Rexx Life Raj - Rich Lyrics

[Rexx Life Raj:]
(You'll get stripped, robbed, and stripped
Don't play me, nigga, play that bitch)
Look, ayy, look

'Round my way they call you a lick
You'll get stripped, robbed, and kicked
Don't play me, nigga, play with that bitch
I'm like bitch, bitch, make me rich
I said, bitch (Ooh, ayy), make me rich
Bitch (Bitch), make me rich
I said, bitch (Bitch), make me rich (Bitch)
I said make me rich, ayy

Balling on you niggas like a high school jamboree
Extra molly on me, I might put it in my daiquiri
Look, I pay more in taxes than your salary
Uncle Tom ass, see me run it up annually
You say you a boss, what are you really on?
Contracts, my name really on
I dived in head first, got my Free Willy on
I take my dignity before I take a million
You would do whatever for the life, looking headass
Spark some mid in Walgreens for the hype headass
Do random pharmaceuticals they said was tight headass
Instagram ad bubble chain ice headass
Hella dipped in that middle seat on your flight headass

'Round my way they call you a lick
You'll get stripped, robbed, and kicked
Don't play me, nigga, play with that bitch
I'm like bitch, bitch, make me rich
I said, bitch (Ooh, ayy), make me rich
Bitch (Bitch), make me rich
I said, bitch (Bitch), make me rich (Bitch)
I said make me rich, ayy

Well, well, well, I go by the name of ALLBLACK
Somebody get they homie
'Fore I go hoagie and put cheese on his fucking bologna
Please not today, I already got a migraine from that jacket
Them bootcut jeans, that fake Louis bag is so pathetic
Caught your bitch at Monkey King, had to jump out and sweat it
I heard she worked at airports and be cleaning up mansions
Ain't had a square bitch since Oakland had Phillip Buchanon
So I asked that lil' heifer, "How high is your credit?"
She went to her credit card, the screen was showing eight eleven
The next day, I had her run a play at the check cash-in
Looked at that bitch and start smiling like I was the Grinch
A few more trips of this and a house flip gon' make me rich

[Rexx Life Raj:]
'Round my way they call you a lick
You'll get stripped, robbed, and kicked
Don't play me, nigga, play with that bitch
I'm like bitch, bitch, make me rich
I said, bitch (Ooh, ayy), make me rich
Bitch (Bitch), make me rich
I said, bitch (Bitch), make me rich (Bitch)
I said make me rich, ayy

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  33. colburgg

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