Rhett Akins - If Heaven (Wasn't So Far Away) Lyrics

Every day I drive to work across Flint River bridge
One hundred yards from the spot where me and grandpa fished
There's a piece of his old fruit stand on the side of Sawmill Road
He'd be there peelin' peaches if it was twenty years ago
What I wouldn't give
To ride around in that old truck with him

If heaven wasn't so far away
I'd pack up the kids and go for the day
Introduce them to their grandpa
Watch 'em laugh at the way he talks
I'd find my long lost cousin John
The one we left back in Vietnam
Show him a picture of his daughter now
She's a doctor and he'd be proud
Then tell him we'd be back in a couple of days
In the rear view mirror we'd all watch him wave
And losing them wouldn't be so hard to take
If heaven wasn't so far away

I'd hug all three of those girls we lost from the class of '89
And I'd find my bird dog Bo and take him huntin' one more time

I'd ask Hank why he took those pills back in '53
And Janis to sing the second verse of "Me and Bobby McGee"
Sit on a cloud and visit for a while
It'd do me good just to see them smile

If heaven wasn't so far away
I'd pack up the kids and go for the day
Introduce them to their grandpa
Watch 'em laugh at the way he talks
I'd find my long lost cousin John
The one we left back in Vietnam
Show him a picture of his daughter now
She's a doctor and he'd be proud
Then tell him we'd be back in a couple of days
In the rear view mirror we'd all watch him wave
And losing them wouldn't be so hard to take
If heaven wasn't so far
If heaven wasn't so far
If heaven wasn't so far away

So far away
So far away

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Rhett Akins If Heaven (Wasn't So Far Away) Comments
  1. Bad Driver

    This Man was SO overlooked and passed over in Country Music!

  2. Milee Devore

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  3. Milee Devore

    0:53 1:53 2:53 3:53

  4. Fox dude production

    I love it

  5. Jennifer Dijames

    Sing it Rhett. I've heard Justin Moore sing that song before.But not you. Good job buddy.

    Michael Cookston

    Rhett wrote it

  6. Jessica Ann Stewart

    Good song. It sure makes me think of people and animals I’ve lost.

  7. Bambie Payne

    If heaven wasn't so far way... I'd ride in the old Chevy with Papa Haskell again... I miss him so much..

  8. Wanda Hunter

    Wish I was ya kid!

  9. Tyler Morton

    Isn’t he related to Thomas Rhett ?

    Larry Morrell

    MAD LUIGI he is his dad

  10. Joseph Martin

    There is a longer version of this song that Rhett did when he originally recorded it that I can't find anymore for the life of me but the lyrics were "If Heaven were only about an hour down the road/I could see my family and talk to God when I got the urge to go/I could say I'm sorry, say I love you, say everything I meant to say back when.......and then....."

  11. Michael T

    I first heard this song on Michael Waddel's RealTree Road Trips hunting videos...Great song.


    Michael T. Johnson so did I.

  12. McKenzie Eudaly

    I agree

  13. yamac488

    Stop your bitching lol Most of you people would be amazed at the amount of hit songs out there have ZERO input by the artist who actually records them. Take Garth Brooks, for example - quite a few of his biggest hits were written by other people. It happens way more often than you may realize, and the songwriters give the artist the green light every time to record their songs. Many people write songs with an artist they want to record them already in mind.

  14. CaptainHowdy71

    Rhett Akins owns.

  15. jeffery messer sr

    My Cuzco sang this song for a funrol

  16. sclasscustoms

    Justin moore's is way more touching. This version does it no justice


    Justin's version is a cover of this song, the original song is done by Akins.

    Crystal Fleming

    Justin's version sucks! This is the only one I will listen 1


    @Crystal Fleming Justin Moore's cover of this song doesn't suck.

    Crystal Fleming

    @57HarleyDavidson I have my opinions you have yours

  17. Breezy Anderson

    Awesome song!

  18. Alan Russell

    And all this time I thought this was justin moore's song

    Julie Hultquist

    Nope. This came out 2 years before Justin covered it. I like both versions, but I just prefer Rhett's version.

  19. Mikayla Robinson

    Love it, I just have to listen to it everyday :)

  20. Gary Bogner

    If haven wasint so away I leave my family and live up there

  21. Cody Mcbride

    I lost my grandpa in 2009. Its still hard. I miss my grandpa. Everytime I go to my grandmas house I think my grandpa is going to be there

    Brice Beck

    I feel ya brother, i lost my grandpa (pops/poppy/pop-a-lop) in 2010 and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. We did everything together, even after I "grew up". He was my huntin buddy and the person I could call anytime I was feelin down. Sometimes when I call their house, I expect him to pick up the phone like he used to and say "what's goin on woody roscoe?"

    Michael T

    +Brice Beck ..Never had a grandpa...Both past before my time.

  22. Nathan Taylor

    I love all versions.

  23. Megan Sebastian

    If heaven wasn't so far away, I'd take my family to see my Grandpa who passed away on Dec. 9 and ask him if I could ride his big red tractor again.

  24. sarah riggs

    This makes me sad..

  25. Sabrina Hawkins

    This is the best song ever

  26. Jeanne Gardinali

    I actually like this version better.... Who cares who wrote it. As long as it touched someone's heart that should be all that matters. Cause I know it touched mine in more ways then one :-) 3

  27. sofast04

    neither is it a place for such language! just sayin.

  28. Steven Williamson

    He didn't write it.

  29. Steven Williamson

    No, it was written by Dallas Davidson, Rob Hatch and Brett Jones.

  30. REyonna Hunt

    My brother just died. God watch him please protect his soul

  31. Naomi May

    I miss my granddaddy and pawpaw and grandmother.. I got one left!! Mommaw 85 she's the sweetest mawmaw .. This song makes me cry

  32. Naomi May

    Is he the one that wrote this song?

  33. Jennifer Nein

    I think Rhett wrote the song he's a great song writer now and still a heck of a singer

    Robert Calhoun

    It's his song

  34. Jennifer Nein

    I'll always be this man's fan! this is the better version he wrote the song....

  35. ghostlylighthouses

    I thought Justin Moore was the original singer until I found this video, I like Justin's Video, but I like Rhett's voice better.

    Julie Hultquist

    ghostlylighthouses Same

    Orlando Motorcycle Riders association

    Lol I remember when it came out about 15 years ago and when I was 15 or 16 I used to listen to his other albums I wanna say this came out in 2006 or 2007

  36. Slizzys460

    this song makes me cry every time. no matter how many times ive heard it. it always makes me think of all my dead pets and my grandpas and one of my grandmas because they meant everything to me

  37. Ashley Sperr

    Reminds me of my grandpa I lost 3 months ago

  38. CountryDirtRoads

    Thought I'd scroll down to find stories about family and what not but no, just people bawling about Rhett and Justin. Country, my arse.

  39. sarah schoenke

    I lost my grandma when I was five I would love to see here again

  40. mary rowe

    Great song! I lost both my parents a few months before my son was born and would love for them to see him.

  41. doughesson

    I remember Rhett Akins doing this song in the Extras section of Michael Waddel's Realtree Roadtrips 6.
    That was a few years before Justin Moore covered it.
    That happens,one artist writes or does a song and then another makes more money from it on their version.Kind of like when Trace Adkins recorded "Break Down Here" but Julie Roberts got more attention with it.

  42. Hali Ann

    hate to say it but justin moore sings it better :/

    Marsha Dollar

    Hali Ann

    Screw u

    Alan Albright

    Hali Ann I have to agree

  43. Zane Watters

    justin moore made this a hit,give him that. but rhett is one of the best songwriters out there. he also wrote kiss my country ass, which blake shelton made a hit

  44. pll114

    My grampa died last night I'm sad

  45. acerb45666555

    Brilliantly written song!

  46. briana k

    This is the best song ever I lost my grandpa god bless his soul he was sting and brave and he went to war I have only seen him 2 times I wish I could see him again to he just barely died on my birthday January 3 2013 he was born in April of 1969

  47. Amber Rukavina

    Rhett Akins' version of the song was featured on his album People Like Me, which was released in 2007. I have the pleasure of owning it. According to amazon.com, Justin Moore's version was released March 8, 2011. Quit bitching about this version, Justin Moore fans! Have respect for the original. If it weren't for Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson, Justin Moore would be out one huge hit. Justin was pitched a good one.

  48. Brianna Hanlin


  49. krystal taylor

    I lost my grandpa 1 year ago on sep 13. He was the greatest man I wish I could see him again <|3

  50. ShortestMike

    i prefer rhett over justin, but thats just personal preference,both are pretty good

  51. Tina Mason Smith

    Be nice countrycamocutie

  52. Clayton Willis

    I like both

  53. Jessica James

    Are you kidding? I'm happier than a fat kid in the candy ial at Wal-mart.

  54. Migrating MelonSlice

    You seem happy. :P

  55. Jessica James

    Does it say fucking Justin Moore?Hell no, I didn't think so. It says fucking Rhett Akins. If you want to hear Justin, go to his song. Simple as that. They're both great country music artists. It don't matter who wrote the song, you know it wasn't Justin because it would be him talking about how fucking country he is, like almost all of his other songs. Enjoy the song and please in the nicest way possible, Shut The Fuck Up and move along, this ain't no place for immature children like all y'all!

  56. snmthecloser

    actually bro neither rhett nor justin wrote this song was written in 2006 by rhett's best friend dallas davidson, with rob hatch and brett jones both staples in the country music writing scene..so get your facts straight you damn ignorant hillbilly

  57. fkhan96

    itd take 2 seconds to go on wikipedia to prove you wrong

  58. jayjfloresjr

    Big girl panties lmao!!!

  59. Jordan Green

    Akins has written singles for other country music singers, including five Number One songs, "Gimmie That Girl" by Joe Nichols, "All About Tonight" and "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton, "All Over Me" by Josh Turner and "Take a Back Road" by Rodney Atkins. Nothing new people.

  60. Bradley C.

    Justin's version is way better then this

  61. DynamicGamingDuo

    Did Yall Know This Is The Original?

  62. Jeffrey Allen Edwards

    This Guy as you keep referring to wrote this song. This is just one of the many number 1 hit songs this guy has wrote.You would be really surprised if you knew all the hits Rhett Akins has written.Lets put it this way the brinx truck backs up to his house.

  63. Josh Bolden

    Well hes from Arkansas, so I would imagine he would have a southern accent....

  64. Mod Mark

    @Redneckchildofnorth I agree, Justin Moore tries too hard to have a southern accent he obviously doesn't have.

  65. Aaron Helms

    this guy sounds like a pussy

  66. Mod Mark

    @singingstrong99 I'm trying to say nobody cares who does it better i dont care like justin moores better.

  67. Cesura Whidden

    Listen I'm not hatin' but I personally think that Justin Moore did a better job...
    This guy is pretty good, I'll admit that, but you don't need to say that kind of sh*t.
    People aren't always going to agree with you.
    You need to put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

  68. jdb89142

    @ukbigblue11 Lmao just now seeing both ur comments, Kentucky did beat us! didnt exactly tap our ass, came down to the last, shot, and duke definetly didnt spank our ass they got a lucky last minute shot, You seen a real ass beating though when we blew out duke by 20 at cameron, Tourney time is here when were cutting down the nets this year, Talk to me, Besides Kentucky aint been nothing since Pitino was there, Calipari is a cheating douchebag, Whens the last time Kentucky won a title? LMAO 1998

  69. Robbie Bolen

    i disagree, i think this version is better. justin moore has a better voice for the song but i like this one. ask me for reasons why, i couldn't tell ya. i just know what I like and thats all that matters to me.

  70. TheDCS2012

    @youcantbreakthat2 you are a ignorant son of a bitch!

  71. Rantastic11

    @youcantbreakthat2 you are the biggest fucktard I've ever seen in my life... Notice that Rhett was singing long before anyone even knew who Justin Moore was.

  72. Bl4ck B3auty

    @redsoxguy18 No but I feel this song more when Justin sings it.

  73. redsoxguy18

    @Aryance08 did you forget that rhett was the one who sang it first?

  74. Tabitha Wainscott

    No affence to ANYTHING or ANYBODY but, Justin Moore sings it way better :)

  75. picksalittle

    Just because Justin Moore has a hit with this song doesnt make him a good singer, it means the label put way more money into him. Rhett Akins and the hat act of the 90's kicked ass. I watched Rhett Akins, Blake Shelton, and Craig Morgan with just their guitars. Best concert ever.

  76. Lj_2_Lit

    @jdb89142 the more i listen to this version n try to like it the more it blows..... weres ya TARHEELS ALL DAY now after duke spanked that ass... ur bein quiet

  77. Lj_2_Lit

    @jdb89142 bitch

  78. Lj_2_Lit

    @jdb89142 yea who's ranked #1 and tapped carolinas ass earlier this yr? CATS BABY

  79. jdb89142

    @ukbigblue11 get the hell out outa here, and na i aint hating on j moore ,im hating on how the music industry is set up, i met moore twice and am a big fan of him and his version of this song, and you speak like a true Kentucky fan, TARHEELS ALL DAY!

  80. jdb89142

    @Hoosier4960 thank you finally someone with a lick of sense, kinda scary how many cluesless dumbass's that are on here, lol

  81. Lj_2_Lit

    @jdb89142 bc akins doesnt sing it as good as j.moore... thas why i doesnt get the radio play.. and u actually are bein a hater to j.moore

  82. Jeffrey Mason

    @jdb89142 because this aint Rhett Akins..... This is Justin Moore's song, this just sumone else singing it

  83. SamN7777

    @crosseyedpossem Now I am both a Justin Moore and Rhett Akins fan but, IMO Rhett sounds way better than Justin with on this song

  84. Heather Boal

    Jason and Justin both got Brantley and Rhett's songs on the radio because they have already made it big. Brantley is also a song writer. I don't know much about Rhett. But Brantley has had more than just Dirt Road Anthem remade my Jason. It all started with the best of me. But if you go through youtube and look there are alot of other "bigshots" who weren't the original artists of their big hits. Like brad paisley.

  85. Bugz122

    Love it. Nice job with the lyrics.

  86. Bl4ck B3auty

    @tulsaoki58 Yup :)

  87. Bl4ck B3auty

    @tulsaoki58 I just said he is more believable when he sings the song. Im sure Justin love Rhett's song they way he wrote it and didn't want to change it.

  88. jdb89142

    It amazes me how many people are here claiming justin moore wrote this, and that rhett wrote it, neither did Dallas Davidson, Rob Hatch and Brett Jones did. Just clear up all this confusion, where do yall gets yall stuff from?

  89. jdb89142

    @brittneydoll2011 Dallas Davidson, Rob Hatch and Brett Jones wrote this song not Justin Moore, and Rhett recorded way before justin did.

  90. Brittney Dann

    @marshat84 Wrong!! JUSTIN wrote it

  91. Brittney Dann

    @jdb89142 u know justin moore wrote it right?

  92. Brittney Dann

    @tampabayismyhome NEWS FLASH justin wrote it

  93. Brittney Dann

    @jdb89142 they arent stealing the songs they are what music producers called cuts every time you download this song or the ones from jason that are originally brantley's the original singers get some the profit

  94. Trey Teem

    i love justin moore! i dident know this was his song though, they both did it amazing!!

  95. chrissy mullins

    @bcar52 Moore has wrote SEVERAL of his songs..he re did this one..ONLY THIS ONE..and personally sounds a hell of alot better...and the pitch Justin hits is perfect it brings emotion and a natural accent. That's why he gets more and more fans because he is real and is bringing back country from this pop shit thats trying to take over..I met the man and he is a nice down to earth country fellow..try meeting him one day

  96. LP Tanker Yanker

    the pretty boy image is what it`s all about look at Nsync,i mean Rascal Flatts with the stupid ass spiked hair and ear rings,sure as hell don`t see Merle, Don Williams for instance with that crap.ticks me off big time.

  97. jeffrohamrick04

    i think this song means more to rhett i feel like i understand it more when he sings it like hes almost telling a story that justin jus cant seem to get right

  98. tserfass9

    hes the original but i like justin moores version better!

  99. weatheredstorms

    @jdb89142 That doesn't just happen in nashville, and they are paid very well for others to do their songs. It actually helped Brantley get his name out there. He and Jason are actually friends. Its a normal thing for others to cover songs and has been going on for years. Its understandable why someone not familiar with how the music industry works would have a beef about it