Rhett Akins - She Said Yes Lyrics

He'd never had given much thought to dancin'
But she gave a lot of thought to bein' asked
Well he'd never been good
At comin' right on out and askin'
And she'd never been given a chance
But somethin' moved across that old gym floor
When fear was hold'n fast
And to his surprise the words came at last

And she said yes to his half-hearted request
And they held on for dear life till the last song played
They won't let go, it's beyond their control
They lit a flame with the match God had made
When she said yes

From that night on the fire was burnin'
And it sure did shine in his light
And he knew as long
As this old world kept turnin'
He wanted her by his side
So with a ring and a nervous smile
And lines that he rehearsed
He said the sweetest words
That she'd ever heard

And she said yes to his half-hearted request
And they held on for dear life till the last song played
They won't let go, it's beyond their control
They lit a flame with the match God had made
When she said yes

They lit a flame with the match God had made
When she said yes

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Rhett Akins She Said Yes Comments
  1. Molly Wilson

    Love the song.

  2. Rebecca Richards

    Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. is an American country music singer and songwriter. His father is the singer Rhett Akins.

  3. Kawooya Elias

    How time goes by. Last heard this song when I was 07 years. Now I'm 27.

  4. Jonathan Graham

    When country was real country. Not this rock and roll country.

  5. Eddie Ormerod

    This and Toby Keith's How do you like me now are the reason I fell in love with country music and yes I still listen in 2019.

  6. Millie Burgess

    This song reminds of Grandpa and Grandma ❤️❤️ there in fly angels in heaven miss you grandma my grandpa passed away when I was 4 yrs old from falling on the porch patch of ice my papa passed away not going to the hospital I remember when papa chase me when I was young around the table say millie your up there 😂 😂😂

  7. Plant Based Primate

    I've never had a bigger crush in my life than Rhett Akins. ♥

  8. Aracely Dass

    Beautiful song and video 😍💖🎼🎼🎼🎼🎤


    Sniff sniff 😫

  10. Alex Swish. Swish. Fish.

    Rhett Akins was ALWAYS playing in my pick-up truck back in the day.

  11. Angie C

    This song still has my whole heart!!

  12. Hunter Higley

    This a beautiful song and it reminds me of my girlfriend and she is my one and only lover for life

  13. Carla SuAnne Lockett


  14. Corey Rook

    2019 and will always listen to this song. One of his best. I liked this song when it first came out .

  15. ron fisher

    One of the beat Fathers and song writers ! Thank you !!

  16. Di Bn

    Love keeps the flame of life alive...

  17. Jason Morgan

    These lyrics remind of 20 years ago.

  18. Mrsean Stevenson

    If only Thomas Rhett made songs like his father.

  19. David Shepherd

    One of my favorites all these years later and now I am a huge fan of his son!

  20. Benjamin Lane

    This song kills my heart, tears start falling. Due to allergies

  21. Jose Aponte

    Iconic and beautiful.

  22. Melissa Fridley

    What a heart toucher thanks for the memories and music

  23. Tami Giggles

    What a beautiful song and video

  24. Michael Bodell

    this older county music will always have more of a meaning to it than this new stuff

  25. ed gein

    Opened for Reba in Erie, Pa

  26. Ciará Castex

    First time I'm crying at a music video.

  27. Jennifer Dijames

    Rhett Akins, where have you been young man? Your son Thomas is doing great with his music. I love it. I miss hearing from you.

  28. agnelanna heavens


  29. agnelanna heavens


  30. agnelanna heavens


  31. agnelanna heavens


  32. Di Bn

    Love lives in pair..

  33. Yvette Colebourn

    Thomas Rhett looks just like him. They are both handsome and great singers.

  34. deeya sharma

    she said yes and marry me.

  35. StarryDreamer28

    as someone who wore those exact leg braces all my life, this video is beautiful! wish I'd been asked to dance once. why aren't these kind of story videos in existance today?

  36. Paul Davis

    will a lady say yes to me

  37. Mary ann Murray

    I love this soing so MUCH

  38. huggybeartrucks

    i said yes 25 years ago ♥♥

  39. David Sebelius

    Man, I love the 90's, and how much I miss it. :)

  40. Kristal Price

    I miss the 90!!s great decade being a kid...😁😁😁😁😁

  41. Lisa Herrera

    Beautiful. This song sounds like something John Michael Montgomery would sing. It's so beautiful. LOVE IT!!!!

  42. yester day

    This is so sweet.....😊
    This is how you write a song....

  43. 2 sis Intquistor

    My wife is send me this song wow 😮

  44. God's Sparkle

    No czyli NIE!

  45. odonnelln

    How have I never heard this????

  46. Debbie Crothers

    I'm a fan of both of them. I've seen him and his son In concert

  47. kdawg shep

    Who's still listening in 2019

    Desi Foulds


    Ahmad Naufal

    I am, i like to hear this song, it makes me feel that i wish she wants to say yes, and want to marry me

    Carla SuAnne Lockett



    I’m still waiting for her to say yes

    Rogelio Ayala


  48. bee plum

    Man his boy looks just like him!

  49. Carrie Flynn

    I hadn't heard this song in years. I had forgotten just how incredibly beautiful it is! Wow! Thank you for posting it!

  50. Jennifer Dijames

    Rhett, I miss you bunches pal. But I love everything your son Thomas does.He's a talented artist and so are you.

  51. Madyson Roberts

    I have been trying to find this song cause I forgot the songs title but I loved the song and I am so glad I found it again gosh this is a gift from God

  52. FM19

    He has some of the best songs! Old Dirt Road is my second favorite besides this one. In the 90’s I listened to his albums back to back.

  53. Elisa Thompson

    Rock Hard. Bea utiful song. All the way!

  54. Bass Pro37

    Back when Love was love and country was country and then the two merged and a great song was created.

    Bethany White

    You are perching to the now choir

  55. Barbara Cremeans

    Quite a few years ago, I stumbled on this song. It was the "b" side of a record & I only heard it because the jukebox it was in would occasionally play a random song.
    It might have been chance that introduced me to it, but I fell in love with it immediately!
    "She Said Yes" has to be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. And I remember dancing to it on my wedding day.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gateway to some of the best memories of my life!

  56. Tia Payne

    Great video..vintage or not.

  57. abby helton

    2019? I’m just listening because I’m going to a concert of Thomas Rhett and he’ll be there

  58. Linda Beckering

    Two of my favorite singers! Him and his son!!!!!

    Aaron Atherton

    His son has nothing on him

  59. Roland orantez

    This is country music at it's best to bad we don't hear this on the radio any more it's sad to say.....I dont hear the music on the radio I listen to Spotify it plays all the good music cause you can choose

  60. rita rabaa

    Beautiful song

  61. Jeff Wang

    I wonder if Thomas ever gets embarrassed when he sees his dad's old music videos

  62. Brian Scott

    Best song ever

  63. Angela Hiss

    Tearing up.

  64. regina clemons

    i love that song

  65. Joshua Brooks

    You sure don't hear songs like this on the radio anymore

  66. Amber Sweeney

    So very true

  67. Otto Nicator

    This song was an influential part of my adolescent development, very moving. Music was and will continue to be, influential. If you want to shape the future, get their ear.

  68. Lauren Rucker

    So I have always loved this song but when.insaw the music video I just started crying. I am a disabled person who wears braces on my legs and the beginning where it says she'd gave alot og thought to being aak just broke my heart. I didn't even go to my senior prom because I knew no one wanted to.try and dance with me. This song will be played at my wedding whenever that happens. This music video touches me in a way nothing else has. Thanks for this Rhett Akins

    Bryan Cook

    Hold your head up and God bless you. This is a beautiful song.

    rebecca y

    God bless you. Prom isnt anything anyway 😘

    Bryan Cook

    @rebecca y God bless you to.

  69. Brad Smith

    This is real country, not that crap that’s played today

    Annie S

    Do you like Home Free? I like some of their original songs!

    Some of their covers are really good, too! Like this one

    Brad Smith

    Never heard of them

  70. Michael Sizemore

    Let's not forget, even though he doesn't put out new music, he writes for a lot of new artist like Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, and even his own son.

  71. Millie Burgess

    oh good times back 80s and 90s country know the country know definitely not

  72. A Hirs

    This is going to be my wedding song.

  73. Lisa Mckee

    Dont want to let go

  74. April Snook

    i would listen to his son's all the time and now i am listen to him because why not i'm backwards and i don't care

  75. Kimberley Gaskey

    Aww,I love this video it's so sweet

  76. Glenn Carter

    Justin Clark, Alexis Doran is correct, Thomas Rhett is Rhett Akins son, I know this for a fact, I used to do security at a few of Rhetts shows and hung out with him

  77. Lori Strickland

    This describes me and billy exactly

  78. Elmer Stepp

    This is real music, this new stuff is pure shit!

  79. dan sanchez

    To bad country songs don't sound or have stories like this any more.

  80. Ronnie Henderson

    Dang it, this song makes me tear up every time I hear it...

  81. Deanna Cava

    A cool song

  82. timmy thomas

    Yes i wish we still had country music like this today on the radio this is the kind of county music that grew up with and i love it

  83. Christina Luise

    it's late and I've landed on country youtube and i regret nothing

    Annie S

    Christina Luise The same here! I got hooked by Home Free......

    Nicholas Bodine

    Christina Luise I think everyone lands here late at night 😂

    Kristal Price

    I all was land hear late nights😂🤣🕐🌌🌆✨🎈

    Wayne Edward

    Time changes tonight so u can hear more mes tired

  84. Edward Hons


  85. thom jones

    I forgot this song/video altogether.

  86. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    omg... why i can't take off my eyes to him.?. hahaha,

  87. Shai Shai

    My fav song back in the days lol

  88. caty verster

    This is sad 😔 and sweet wen she say yes!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤love love love......

  89. Strawberry0676

    I love this guy but what is weirding me out totally is he looks exactly like my high school crush. Its odd and weird and its weirding me out.

  90. 9105835032

    That song makes me cry to

  91. hank hendershot

    This is a great song.


    I wish Rhett Akins would come out with some new good music.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    FRANKIE JOHNNY you must not know about his EQUALLY country and EQUALLY talented son Thomas Rhett (something to do with my hands get me some of that it goes like this make me wanna die a happy man unforgettable and too many others to list)

  93. Jennifer Dijames

    Rhett,what a song.I haven't heard your voice in a while.your son is doing great with his music.in fact he's coming to buffalo this year.

  94. OutOfSight OutOfMind

    One of the sweetest songs in country music.

  95. Fran Brister

    love himmmmm

  96. Tyler Davis

    Rhett is the man

  97. my love songs

    It is touching that the woman in this video was made to be physically handicapped. There had to be a reason why she had never been "given the chance" to dance with a guy before. Wow! I have loved this song for about 25 years or so, and i now have a new appreciation for it. It is over the top beautiful, and not your typical love song, because of the special circumstances involved. Awesome! I do wonder if he originally wrote the song about a physically handicapped girl, or was the video, showing the girl being handicapped, just an idea? Anyway, this would be a great wedding song. Of course, there are pop, country, metal, rock, oldies, r&b songs, jazz, folk, whatever song from other genres of music that would also be awesome wedding songs. There is one other country wedding song i can think of off the top of my head that would be an awesome wedding song. That song is "Amazed" by Lonestar.

  98. jrock


    countrygirl country musiclover

    jason lovely how is this more or less country than what's on the country radio today

  99. Dustin Harlow

    Miss 90s country