Rheon, Iwan - Ar Dân Lyrics

Tell me
Do you want me
Or do you want me to be
Out of this world

This feeling is crazy
Maybe just lazy
While I knock your door
Escape from your ears now
From your fears now
That we are disturbed

This connection was preference
Emotional blindness
I misunderstood

Or am I out of this world?
Out of this world
Am I out of this world?

Tell me
Do you want me
Or do you want me to be
Out of this world

This feeling is crazy
Definitely lazy
While I knock your door

Escape from your fears now
From your tears now
That we are disturbed

This connection was preference
Emotional blindness
I misunderstood

Or am I out of this world?
Out of this world
Am I out of this world?

Let's drink to what life's given us
To being free and feeling love
Let's drink to how life's broken us
Cause what we learn is happiness

Ar dân [x7]

Let's drink to what life's given us
To being free and feeling love
Let's drink to how life's broken us
Cause what we learn is happiness

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Rheon, Iwan Ar Dân Comments
  1. Zoe K.

    This song is warm and passionate like a cosy fire, I really like it.

  2. Jacey King

    Very impressive, but can this be covered with a pork sausage?

  3. sahar Banoo

    So lovelyy

  4. Джони Джикия

    Ты очень крутой и клевый😊 👍👍👍
    Вот бы стать твоим другом 😃
    Жаль что я в россии😢

    Maks Garciya

    A tebe Lil pump nravitsya ili Iwan Reon ..

  5. H u


  6. The Dark Side Of The Force

    What's Ar Dân

    LD Shelley

    "On fire" in Welsh.

    The Dark Side Of The Force

    Cool, Thanks

  7. Deny610

    What a brilliant song indeed, Iwan! I cannot say how impressed and touched I am! Since I found it, I am listening to it pretty much. Very inspiring, thanks thanks, thanks!
    Please make more songs like this one, you have a very special voice and talent! I think I am falling in love here ... :P <3

  8. Máté Anita

    This song is perfect

  9. Laura Veilleux

    Awesome song! This reminds me a bit of a few different things...Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun, Change (In The House Of Flies) by the Deftones and it's almost a bit Nine Inch Nails-esque. Really enjoyed this track. Great job mate :D <3

  10. Reek It rhymes with weak

    His music is more addictive than drugs.

  11. Priss Val

    Je ne connaissait pas mais en regardant la série misfits et en me renseignant j'ai découvert un fabuleux chanteur à la voix suave! J'adore!

  12. Lau Ortega

    I love Ramsay Bolton, I love Iwan, I love his music. AHHHHH

  13. Melissa Sorrentino

    37 Theons disliked this video.

  14. Melissa Sorrentino

    37 Theons disliked this video.

  15. I Am The Marble

    Some may know him as Iwan, Ramsay but I know him as panty sniffer

  16. Marcela Mq

    Omg i love him ♡

  17. Ana Chalimar

    the lyrics. I can relate. thank you 🔭

  18. Sean

    "Ar Dán" in irish is "A poem"


    Sean it's Welsh for on fire

  19. Diana

    Just found out that he sings. Like his voice

  20. Juan Manuel Fabres Briones

    I have only seen him in The Misfits, and he's very convincing, but what a great song this is!

  21. Jean Stephen

    Ramsay is a very good singer

  22. Jensie

    I love this, please make more songs like this Iwan.


    I beg you

  23. Jacey King

    I'd lose my sausage over this.

  24. Salomee Abraham

    He's a fucking good actor and singer ! Surprising me
    Save me Barry !

  25. braindoctor12

    this is beautiful!!! I knew he spoke welsh and I know he's a brilliant actor but I did not know he was such a brilliant musician as well!!

    Gabriela Piechowicz

    braindoctor12 He is Welsh :)


    Listen to his song called Rhodd, it's all in Welsh

  26. Nitish Dobhal

    wow, never imagined that Ramsay Bolton had an emtional side too!

  27. sam bccl

    I've never been able to answer the question "What's your favourite song?" until I heard this one.

    Hannah Staigvil

    Sara Twinkle me too

  28. prwtogonos

    You are a great talent! Keep on!

  29. morgimoo_tomlinsonxox

    Where's my Welsh fam at?

  30. Jane Miler

    Certainly out of this world. Really enjoyed this.

  31. Corbin Hollars

    at 2:54-3:04 i heard jeff buckley in iwans voice

  32. Allan Andrés Puente

    Sounds like Miss America from Blur. Very cool.

  33. Ramirezo123

    U2 is strong in this one!

  34. Joyce del Castillo

    Iwan we miss your music career, American tour maybe? :)

  35. ЕКИУ

    aww awesome my favorite song Ramsay Snow❤

  36. Natalia Giemza

    Damn, you're great.

  37. Ellie S.

    Does he have any songs that are in Welsh? :D

    LD Shelley

    Yes. There's a song called "Rhodd" on his album that's in Welsh.

    Gabriela Piechowicz

    LD Shelley on his album Dinard

  38. james sheehy

    ok your quite a talented singer man. im subscribing

  39. Nicole Video

    I've heard this song about 100 times in a day and I still love it ! This feeling is crazy ;) ... or maybe just lazy!
    P.S. = I'm litterally in love with how he says "Emotional Blindness"!!

  40. Omio Rahman

    This is one of your best song. Awesome music.

  41. Victoria


  42. HelloWorld!

    Save me Barry!!


    You'd fuck your own sister for a slice of cheese

  43. Simona Vagnoriūtė

    I am addicted to this song,I have it on my phone and I am listening to it 24/7. This song is so good! Great job,Iwan,keep doing what you love. :) Looking forward to your future songs. ;)

  44. Film Clips

    rip Ramsay Bolton Warden of The North, Poisoned by his enemies :_(


    @jil mil Yes ! Because Jon will not lie about the death of Ramsay like Ramsay did for the death of his father ! :-D

    Film Clips

    +Lumiane3 Well I'm sorry for trying to be funny, obviously didn't work 😂😔


    @jil mil No ! It was still funny ! :-D

    Film Clips

    +Lumiane3 well maybe there's a future for me in comedy after all 😉😂


    @jil mil Yes maybe ! XD

  45. Hinagiku83

    THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! I didn´t have idea Iwan sing like this... awesome

  46. Diana Velasquez

    Barry you sing beautiful

    Andrew Kendall

    Barry? am I missing something?

    Diana Velasquez

    He acted in a series named "Misfits" and his name was Barry. You should totally see it, it's a great series .

    Andrew Kendall

    +Diana Velasquez ohh I never knew that. thanks! 😃

    Groot Oov

    He's name was Simon but Nathan called him Barry.

  47. Add Amm

    I loved Ramsay, now I love Iwan too!

  48. Николай Васильев


  49. Lakatanaverde

    Que rola tan chingona, y su voz.....ooohhh....

  50. Carlos Beltrán Ruiloba

    He sounds like The Kooks <3

  51. Udayveer Singh


  52. Nicolás Moyano Ramírez

    strange word

    Ashlii Prigmore

    Ar Dân means on fire in Welsh.

  53. Salt chillF


  54. Héctor Benavides

    good job, barry

  55. Hope.vision

    great artist. not just as an actor, but as a singer too <3

  56. TECHer

    Dude u rock

  57. Patrycja Nowak

    rip the best character :<

  58. Danni Alcantara

    I find it funny that Ar Dân means "on fire" in welsh. There's probably no connection whatsoever but "ardan" in spanish means "burn". And "que ardan" means let them burn. It's so weird...

    amo 28872

    Danni Alcantara welsh is the closest living language to ancient Celtic so it's possible that Spanish took influence from Celtic

    LD Shelley

    Welsh has some Latin influence in it via the centuries-long period of Roman rule in Britain. Having said that, I have no idea whether this particular vocabulary similarity is a product of that particular influence.

    i like to fuck women

    Danni Alcantara ardent wish have the same pronounciation in french mean hot/in fire

    Aloys A. Raven

    Danni Alcantara just a coincidence, dont bring ur spanish shit in here sayinh ooooh its like spanish. Jeez girl

    max Vicious

    Is not ardan in this case because in this case is not a simple "A" as we know, it's "â"

  59. Cva

    rip our warden of the north. the north remembers :'(

  60. Julio J.

    What means Ar Dân?

    just jack

    on fire

  61. lan lon

    rip :( amk


    üzücü :( amk

    Aysima Akyol

    as as bayrak as jhkhgghjjg

  62. Aonobaka29

    Ramsay Bolton on the Iron throne.

  63. Costa Alex

    barry can sing? Great song btw / love it

  64. fidan djabbarova

    ramsa!!! r u singer? surprice))))

  65. Osman Oglu

    "Ar dan" meaning "on fire".


    or on poem

  66. paaatryk olo

    he is fucking good in game of the thrones

    Klaudia Chruslinska

    paaatryk olo he was my favourite character.

    paaatryk olo

    Mój ulubiony zły charakter GoT. Mimo swojego okrucieństwa był zabawny jak nikt inny ;)

    Klaudia Chruslinska

    zeby wcielic sie w taka role trzeba miec prawdziwy talent. Zagral świetnie :D

    paaatryk olo

    @Klaudia \m/ Może po prostu był sobą;) niezależnie od okoliczności patrząc na niego czuję sie niezręcznie

    Máté Anita

    i love all his films and shows :D and his voice is perfect. wich character was your favourite ?

  67. Melissa Rodrigues

    This is all very conflicting Mr. Ramsay Bolton. Lol


    you should try and watch english series "misfits" and then tell me how conflicting might be xD


    poor barry :,)



    Funny Little Frog


  68. Deiminookaz

    I have discovered his music accidentaly. I Love "Bang Bang"... one of his best songs. Furthermore, he is one of the few singers that I could listen to all day long and wouldn't get bored :)

    Brianna Huber

    I've been doing just that all this week and have yet to get bored. :) I finally looked up Iwan's music and gave him a listen after watching s6 or GoT last week. Now he's got me going on a more general British folk/indie/singer-songwriter sort of kick (contrasted with my recent hard rock and synthwave kicks). I hope he puts out more music in the future.

  69. Al Ge

    Iwan, you are a wonderful actor and singer. I loved you in Misfits and I admire how you act in GoT. Cheers up for you :)


    Not sure but wouldnt "admire your acting" sound less like you were a fan of boltons sadism? :D

  70. Blanche

    Radiohead and The Smiths as influences, but all elaborated in an original way! Bravo!

  71. Dark Lightning

    I love his voice. Hi is really talented actor and singer.:D

  72. Mallika

    amazing stuff. literally.

  73. gnilttbs

    This deserves a version in Welsh.

    Patryk Rogóż

    Agree bro

    Hannah Staigvil

    I'm SO in agreement here. This needs to happen


    +Patryk Rogóż +Hannah Staigvil Let us pray to the Welsh gods.

    LD Shelley

    Or pray to just one Welsh god: Iwan ap Rheon. :)

  74. K B

    I'm actually quite surprised about the lack of confused comments about the song title; the perks of being welsh #Cymru :D

  75. luke o reilly

    What does at dân mean

    Vladimir Kresovic

    +luke o reilly Alight or on fire


    +luke o reilly Fire

  76. Tammy Milliser

    More lyric videos please! Love this!

  77. daria niemira

    I am in Love with his voice! Iwan is sooo talentet guy! I can listen to his song all day long. This one is one of my favourites.

  78. violasmeraldo

    i like your music so much , it's so intense...but your videos are so ugly...

  79. Marin Soletti

    Omg Iwan just marry me already !

  80. rosario eva cerdá cabrera

    Linda música. Saludos desde Argentina <3

  81. Lisa Green

    what its AR DAN???

    Axel Taczala

    @Lisa Green it's "on fire" in Welsh ;)

    Lisa Green

    @Axel Taczala OH!!!THANX!!!!n.n

  82. 1BeeJenks

    "Ar Dan" (on fire). Quite a good song. It seems that Iwan is very versatile. Have only see him in Game of Thrones and Vicious.

  83. Jesús Velazquez

    Ramsay and the Bastard's Sensation, that sounds like a good name for a band

  84. Full-time Penguin

    What genre is this?

    Hannah Staigvil

    Sebastián González def not grunge. Grunge is like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots. But this song is amazing :) I'd say closer to just general acoustic rock or indie maybe?

  85. tom ani

    This is such a good song wtf

  86. Nicolás MB

    damn this song is good

  87. Justyna Błaszczyk

    I love you man! Great song!!! ;)))

  88. Said Zarate

    A great song!!

  89. JhonnyAudi

    Great song man, good arrengements, the bass line simple yet emotional, and your guitar just fits the song perfectly, as do your vocal. Great song, my favorite till now. continue the good work mate!

  90. Shellie Darnell

    Reminds me of incubus

  91. beginning human

    I think this is my favorite song of yours, so far :)

  92. Shondor Sziladi

    It sounds like Eleven Hold.

  93. Lindsay Layne

    You can totally hear the Radiohead influences in this one.

  94. laura da silva

    melon fucker !!!! xD <3 i love you simon <3 

  95. Alex MaLk


  96. Scott Baldwin

    wow he's actually a talented musician and not some annoying wannabe actor using his fame to get into the music business. I'm impressed. I already was in love with him based on GOT and Misfits but maybe even more so now!

    SammyTheabear20000 becausewhynot

    Scott Baldwin he did start music before he got into acting (maybe, I don't know when misfits came out) but I agree 1000% very talented hoping he make more content

    max Vicious

    So far: Iwan Rheon, Ezra Miller and Dylan Minnette music career are pretty awesome

    max Vicious

    @YouOnlyLoveOreo i know him because of Misfits, then GOT, his model career and then his music, but if i didn't had knew him from his actor career, i would either have known him for his model career or his music anyways

    max Vicious

    And Jared Leto

    ioan enache

    rly? wannabe? His character in GoT was difficult to play... Just because the character was annoying is not mean Iwan is wannabe! I saw him in Misfits were also played a difficult role.

  97. UrsulaNero

    Это потрясающая песня! ))) Сразу отклик в душе и мурашки по коже...

  98. Nathan Dortman

    What a talented Bastard! ;)

    Pauline Corazza

    @Nathan Dortman it's not because you're Nathan that you can insult Barr.. Simon!...or Ramsay...!!?

    KD Do

    +Pauline Corazza don't forget ash

    Pauline Corazza

    oops.. my bad :X

  99. ThePwnageHobo

    Where can I buy this song without giving any money to Apple?

    beginning human

    @ThePwnageHobo amazon has it


    ThePwnageHobo lol