Rhett Akins - Right Back Atcha Lyrics

We've been standing on the edge of something
Bigger than the both of us
And neither one of us had said it yet
But tonight I got my courage up
I was just about to let the L word rip
When you stopped me in my tracks
Oh, you came right out and said, I love you
Well all I had to say to that, is

Right back atcha
Same to you
Ditto darlin'
I love you too
The feelin's mutual
It goes both ways you know
It's reciprocal
Emotion's identical
I'm glad that you feel the same
'Cause I was about to say those very words
But darlin', since you said 'em first
Right back atcha

Girl I had everything worked out
It was right on the tip of my tongue
Well I was waitin' on that special moment
But you beat me to the punch
Yeah you took the words right out of my mouth
You must have been readin' my mind
'Cause when you told me that you loved me
Well I had only one reply, that's right


Yeah right back atcha
Oh yeah
Ditto darlin'
I love you too
Right back atcha

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Rhett Akins Right Back Atcha Comments
  1. Roland orantez

    This whole c.d is awesome

  2. Ryan

    Great song and he wrote it 👌🙏

  3. Margaret Butcher

    Always blasting these tunes in my ears 🙌

  4. Marie,Marie.

    Awesome feel good music :-)