Rexx Life Raj - Somewhere In Paris Lyrics

Yeah, how can I trip when I'm in Paris?
I'm not Farage, more fromage
I need your cheese, fell in my bag, I did it with ease
Voilà, look how we mob, I been on my job
I travelled the world, I did it with squad
Defyin' the odds

The biggest and blackest nigga
I could've been in the casket
Luckily I found the mic in my spare time
I put the ball in the basket
Though I had one hand in the dirt
That's all he knew, that's how a young nigga found worth
Up and down that turf
That's prolly why I got the work ethic
I don't see niggas out-workin' me, uh
P told us 'bout obstacles and adversity, I see it certainly
I see the power of every word that I say
When I do a show out in Germany
I see the color of the world, all in the crowd
I fuck with that biodiversity
Young nigga move, like how's been you?
Paul said they put the dirt on me, yeah
They gon' throw dirt on my name
But that ain't concernin' me, be out here flourishin'
We out here ballin', nigga, we out here ballin'
Turnin' love way too loud to hear all the bullshit callin'

How can I trip when I'm in Paris?
I'm not Farage, more fromage
I need your cheese, fell in my bag, I did it with ease
Voilà, look how we mob, I been on my job
I travelled the world, I did it with squad
Defyin' the odds (Yeah)

How can I trip when I'm in Paris?
How can I trip when I'm in Paris?

How can I trip? How can I flip?
I'm from the ghetto, the proud of the beats
I may not be the sound the barrir
C'est tous les jours et c'est la vie
We been tryna get this seat up, and now we got it
I ain't stoppin' bringin' the heat
I got the flame, we soundin' the same
You scared of the change, we shoot where we aim
I'm on a plane, back in the day
They were stuntin' on a hustle, brother
Don't you know where I came from
Eastside, come alive, you know what
You don't survive now
Couldn't think about it too much
I act too kind now
Why wake up, go get the man
Who got the time? (Ooh)
Standin' around (Ooh)
We're runnin' it down (Ooh)
We got the sound
I'm from the city man
I'm from the town
I was dreamin' I'd be schemin' for the most
Ayy wait, why you mind?

How can I trip when I'm in Paris?
I'm not Farage, I'm more fromage
I need your cheese, fell in my bag, I did it with ease
Voilà, look how we mob, I been on my job
I travelled the world, I did it with squad
Defyin' the odds

How can I trip when I'm in Paris?
How can I trip when I'm in Paris?

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Rexx Life Raj Somewhere In Paris Comments
  1. jvst IZ ONE

    Love it ! ♥️


    "We out here flourishing 💥🌌💥💖💫😱💥🌌💥🌌I feel it! 🌌💵💵💵💵💵. I am already there! FUCUMEAN 👑👑💰💰💰👁👁


    Remix : j Cole/ Dababy/Kendrick Lamar 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. ~DatStud4uBabygirl~

    Im digN this! 🔥🔥🔥 I feel like T-pain should be on the Remix👌


    Or DaBaby


    I needed the 🧀, fell in my 💰. I did it with ease! Wha-la 💢😍😍😍💰💰💰💰


    My 2020 has already started fantastic 😱😱 Law of Attraction! I believe it to be! The Universe says yes and is yielding to me and my 💖s Desires. I am in Paris, France Spring of 2020 the Universe has already prepared the way! It is happening now! #thankfulgrateful

  7. George

    heavenly sound

  8. George

    this song is so good i can't stop listening to it


    Beautiful lyrics kings😊

  10. Patricia Trice

    This need more views

  11. Me heading out to go get french fries!!!!

  12. Too cute on the bike!!!

  13. 💘 🔥 🔥 awesome Kings...keep it GOING!!!!

  14. B-Town CHILL


  15. Bilal Int'l

    Another Rexx Life Raj Classic

    🗣 ya Hurd me 💯

  16. Obi

    Is he from toronto?

  17. D $tew

    Ad brought me here

  18. envy

    This hot on seen rhrougg utube promotion.

  19. Build

    Fucking wavy keep going bro

  20. Mr. Swellest

    Fire bro🤟🔥🎱♠️ #how #Paris #Mars

  21. FrozenwingX

    Rexx stays dropping bangers! Nobody sleep on Jay Prince either, his music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 check out "With U"

  22. AsianShades

    this go dumb, good shit brother

  23. Queen & P TV

    I live it🥰🥰

  24. Hector Torres


  25. Rae Tube

    You probably ain’t gone respond but plz do I really for Christmas want you to make this hype song that is a vibe but still edgy upbeat like sauce was and also I love you so much and your music gets to me in such a hard and different way to much to explain but I honestly love your music and the lyrics to them match and make every day 10 times better with you in life love you again ❤️❤️❤️

  26. LM ENT

    You and j stalin need a collab

  27. LM ENT

    Rexx you're a great just know that Keep shining !

  28. Kobe Off A Bean

    Here from YouTube ad caught me off guard when I was in the shower had to hop out to find this


    Same story just that I was at work bro lol 🤣🤣🤣



  29. Jingo Beats

    The last great artist ive been sleeping on for this decade

  30. Jingo Beats

    I found out about you from a friend this week and I must say Im glad ive been put onto ur music


    I always tell my friends and none of them listen to him i need some real ones

  31. johnny boi475

    Whole album 🌊

  32. Cevi Killah


  33. rio taku

    Thanx, Rexx

  34. milk redtop

    The best artist realize the Foo Foo guys they won't..... Substance

  35. Kal Ali

    Having been a kid in the Bronx from the '80s to early '90s, I delight discovering this song-video, the classic spirit that I grew up with, but in step with the present times.

  36. Dounia

    love it

  37. K A R D N A L


  38. Chase Morgan

    “I need the cheese. Fell in my bag I did it with easeeee.” 🔥

  39. Neilsodope

    This whole video lit.

  40. D Williams


  41. van xo vibes

    Dope 🔥🔥 keep up the visuals. Def one of the best albums of the year.

  42. michel kadji

    Sooo slept on fam

  43. Mantis Ford

    That cafe right by the train station. Nice tune. Nice video. Nice feature too. Wooohooo 🙌

  44. NdCRants

    Such a good collab, these guys complement each other perfectly

  45. shayder da illustrator

    💪🏾💯🤞🏾😎 every time never fails

  46. Finn The Toaster

    Out here.


    CONSISTENT 🔥🔥🔥🔥..preeciate you! Love from New Jersey🙏💗💗💗

  48. Moody Jones

    FIRE from 0.01

  49. Sir Michael Van Whervin

    When can I meet u u my favorite rapper I feel like u kill every beat

  50. Ray Rivera

    Timeless work Rexx

  51. black hippy

    Iwonder what the ganj is like in paris...rexx if you could let us know we'd appreciate it.oh and have a good day iliked your shirt choices.

  52. TotheK I N G D O M

    So dope. Your videos are always live asf I love it.

  53. Chanch Mula

    I see the power in every word that I speak

  54. lihae ieremia

    This a schlap 🔥

  55. ian moxley

    Bro you dope af

  56. Rahji 'Prafet

    check out my beats

  57. Maël D.

    Dope 👌🏻🔥🔥

  58. Rahji 'Prafet

    literally slapping this everyday

  59. Rahji 'Prafet

    man we use the same damn name did u come up with Rahji? im wondering....ur my favorite artist too smh haha


    His government name is Faraji

  60. Accuzations

    Great stuff Raj! Keep em comin!

  61. FAR

    Watching this in Paris rn 🔥 song smooth asf

  62. My Dogs Best Fren

    Rexx flowin til the end of time man 🔥🔥

  63. Rexx Life Raj

    Is this what sex feels like? Yes. Fast people’s sex. Godspeed

  64. Brandon Jennings

    Dude, ever since I saw your debut on Colors performing “Time”, which sounded way better than the original soundtrack, you’ve been a major influence of my playlists. I’ve come to notice that you’ve come at a very important and pivotal point in my life for the better, and your music feeds and nourishes my soul with the motivation to continue grinding with the assurance that the universe is giving me all the signs I need to know that I’m on the right track. I say all of that to say, Thank You!

    Brandon Jennings

    Tino Moser even the beginning of the song when it said “this ain’t no muhfuckin joke” was a mood setter. Then the story behind how his luggage got lost so he had to do last minute shopping, he still showed up and showed out

    StarrYKnight Shenannigans

    I second this. Straight positive vibes

    Jamekia Williams

    I feel the same way!!!

    King Éron

    You've come exactly when you were supposed to bro. It was the same for me when i found out about Raj but Jay Prince is on the same tip, his music really makes you feel better spiritually. It's real but positive. You should check him out too if you haven't already bro. Much love g

    Chris Br

    This comment is dope 🔥

  65. Yahya Don Yee Muhammad

    Shit Dope My Brother

  66. Nicholas Saint John

    🔥🎤 “That ain’t concerning me, we out here flourishing”

  67. Matthew Beauford

    You da beast

  68. Danny DeVito


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    You the Goat!!!!!!

    Sam Mwatha

    Neil Chanda No Cap