Rexx Life Raj - Mad Real Lyrics

Pull up to the function in a ride share
Might be middle seat when I arrive there, ayy
Dirt all on my kicks but it don't matter
I bet she lick it off 'em if I ask her
Hollywood nights in the hills
I love her off of molly, I don't know if that's real, yeah

Flooding, I wish that I had gills
I just hope I got some Advil
'Cause these nights get mad real
'Cause these nights get mad real, yeah

Look, ayy
You tryna get on to get on
We do not condone a Debbie Downer, ayy
You be hella shy into your shell
'Til you playin' wit yo nose off the chowder
Ayy, Berkeley nights in the hills
Mighta did shrooms, ain't no tellin' what's real, yeah

Flooding, I wish that I had gills
Wishing I could make time stand still
When these nights get mad real
When these nights get mad real
These nights

Seem to get harder to remember
Every time we end one
Wake up early never knowin' where we finna end up
I'm tryna fuck if you still up
I heard about your ex, I hope you heal up
But what that gotta do wit'
Me and you? Shit
He just some nerd you used to fool with
You learned, you grew, we could talk it through I'll listen
It's actually rare, I'm so stingy wit' my attention
Slide through when you come and visit
We get too twisted you get it twisted
I think you're fillin' me with all of these kisses
I don't think you think I shoulda listened

(We might just be, ooh)
(We might just be)

You're hot
I know I'm hot but you're, you're fuckin'
You're pretty faded, right?
(We might just be, [?])
It's me now
It's, I didn't peer pressure you to do anything
That's insane
Don't, don't point the finger, put that finger down
Don't, don't, the police, what?
You're in front of my house

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Rexx Life Raj Mad Real Comments
  1. Johnny 12

    Great song 🔥

  2. jack s.

    Keep going don’t stop‼️🔥

  3. black hippy

    Thank you rexx iwish icould give you some of this ganj but your way over there.hope you have a good day though. Your shirt matchs your pants and im sure everyone appreciates that.

  4. Darryl Williams

    Like #65

  5. Panama G

    Raji .. Goin sooo crazy.. We gon work one day mark my words bluuuuh

  6. Valerii Anastasia

    This man's talent is mad real ♡

  7. Amari Lee

    They Fuck wit me the long Way

  8. Mistah47

    Dope af

  9. EHSnipes Gaming

    "wishin i could make time stand still'' ❤

  10. Adelbert Dean

    Love it already!

  11. Aaron Esquibel

    Creative dude 🔥🔥

  12. lucidnoot

    God damn rexx... Thank you so much again man.. the inspiration for my music just overflows when I listen to your shit.. you always somehow on the same vibe as me. Bruh thank you. thank you so much for your music man, and speaking w your true voice just. bruh. thank you. bless. up.

  13. I am unknown

    Oh shit I’m early. This heat tho no🧢 🔥

  14. Amari Lee

    This 🤣

  15. GrindDaily25/8

    Slaps harder than yo daddy belt