Rexx Life Raj - G O D Lyrics

I wanna keep it pretty minimal
Somewhere in a studio in L.A. that's filled with a lot of things I don't need
Who designed this place? It's really cool in here

I was never supposed to be here, now we here
I'm not content with none of this shit, though, bro, be clear
G.O.D., G.O.D. is the only thing we fear
It gets dangerous 'round me if you reach here
You'd be better off playin' the bleachers

Ayy, schoolin' you niggas, could give out the syllabus
Life gettin' better but still a bitch
Follow-the-leader-ass nigga
Can't think for yourself, tell me who your ventriloquist
You wanted the G.O.A.T., well here I am
I'm more like a lamb, the holy one
Consistency is half the battle
You fizzled out before it begun
Ooh, premature (Premature)
I just look for the signs, get reassured (The reassurance, feelin' reassured)
Yeah, half of this shit, can't read; it's foreign
In Copenhagen, still imported
I honestly can't pronounce what I ordered
But I'm a fatty so I'll take some more of it
Yeah (I'm on my fashion shit)
Ayy, stuntin' on accident, I wasn't havin' shit (Stuntin' on niggas)
I seen you in real life, your Instagram's more extravagant (Where all your money at?)
Yeah, you mistook the money, the jewels and clothes for happiness (Now you look crazy)
Just to impress the baddest bitch 'fore you know what her baggage is
Ooh, look, but I don't judge niggas
I just try to make a way for the homies that really be shootin' and drug dealin'
Just know the alternative's always available if you piece up and you trust niggas
Know the system teach the opposite
Fuck around and treat you like the bottom bitch
But they can't cover up all the godliness
Aura is pourin' out of me, it's obvious
Follow your heart and you suffer the consequence (Suffer)
I won't suffer the consequence, yeah (I won't suffer it, yeah)
Yeah, everything's common but common sense (I thought it was common)
So if they ask, tell 'em this

I was never supposed to be here, now we here
I'm not content with none of this shit, though, bro, be clear
G.O.D., G.O.D. is the only thing we fear
It gets dangerous 'round me if you reach here
You'd be better off playin' the bleachers

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Rexx Life Raj G O D Comments
  1. Dalton Phelps

    When they say being high makes you more creative. This guys an example. Amazing music. So pure and has meaning with a swift beat and a crazy flow . No one better to smoke to

  2. Rajish Maraj

    I like your name

    Rajish Maraj

    And your music of course!

  3. Flipping Things

    Music to my ears 🥇

  4. Hailey Marie grande

    Kehlani sent me ❤️

  5. Boo Douglas

    on sunset in LA slapping this is a whole vibe 😎💯

  6. T Casso

    WAIANAE IN DA BUILDING ‼️✊🏽🇹🇴🇦🇸🙏🏼🔥🏆

  7. Aaron Bo

    Thank you rexx 🙏

  8. Grant Jacobus

    This man iant no waist man💣💣🌊🌊🌋🌋🏄🏄🚨🚨🚨🚨

  9. p e b


  10. Nisha Kumar

    VonteMillz can slide like Rajj

  11. gators-N-rocks

    I just messaged my homie rose. I said say mane you heard Rexx Life Raj I said man thats my guy he very talented. Keep doing you bro this is Guns not butter. That real shit!

  12. Dominique Parker

    He's still underrated? Weoooow

  13. Kreep 757

    Been rockin' wit you for a min
    Bro be snappin'
    Real spill 🔥💨🔥💨
    Gotta get some work with the
    "Lamb more like the holy one"

  14. K4Dope

    whats the effect in the video ?

  15. chae monroe

    *3 years later Im still jamming REX HE IS A WHOLE LIFESTYLE*

    StarrYKnight Shenannigans

    A whole one

  16. Flipping Things

    I seen you in real life your instagrams more extravagant
    You mistook the money, jewelry and clothes for happiness
    Dress to impress the baddest bitch before you know what her baggage is 💯🥵

  17. Joseph Willard

    Rexx be on one!!

  18. Sweeedee

    Ayyyyyyye! I swear, theres very few that got what you got. You ain't a Have Not 😂💯

  19. Ej Lea-Scandrett

    Raji 🌊🌊🌊🙏

  20. Lubs

    I just-
    the creativity is just -
    the melody and harmon-

  21. Cortney Moore

    U got me sweating...

  22. Jordan Malik

    💯💯💯brooooooo every time?!!!

  23. XXIVfromGr8ness

    Truth Music 🎶

  24. Dareion Dunson


  25. Rolando Johnson

    Have y’all Ever got high and just listen to Rexx music? You get higher, & the mood be so relaxing ☁️

    Joe Fernandez

    Bruh dats a goal I gotta try .

    Rene Garza

    Definitely did this morning

    Eric Jackson

    Rolando Johnson last night homie I had to smoke 3 and just let Rexx take me to another world. Hell it was like I was smoking with the nigga lolol I damn near passed the nigga da blunt until i realize I was by myself loolol



  27. rayray litt

    I fucked with his music from the start

  28. Mikah Sarow

    Get you’re name out in Colorado Raj 💯

  29. Benny's Customs

    Keep em coming! Love from New York ✊


    People definitely sleeping on him crazy 🔥💯💪🏾

  31. John Addison

    Most underated artist

  32. Gilbert Aispuro

    Rexx! When we'll you let me send you tracks? Or at least check out my beats on SoundCloud homie!

  33. Jordan

    shit back like you wasn’t gone 🙌🏾

  34. L. Bond

    Killed it again 🔥🔥

  35. Cease600


  36. Nisha Kumar

    This my fav song by REXX

  37. Stephen Selph

    Raj never gets old! Hope you come to Oklahoma sometime soon man!

    daniel edwards

    I'm banging this in Oklahoma 2 bro✊

  38. Deshaun Edwards

    Shit go hard

  39. GreenGoblinHD

    amazing! 🔥🔥

  40. Munch 310

    You a real inspiration my uce and never disappoint keep grindin' my nigga 🤘🔊🔊🔊🏡

  41. Leo George

    You be going crazy

  42. Sean Mariani

    Dope af bro. Good mix too 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  43. crea the chi boi

    Since I’m subscribed to so many artists, I always get nuked with different artists who dropped audios.

    Right now, it’s Raj, Rich Brian, Comethazine, YBN Cordae, BJ the Chicago Kid, itstheknocks, NF, and Aaron Rose from PRO ERA.

  44. Sutathestar

    Everything common but common sense 🔥🔥🔥🔥 been using that quote a lot lately

  45. Rae Its

    Raji never disappoints love to you bro😘☺

  46. Iain Fedorwick

    follow your heart or you suffer the consequence 🔥

  47. Aaron Esquibel


  48. feelin froggy

    Rajj sound is hard af. Bro is cold!

  49. Person5

    Yeah Raji!

  50. Rad N Bad Collars

    This is the vibe I need right now.

  51. triggerdturtle0 yt

    Also keep it up Raj this shit is🔥💯

  52. Jermonica Pennington

    Love you bro.

  53. Aj2kboy

    rajj back like he never left!