Rheon, Iwan - Your Soul Lyrics

Last night we seemed to be
21st century
It’s hard to vocalize the wonders you seek through your eyes leaves me in disbelief
But don’t give it all, give it all, cause that’s your soul

I only ask for tea
And a laugh on the trampoline
It’s hard to vocalize the wonders you seek through your eyes
You see the best in me
But don’t give it all, don’t give it up, but ask your soul, ask your soul to suck the beauty from the marrow of your bones
Hard to believe, well one can be, clearly to wash the sin away from me,
Down on my knees ask your soul

This dance it speaks to me
Loves sky and placid sea
It’s hard to vocalize cause you can see it through your eyes
Us breathing naturally
But don’t give it all, don’t give it up, go ask your soul, go ask your soul to suck the beauty from the marrow in your bones.
Hard to believe well one can be, and clearly to wash the sin away from me,
Down on my knees, that’s your soul

Don’t give it all, don’t give it all, cause that’s your soul, that’s your soul will suck the beauty from the marrow of your bones
Hard to believe, well you can be, clearly you wash the sin away from me
Down on my knees, that’s your soul

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Rheon, Iwan Your Soul Comments
  1. It's Laura Natasha Bitch

    I fell in love with iwan in Misfits then I get to see him in Riviera 😍😍😍

  2. Peropyropare

    Сильно :)

  3. zamanın dışında biri


  4. Fairy Godmother


  5. Ruby

    This is my favourite of all your songs, Iwan. Your music makes me happy :)

  6. Laragazza Deilibri

    handsome and capable ** perfect man

  7. aubs

    RIP ramsay..

  8. Shannon Causey

    wow I had no idea that you sing 😮 your voices so beautiful I could listen to you for hours and hours

    Meghane C

    I totally agree ... 😍

  9. Милена Локтионова

    Саймон навсегда <3

  10. Lucas Belphkuz

    G E T
    Y O U R
    S O U L
    T O
    B R A Z I L

  11. Kris Norge

    I wonder if he sings this sweetly to Sansa and Reek

  12. Stephanie Ford

    Speechless. Ive been listening to you for hours now....I had no idea you sang...absolutely beautiful

  13. Bea Pushkareva

    my fave❤

  14. bianca rose petal

    Iwan you actually have quite a lovely voice :)

  15. Josh Harding

    That's great, Iwan. Your a great actor. A talented Musician. And a brilliant Singer!

  16. Mnemosyne

    So beautiful !
    You're a great writer and you have a beautiful voice.


    And great actor

  17. PickleBlossom

    This is lovely, sad and strangely lonely. Excellent guitar work.

  18. Chantel

    Wish this EP was in the Google Store T~T They only have Tongue Tied and Changing Time
    Awesome EPs :3 but this one is too!!

  19. Athena the SheWolf

    Am I the only one picturing Ramsay Snow plucking this together after a nice calming torture session?

    Full-time Penguin

    @Athenathe SheWolf That's Bolton now

    Quinn Lee-Newbury

    That's Lord Bolton to you

  20. Noah Scott

    Ur my favorite GoT character

  21. TheWeirdPartOfTheInternet

    Nice one weird kid, don't take this the wrong way but you look like a panty sniffer *sniff sniff* ;)

    Josh Harding

    Save me Barry

  22. taylor ellis

    Just downloaded this on iTunes 😀

  23. Alison Ceates

    Saw you in game of thrones and just finished watching our girl. Now I have found your YouTube channel. You have such an amazingly beautiful voice, so talented. I love you!!!!!

  24. Angeletta Green

    You're such a talent!

  25. estr4nged

    iwan's voice makes me emotional the second the song starts

  26. Crys Millar


  27. Kirk Davis

    Nice song, Barry !

  28. Israel Quezada

    I had only seen you in Game of Thrones... didn't know you were also a musician, great music and nice voice man!

    Cristian Fiore

    +Israel Quezada see misfit guy,it's the best tv serie

  29. Ganesha_ 06

    I fucking love you! ;) 

  30. Tara Leigh

    Picking up litter was the best time of my life. 

  31. Камилла Галкина

    I am Ukrainian. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jordan Thorogood

    When are you going to do a tour?! Seriously you are so good, you could do it!! :)

  33. Jordan Thorogood

    You are so amazing, I love this, so talented, wow <3 xx

  34. Undefined.happiness

    Save me Barry!!!!! Ahahahahah

  35. Undefined.happiness

    Save me Barry!!!!! Ahahahahah

    Sami x_x

    Undefined.happiness ughh, i miss misfits 😩❤ #savemebarry

  36. Jacqueline König

    Wow amazing. I love this song

  37. Tatiana Kasaboski

    Just bought the EP, good work Iwan :) you're amazing

  38. Yorarashi


  39. Rion Breffeny

    Again, *really* cool. Do more. -r.

  40. Alex M

    nice one barryy

  41. startsinpenzance

    Well, two months on and I finally watched Misfits! What can I say? Wouldn't need any tattooing for me to fall in love with Simon. And oh, that show is simply glorious.

  42. SofyaEpifanova

    Amazing voice! It touches souls:)

  43. Karinka

    I really like your wonderful voice! ♥

  44. Lord Vader

    It's Reek. It rhymes with weak.

  45. Jule Popule

    No one will ask again for Barry, when heard this song.... I will buy this stuff. I am a fan.

  46. mikrokosmos

    You have a wonderful voice, really and a real talent in music and acting. Good Luck Iwan, I love you :) 3

  47. Eva Premk

    so beautiful <3 love you Barry :)

  48. Johanna Karlsson

    Can someone please give me the lyrics to this?? x

  49. Jessie Jess

    If you are ever lonely and want to serenade someone... just msg me :)

  50. Brian Nisun

    The one dislike must be Theon Greyjoy.

  51. Rion Breffeny

    I know that i *really* should have worked in a discussion of ducks and antique car restoration, but i didn't know how to do that without have-ing to go thru the whole justification of Neo-Marxist Socialism which might include milk money. Clearly, that was one class i *shouldn't* have slept thru. Sheesh,and all i really meant was that the song was cool (Do people still use the word "cool" ?). And of course, wibble.

  52. Rion Breffeny

    Some how i ended up in this bizarre persoanal attack (or mis-reading it out of context of The Game of Thrones. So, lacking even a basic knowledge of that, i re-cast the episode where "Vincent" (!!superb!! by Nathan Constance) into a variant of the defense "Nathan" gives for falling in love with "Simon" (quit nicely done in a 'PataPHysical way that Alfred Jarry would approve of, me thinks).And then in a completely non-sequitur of an absurdist theatre way: "CONTI" from the GAME EPISODE of MisFits

  53. startsinpenzance

    I have no idea what's going on in your comments, but you seem like a decent dude.

  54. Saeeya

    Love your songs and you as an actor. Youre a great guy.

    Much love from germany. Sarah

  55. iklima li

    you are my hero :)

  56. Алена Соловьева

    Огромный талантище!!! Так держать!;-)

  57. Adam Tsiupenko

    Такой себе охуенный Ванька

  58. Kyleigh Bentley

    Aww I miss you Simon!

  59. Rion Breffeny

    ?? dOes no one under-stand meta-text ??

    ? So, i guess the container for the thing contained is right out?
    Flarn? Wibble.
    Anyway, cool music. Keep going.

    Friend of mine had an opening of his perf work - but pretty strong. I think he's gone *beyond* edge.

  60. whittany carlos

    oops there i go........i just feel in love!!

  61. Adam Joseph

    ramsay is anything but 'gay' on GoT. it's all about reek

  62. MrAksubs

    Clearly you don't watch Game of Thrones.

  63. Joshua K

    Iwan you're amazing man, you've got so much talent! Loving this. <3

  64. Rion Breffeny

    personally i don't know what's more ludicrous -- faux goth or grammatical correction of a (possibly) specious comment. (No ducks were harmed in the posting of this message); 2-10-NET-30.

  65. Rion Breffeny

    Gay, straight, sociopath, goth ... why do we have to put labels on everything?

    Is this why you and me haven't tried to kill each other?

    Oh, i don't know. Maybe he's what's been missing from my life. Everytime i listen to Bang Bang, i imagine it's me he's shooting. And this time, the bullets tear by innards, and the gush of blood and pain are almost enough to render me un-conscious. AND ALL I CAN THINK (and i scream it too)


    btw: your gay should be you're gay

  66. Anna Tomusk

    Amazing voice, it gives me butterflies!

  67. Keanuxk1

    you really deserve more fame than you have your so talented

  68. Rion Breffeny

    Or as i put in one of my cartoons: "On a random Tuesdae afternoon, the Infinite Mingus of Peace brought a beauty to all."

  69. Rion Breffeny

    A thought just occurred to me ...

    In the "MisFits" series Simon shares some music with Alsiha. And now i, (who-ever this "i" person is that happens to be me (what-ever that is)...

    START AGAIN (python ref)

    So, the fictional character who becomes a real iconic person in artistic discourse / on-line life / "real life" shares his music with another is *now* (when-ever that really is) is create-ing music that he shares with the world.

  70. Beth Gowland

    Beautiful face and voice Barry !

  71. Christine McMillan

    I swear every Iwan Rheon video I watch there is always "SAVE ME BARRY" in the comments. Lol.

  72. Rion Breffeny

    Treuly remarkable. To me musicians are always "ahead of the curve" -- both in terms of showing us where we are, and where have been. And somehow (this is the "art" moment) they light where we are going. Thank you so much.

  73. Annie Green

    You know, I never really thought I would be so amazed by someones voice. You have an ability to make those who listen feel exactly what your meaning. I love your music. :) <3 Never been so moved by someones music.

  74. Mariah Sampson

    To be Enraptured by a voice; is what i was always told to be careful of. Never knew until You dared to be that voice...

  75. ShiiftyShot

    Save me barry!

  76. alovelyrebel

    His singing is great
    But I think what get's me going the most
    Is his guitar playing, he's quite amazing at it.

  77. Lysandra Black

    You made my day. x°D

  78. karolina szyszka

    Good job, Ramsay! You shoul sing something for Theon, I think he will like it.

  79. Augusto Moreira

    Ramsay, you deserve my congratulations.

  80. crouchiie

    Love it!

  81. rknidzam


  82. MsDenisez

    You said it all :D

  83. MissNyux3

    Great, it's not like Misfits didn't already make me fall in love in you -.-

  84. Carla Homedog

    This is beautiful

  85. vladarLarynx

    wonderful. :)))))

  86. treizeheures

    wow this is spectacular. you are brilliant!

  87. Beavis s

    The sound is beautiful... Oh my gosh I'm almost in tears from this.

  88. Dari Walker

    Amazing! Your music is really magical...

  89. Chris Mbeche

    Your music lights a fire in all of us who listen. Never stop making it.

  90. Anthony Costello

    Amazing EP. Thank you for this.

  91. Kara Jongeling

    Wow. Definitely my favourite so far.

  92. Eva Desta


  93. Iwan Rheon

    "Your Soul" is now up on YouTube - have a listen here and have a good weekend! 

    Jack Hayes

    Your one of my favourite actors

    SeRiaLyCZ FiLMyCZ

    Hi Simon where is Nathan :D

    Ysa Silva

    beautiful voice <3

    Eugene Kotovskiy

    Dude, you're cool. Continue in the same spirit :D

    Ася Свердловская

    My English is sooooo terrible, but what I could understand - I liked it very much, you voice is pleasant.

    Хотела сказать что-то прикольное, надеюсь, нормально получилось, а то ощущение, что хрень какая-то непонятная вышла. Надо было учить английский :D

  94. Alex-Sandra Santander

    This song is like your others yet it has something special. I guess it's your mark on it. anyway, it's beautiful.

  95. Соня Сова

    AMAZING :)

  96. Соня Сова

    Ваще шикардос :3 голос потрясающий ;3

  97. Monono262

    My favourite song so far :-)

  98. Victor Tanguy

    Very Good Song Iwan :))