87. Simona Toma

    Beautiful song!!makes you dream....

  88. Oregon Trees

    great production :)

  89. Samael Valentine

    Fuck, I just finished s5 of lost, this reminds me the last juliet-sawyer scene. Damn..


    Wow ... nothing compares ... most awesome song ever ... will bring you guys something awesome from Finland !!

  91. Afey Mohamed

    This songs on repeat for the past i dont know how many days now! awesome incredible song..voice!

  92. Chanice Bräutigam


  93. clau madrid

    Woow! <3

  94. Nicole Boaventura