Rheon, Iwan - Changing Times Lyrics

Dancing free for eyes to see
My back is bent
My knees are weak
But I don't mind
Sign of the times

We laugh like fools and that is fine
And after all
We spent our chips on crooked cloth, for crooked hips
But I don't mind
Sign of the times
You are here, so that is fine
And all your tears are fading away
All your fears, they are sailing today

These candle sticks turn molten wax
And so do we slip through the cracks
But I don't mind, these changing times

It's warm in here, so that is fine
Look what we learn, each table turned
Look in our eyes with want they burn
But I don't mind, these changing times

Our hands are free, so are our minds
And all your tears are fading away
And all your fears, they are sailing today, sail away

Try to laugh, it's too hard maybe
Politics can drive you crazy
All our idols live inside us
Life's so fast it leaves you breathless

All your tears are fading away
And all your fears, they are sailing today, sail away

Try to laugh it's too hard maybe
Politics can drive you crazy
All our idols live inside us
Life's so fast it leaves you breathless

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Rheon, Iwan Changing Times Comments
  1. JM Newman

    2019? Where lord boltons fans at?

  2. Nomad

    this song and blur coffee and tv sink up perfectly i think iwan copied it lmao.

  3. Sofia Randal

    He sounds like niall

  4. Maria Głowacka

    SO lovely, SO good

  5. Иннокентий Навзлётов

    Iwan is so freaking talented... This song has been with me for 6 years and i still cant get enough. Thank you so much Iwan. I know you better as singer than actor btw. Hope you still making great music and you will show it us soon.

  6. Катя Музыченко

    I have listened to this song a hundred times, but only now has mentioned that background is a day, going from sunrise to sunset.

  7. sunny k

    If my baby is crying and i play this song, he always calm down! 🙈 Love it 😂🥰

  8. tristan Subasic

    Would be nice that people stop with the GOT character that he played.... ok.. he’s a (very) good actor but that was just a role (I imagine that he’s tired about this character now even if he brought him fame cause people always talk about it to him)... but that’s not reality !!!!!!! Ramsay is like batman !!! Just a heroic fantasy character. But the music is real... that’s the difference between playing a character and playing music... when you play a character, you have to understand his psychology. When you play music, you have to be genuine. And I think that in his words and his genre, he sounds genuine to me

  9. tristan Subasic

    I feel the same as the other song I’ve listened to from him.... very folk (which is not my favourite genre) but this time he put some electric guitars in his songs (such a sacrilege as Bob Dylan folk fans would have said when he plugged his guitar in an amp looool) but, like this other one, the melody of this song is the kind of melody that haunts you and, when you listen to it, when you catch it, you can’t stop whistling it.... terrible. Hate the song that stays in my head for days ;-))))))))

  10. silvy Martin

    with you I feel in love all the time

  11. SuparTuber

    This song is surprisingly good....added to my playlist.

  12. LazyJackson Micheal

    Fucking smule not adding iwan rheon songs

  13. hhoneyy


    Brooklyn weeb

    damn it Barry, didn't know you can sing this well !


    @Brooklyn weeb lmao

  14. Beth Hills

    Harry Styles stole your lyric just so you know (your song is better)

  15. Andrew Alegria

    This is one of thise songs that brings you right back to the first time you heard it. Partially because of the lyrics but the music and vocals are the main cause. Thank you for reminding me of my past.

  16. max Vicious

    Cool song

  17. nuria Serra Garcia

    2019 y sigo escuchando esta canción en España 😍

  18. onepurplechick

    Just love it x :)

  19. coqueno místico :v

    Such nice lyrics lord Bolton 👌❤

  20. Benjamin Perez

    No le entiendo un carajo pero bueno 👍

  21. East Clintwood


  22. Jack Manning

    Ramsay is a male siren. <3

  23. Composer Should Be Arrested

    I love your voice, it's so... full and conplete (idk how to call it) 💗

  24. H u

    Вдохновляющее всё это, все эти слова, классно, мне нравится)

  25. Alicja Kozłowska

    Rheon Theon a bit similar isn't it?

  26. Anya Chang

    Lord Bolton ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. The Dark Side Of The Force

    No One Has A Better Voice Than Lord Bolton

  28. Lilly Malone

    I come back here from time to time, just to remind myself that everything in life is just... alright :)

  29. Monica Keena

    That's what i call TALENT!! i love you Iwan :)

  30. Moon Lawrence

    This channel deserves more subscribers~!!!

  31. Fadingaway

    great skill to be nice and evil

  32. at.gege_ 127

    Good Job, very relaxing👍

  33. Alex Shepard

    "And all your tits are fading away" okay I had to rewind that one to see the lyrics.

  34. Faith Isabella

    This is amazing, how is not more popular! <3

  35. Renata Rossokha

    Боже , який в нього крутий голос)

  36. Tamara Eckl

    Youre such a great actor with many face my most favourite from misfits but now i'm listen to your music and i want more! Great voice lovely and also powerful wanna hear more different from you!
    But most important make music like youre feeling! I'm following 😘

  37. Gamer

    Sansa: "You called me...my husband?"
    Ramsay: "So you are here, and that is fine. And all your tears are faaadiiiinn...

  38. Izabella Wolf

    Why am I crying?
    Thank you for this song...I love you so much Iwan 💞

  39. Ян Калита


  40. ReeLoy Kenjins

    Ramsay can sing!

  41. PTD Prod.

    He's a Singer before being Lord Bolton you know that ? x)

  42. Printhett

    Now I envy Sansa for some reason

  43. WiejskiByk

    Iwan Posuń sie.

  44. Loudeer H

    Sing of the times...
    harry... ❤️

  45. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    pls don't eat my weiner

  46. ASFALT21

    Do you think other civilizations have music? What would it sound like?

  47. kady pen

    Roose Bolton would be proud!!

  48. Franklin Crozier

    "Dancing Reek" was what I heard

  49. NastY_BosS

    How did you know that Rickon wont go zig-zag?

  50. Jdot

    Would help to 'like' the video

  51. Marta Sabiote

    A girl must say this is a wonderful song

  52. Bliss44

    I knew you were a great actor, didn't know you could sing too. So talented.

  53. Ben Slinghoff

    I'd sniff his underwear

  54. Leefandawaiski

    Lord Bolton said Sign of the Times before sign of times came out

  55. creepella016

    This guy will always be Simon in my heart

  56. Michelle Roberts

    Kind of sounds like Mumford and Sons.

  57. Spectrum98

    His voice is so soothing

  58. Elena Avital Kaidanovsky

    So optimistic! And I like the concord row you used. It's really following the words. Great composed! Thanks!

  59. Victoria Rodríguez Moreno

    catchy tune, i like it!

  60. Kat Vincent

    very uplifting

  61. Fallen x FreaK

    Now we know who harry styles ripped off for sign of the times. geez those one direction boys never have original ideas of there own and they all lack creativity and originality.

  62. Sarah Zavatsky

    when you going to do a show in the Poconos (Pennsylvania Usa) a lot of people would show

  63. Sarah Zavatsky

    you played a big roll on Game of Thrones . Your character was so messed up but so awesome. You did an amazing job! So glad you rock in music too!!! I love it!

  64. Sarah Zavatsky

    I absolutely love this song. thank you for this!!

  65. Monica Keena

    I looooooooooooooooooove this Song of you Iwan <3

  66. Chiara

    That's my favourite! I love it

  67. Bumble Bee

    you really should do a duet with Samantha Barks. That would be amazing

  68. Lillian Winchester

    screams omg my baby so adorable his fckn voice is smol and coot like him-let's collab lol

  69. TheBaltoRevolution

    I like to imagine Ramsey singing this song whilst torturing Theon...that sounded normal in my head

  70. Katy Wayant

    Man, I remember when the comment section was full of people calling you Barry, now everyone is referring to you as Ramsey Bolton.
    I'm so happy for your success, Iwan. :)

  71. Jennifer fy

    Lovely <3

  72. Paula Soto

    Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics :) Inspirational.

  73. Michael Edwin

    Is there anything this guy can't do?

  74. Jose Vargas

    I don't know why but I feel this song would sound awesome with japanese lyrics too.

  75. CanWePanicNow

    RIP Ramsay, Poisoned by his enemies...

  76. Barra Convery

    Lol, this song is so relevant now more than ever!

  77. Draco Volantus

    this song is great musically, but lyrics are lacking depth, please learn from ed sheeran, this is the greatest poet alive now (not sia)

  78. ꧁jun97 文鐘業꧂


  79. Anna Zoch

    Arrrrrg I Love Him <3

  80. yoo toob

    Whomever Rheon's manager is, GET A NEW ONE. This song is hooky, memorable, that quick turnaround catches one's attention and keeps it from giving totally over to sing-song delivery. This song should still be shopped to film production and commercial TV. It's CATCHY and smart.

  81. Trezh Summerfield

    have to say im impress with both video and voice

  82. rhagnvald

    this song should be ending at the Ramsay´s death episode xD

  83. Shay hider

    I'm still trying to figure out how they turn such a talented and Nice guy from what I have seen. Into Ramsey Bolton.
    Great song by the way Iwan!

  84. Umi Ōkami

    I would love to sing a duet with Iwan Rheon someday...

  85. Supi dupi

    It's sounds a little bit like a Song from the Merell twins

  86. Peter Dink



    Lord Tyrion

    Zanfer Jui

    Jamie,Kingslayer Lannister Kingslayer!!

  87. Crissy And Narns

    It's so hard to hate Lord Bolton when he sounds like this and looks extremely hot. I have a thing for sexy bastards. *Cough Jon Snow. Lord Bolton Cough*

  88. Elyssa Chihaoui

    O MY GOD

  89. _kat

    i waited til he died so I can listen to his music ans admit to myself that he's cute... i hated his character so much

  90. Matthew Kealey

    Very good song , you have an excellent voice Mr. Rheon.

  91. Krzysiu

    Nice song!

  92. Toma Neagu

    Well, Winter is here! :)

  93. Jeanette Klasson

    Great song! But i like the unplugged version better, this studio sound is too "crisp" and clean for my taste.

  94. VK K

    When I first saw him in Game of Thrones, I thought, probably as everybody did, that he was a jerk, whom I wanted dead as soon as possible... Well, it lasted about ten minutes, then he became one of my favorite characters (that's when I discovered a darker side of myself ^^'), and even though he deserved his death, I was kinda disappointed to the idea of not seeing him anymore in GoT..
    This video definitely persuaded me that I fUckin love him (at least as much as the Hound loves chicken...)

  95. katmarie

    I don't like your videos reek

  96. Bruna Maria


  97. Apaul Juice

    Awww.... shame about the chemtrails... :-(

  98. Stephanne Smiths

    que música mais maravilhosa que voz é essa meu querido 😍

  99. Danny RM

    Nice voice... bastard.