Rhett Akins - Kiss My Country Ass Lyrics

Tearin' down a dirt road, rebel flag flyin'
'Coon dog in the back
Truck bed loaded down with beer
An' a cold one in my lap
Earnhart sticker behind my head
An' my woman by my side
Tail-pipe's poppin', the radio's rockin'
"Country Boy Can Survive"
Well, if you got a problem with that
You can kiss my country ass

Well, I love Turkey calls, overalls
Wrangler jeans: smoke nothin' but Marlboro reds
Tattoos up an' down my arms
An' deer heads over my bed
My Grand-Daddy fought in World War Two
An' my Daddy went to Vietnam
An' I ain't scared to grab my gun
An' fight for my homeland
If you don't love the American flag
You can kiss my country ass

If you're a down home, backwoods redneck
C'mon, stand up an' raise your glass
But if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd
You can kiss my country ass

Well, there's a whole lotta high-class people out there
That's lookin' down on me
'Cause the country club where I belong
Is the Honky Tonk till three in the mornin'
Don't wear no fancy clothes
No ties or three-piece suits
You can find me in my camouflage hat
My tee-shirt an' cowboy boots
If that don't fit your social class
You can kiss my country ass

If you're a down home, backwoods redneck
Hey, c'mon, stand up an' raise your glass
But if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd
You can kiss my country ass

'Cause I'm a front-porch sittin'
Guitar pickin', moonshine sippin'
Bacca juice spittin' country boy from the woods
An' I love fried chicken an' blue gill fishin'
An' outlaw women, an' I wouldn't change if I could
I ain't tryin' to start no fight, but I'll finish one every time
So you just mind your own damn business
And stay the hell outta mine
If you got a problem with that
You can kiss my country ass

I said if you got a problem with any of that
You can kiss my natural born
Redneck to the bone
Ever-lovin' country ass

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Rhett Akins Kiss My Country Ass Comments
  1. Marisa Wiggins

    I could see myself venting to this when I'm ticked off

  2. Abby Copeland

    someone needs to get this guy back to the special ed room pronto

  3. imupacreek2000

    Still my theme song … Rock on Rhett Rock on Brother!!

  4. Tristan Ellis Vlogs

    I like the Blake Shelton version


    the original (this one) is better by a long shot compared to blakes cheap knockoff

    Tristan Ellis Vlogs

    DueMagician921 opinions are like assholes everyone has one and to be honest I don’t give a shit because Blake honestly sounds better in his version than Rhett does it’s all a matter of tone Blake has better tone in his version than Rhett does

    Tristan Ellis Vlogs

    DueMagician921 oh and also asshole I don’t give a fuck what you think I value your opinion but Blake Shelton has a better tone in his

  5. acerb45666555

    To: SouthLand! Tear down that lying Yankee bastard Trump! He betrays our Kurdish allies, he lies to you're Southland! By god! Soldiers in Gray! Rise up & save USA & the world!! God be with you!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWB7_o6x6DA

  6. Roy Fairchild

    Here in 2019

  7. Justin High Desert Keeper

    God Be with us in this time of freedom under fire from our gov.

  8. Tony Garlitz

    Hah wheres all the sell out fans???? Oh forgot they are listening to Florida Georgie with their boyfriends and wide tired trucks.

  9. Mackenzie Carder

    Am I the only one here who thought that this is a Blake Shelton song?

  10. Ray Summitt

    Lite a red take a swig and kick on back

  11. Jay Atom

    I think his son needs to listen to this and remember where he came from

  12. Milee Devore

    0:02 0:12 0:22 0:32 0:42 0:52 1:02 1:12 1:22 1:32 1:42 1:52 2:02 2:12 2:22 2:32 2:42 2:52 3:02 3:12 3:22 3:32 3:42 3:52 4:02 4:12

  13. Milee Devore

    0:12 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12

  14. jigga2jones

    It is memorial day.. When I was over the seas I had this song in my head when I let the Ma Deuce kick while bringing my boys home.... Yeah Man

  15. John M

    For the 70 unlikes KISS MY COUNTRY ASS

  16. Shannon Wallin

    Got it tattooed on my ass cheek just so y'all can follow them directions.

  17. Katherine Brock

    Missouri country girl representing here. Hey y'all

  18. tautog14

    I'm from nj and pit partys use to be the thing back when this came out it always got me hype lol..dont like much country but this is one of the most badass ones def in my top 5 country songs

  19. Nicole Matheny

    I'm not trying to be mean to other people's opinions but I like Blake Shelton's better

  20. Sam Carroll

    so much Merica 🇺🇸

  21. jboles


  22. Dawson Hallett

    Florida southern pride

  23. Bill Hellums

    This was desinated as my theme song from kin and friends from day 1

  24. Master- Ganja

    Blale Shelton coverd this

  25. Wanda Hunter

    Kiss me allover+ my ass!

  26. Wanda Hunter

    Hate this fu....... keypad

  27. Wanda Hunter

    Miss mine anyway I'm who I am what ever!

  28. frankpesca

    my ass has two cheeks to kiss one for dose who don't like the american flag the other one for dose who dont like the don't tread on me flag

  29. Leslie Wunderlich

    that's right

  30. Fran Brister

    My BABY loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  31. james matson

    lot of people talkin about BLAKE SHELTON please listen to DALE WATSON the song called THE SONG FOR BLAKE SHELTON and the song is true in my eyes

  32. khaled _

    Blake sang it way better.


    This sounds better. Blake sucks at singing covers

  33. rose siwila

    I was born country lady . I love country western song. I am planning country western wedding. getting married 2019

  34. Tom Terry

    this guy suks ASS😂😂😂

  35. Maya xxx

    hell yeah

  36. Braeden Johnson

    Blake shelton sings it better

    Adrian Fugate

    The hell he does. Rhett is a thousand times better.

    Gummy Bear

    Braeden Johnson yes Blake Shelton does sing it better

    Elle Cakes

    Says all the bro country loving dip shits!


    Lmao you don’t like country then

    Nathan Guyette

    I like rhett myself

  37. R-DUBB Lindsey

    The writer sings it best!!!

    Gary Kelly

    You apparently aren't aware that Rhett Akins and Blake Shelton co-wrote this song, so please tell me who you think sings it better, because I can't tell from your post. PS I prefer Blake's version.

    R-DUBB Lindsey

    Rhett Akins of course!

    Trisha Copeland

    Actually, it was written by Rhett, Dallas Davidson, and Jon Stone. Blake had nothing to do with writing it.
    Track listing


    "Hillbilly Bone" (duet with Trace Adkins)
    Luke Laird, Craig Wiseman

    "Kiss My Country Ass"  
    Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Jon Stone

    "You'll Always Be Beautiful"  
    Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann, Stone

    "Can't Afford to Love You"  
    Akins, Ben Hayslip, Jimmy Yeary

    Blake Shelton

    "Almost Alright"  
    Clint Lagerberg, Wiseman

    (From the track listing for Blake's Hillbilly Bone album)

    Jonathan's Taylor's

    R-DUBB Lindsey

  38. Black Mamba Z28

    best song ever written

  39. Vickie Bryant

    rhett Akins is the pioneer behind todays real country music!!

  40. Evan Zargo

    I like it but Blake Shelton sings it way better

    Kaleb Dodds

    I like Blake and Rhett. I think the both do the song well


    are you serious? my gosh Rhett is a million times better

    king joker

    im sorry but Blake Shelton has a habits of stilling other poeple songs like joe nichols who are you when im not looking and more.

    Nathan Guyette


  41. Edmond Schwab

    listen carefully, this is Chet's son, but most important of late, Thomas Rhett's dad....

    Steven Cryar

    Chet Atkins is Rhett Akins dad? look very closely at those two last names and see if you can realize how I know you're lying.

    Adrian Lecheung

    +Edmond Schwab There's two really big mistakes here...

    Trisha Copeland

    What is the second mistake? Because Rhett Akins IS Thomas Rhett's dad...

  42. That One Crazy Ass Country Boy

    Original country music is what a miss, they don't make real country anymore


    Cody jinks, Jamie johnson and a few others broke through the noise and actually look up gods country by blake shelton he just released a country song! For once lol


    @DEERHUNTERCOPE cody and Jamey are great! Have you heard of Dallas Moore? He isnt popular but he is great too. If you want some more modern traditional country just ask. I'll find some more for you

    Austin Snelling

    @DEERHUNTERCOPE I don't lije Blake Shelton hes fake country

  43. Austin Smith

    Why is this not on the radio instead of of Those Florida Georgia line wanna be's?

    Sierra Sessums

    +Austin Smith I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonathan's Taylor's

    Austin Smith

    Jonathan's Taylor's

    Sierra Sessums

    Seema Blake

    Austin Smith Yes!

  44. Dylan Perkins

    The best song

  45. Cory Ort

    You can kiss my country ass

  46. shawn blanton

    if u dont like this song ur not an american!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jonathan Engström


  48. Allison Monroe

    im a cow girl so im country :D i love this song!


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    Are you schizophrenic?

  49. ARCSK8R1

    hell yeah

  50. Dylan Smith

    american pride
    Soo fuck u

  51. Redneck Chick

    Hell Yea.... people who don't like the way I am or the way I live or think I tell them KISS MY COUNTRY ASS!!     I wasn't born to make you happy so bug off

  52. Naughtius Maximus

    So just how the fuck do square 'rebel flag flyin' and 'love the American flag'? That's always confused me.


    heritage not hate. I have rebel flags but am a full blooded American.

  53. James Ball

    Kentucky pride here

    Cameron Henon

    Here too !!!

    apalachin outlaws

    merican pride country must be country wide

    Nathan Guyette

    @JRDN south, western

  54. Blake Housden

    Is is my brothers (the emo head) ringtone lol

  55. Jacob Blinn

    Yeah right.

  56. Jacob Blinn

    It is Rhett Akins, Blake Shelton and Aaron Lewis did the covers.

  57. Jacob Blinn


  58. melissa rudolph

    love this song

  59. survival3three

    Blake does it better

  60. acerb45666555

    What would Aikins do if he saw a kid on a train with no leg? What song would he write from his heart? Hopefully like this one! Watch>>"Islamic Songs,nasheed "Forgive me"..English.byAhmed Bukhatir"<<

  61. G'day Chum How Are Ya ? ?

    Rhett is the real McCoy

  62. Justin Boots

    fool rhett wrote and performed it first

  63. Justin Boots

    Rhett Akins wrote and performed this song in the early 2000s

  64. Justin Boots

    The orginal is always the best

  65. Ryan Lapierre

    Rhett is the original of this song

  66. KenDawg

    So much better then Blake Shelton

  67. A3n Nebla

    I Said kiss My Country Ass To Someone With Rock and Roll All Over Him! Kiss My Country ASS

  68. Sean L

    Rhett Akins

  69. Beltmaker09

    does anyone know who the original singer of this song, is it rhett akins or blake shelton, because both play this song. but blake shelton has more popularity right now with song, i was just wondering who the original singer was for this song

    jimmy dunford

    Rhett akins was the first one he wrote it

  70. ApexGaming13

    The first time he said you can kiss my country ass, my spitter fell good think it had a lid

  71. TheZman77

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Cheers to that!!

  72. nick33419


  73. Firstname Lastname

    if u don't like this song u can kiss my country ass :)

  74. Ricky Clifton

    Million times better than Blake wannabe remake...

  75. kasey mora

    My buddies and I crank this on speakers goin down the hall at school. (;

  76. William Bunyard

    I thought you said corndog at first glance. Now that i think about it I wouldn't mind having both haha

  77. ArcadeGuyz AG

    AMEN and pants are supposed to cover your ass thats why they're there lol not to keep your ankles warm

  78. jlawson229

    Rhett wrote the damn song! How can Blake beat the original? Mr. Akins kills it!

  79. acerb45666555

    Respect to the folk's of Boone, N.C!

  80. malcomboy

    Blake Shelton's version is 100 times better than this. Plus I have seen the video of Blake's, where is Rhett's video for this song.

  81. TheGunslinger454

    Yeah I live in Wyoming and I respect the Rebel Flag as much as i do the Stars and Stripes! Would like to see how i would be thought of I had flag flying on my truck...

  82. TheGunslinger454

    yes sir it stands for a whole nother reason. i wish other people would get that like u do.

  83. TheSoccermom03

    i seen him at The Corral in King, NC several yrs ago. Was great !

  84. jlawson229

    Wow. Some stupid people commenting on this. Grant didn't free his slaves til after the war, but wait it gets better, Lee released his before the war even started, read a book guys the rebel flag ain't racist.

  85. Devin Craft

    At least someone understands!

  86. TheGunslinger454

    Funny that he says rebel flag and everyone thinks he is racist. If some of u ignorant fools knew better, u would know its a whole different thing than just slavery.

  87. 1stTXPhoenix

    Why don't you have That Ain't My Truck, and I break for brunetts on this channel? I was going through a messy divorce and cheeredd me up. Later on I got my kid's. Thank you for that little push of courage you gave me.
    Forever your friend!

  88. 1stTXPhoenix

    My God Rhett it has to be a little better than 25 year's since I had the pleasure of being assigned to to a venue you played. The old cowboy stadium is gone but they have a new one in Arlington, Tx

  89. robert trimble

    all day every day!!

  90. -KolxMikaelson-

    love this song <3

  91. only1timeful

    i get weird looks all the time cuz i wear my cowboy hat everywhere, kiss my country ass

  92. Kaitlyn Reierson

    Love this song 3(:

  93. Jakary Antonio Francis

    is he racist

  94. sithlordjosh2

    My kkk buddies r going mud bogging any 1 wanna go and get dirty????

    Lord Satan

    sithlordjosh2 me

  95. Redneck Angel

    Fuck u city people I'm country girl

  96. Cole Hilbing

    hahah finally!

  97. Nick McNabb

    what about jamey johnson

  98. Tyler Coulter

    Hell yeah if you got a problem with that you can kiss my white country ass! Georgia boy right here.