Rex Orange County - Never Had The Balls Lyrics

I was lost, felt nothing at all
But I'm coming back now
Yeah, I'm in the background
No need to react now that everything's done

(But let me say)
I thought it would be simple enough
And I had to grow up
Just to learn all the ways that it's not

But I never thought that I'd wanna call it quits
In my whole life
I never aimed to feel confused
I blame myself to tell the truth

But now I know that
Everything's hard when you're living in the dark
And you don't even wanna see it through
If that had to be the way I'd be feeling for days
And I knew it back then, I probably wouldn't do it

But I never got the chance to tell you
I never had the balls to tell you
No, I never had the balls to tell you

I did everything that I could
But still I was helpless
I shouldn't waste my precious time
On anybody living off of mine

And now I know that
Things are getting better
I can live like this forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When I found my own way out
Was to open my mouth
And be honest
I had to go and do it, yeah

This could be the best decision
That you ever make
Please don't be afraid
She reassures me

I know it's hard to play pretend
I promise you it's due to end
And winners never quit, you know
So quitters never win
(It's only getting better now for you)

I'm your man if you're looking for good times
Feel amazing and I'm on my way home, yeah
I'm finally in the zone
I heard the word 'Goodbye'
And felt surprised that I wasn't even sad
In the slightest
My mind was made up, but
If I had to live a life only being polite
I'd be giving in
I'm never gonna do it

I'll never get the chance to tell you
I never had the balls to tell you
No, I never had the balls to tell you, now

(Balls to tell you)
(Balls to tell you)
(I never got the chance to tell you)
(I never had the balls to tell you)
(Balls to tell you)
(But I never got the chance to tell you)
(I never had the balls to tell you)
I didn't
(Balls to tell you)

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Rex Orange County Never Had The Balls Comments
  1. Josh Manuel Sinfuego

    I don't know but I feel like doing a cardio exercise playing this song. Nice song btw

  2. Marcos2829 Note Importa

    the best song of the ablum,I LOVE IT <3

  3. Niccc s

    Winners never quit,
    Quitters never win

  4. Gigi Goodwin


  5. AnimaCron

    Going to listen to this every day I go home from school :D

  6. Wandering Wells

    Deadass thought I was in the good place at the ding of that first note

  7. marble soda

    I have the balls to say this is the only song I’ve listened to all day

  8. Reza Hermansyah

    Cats : "Where is my balls!?"

  9. Tailana Almeida

    Que música meus amigos ✨💜 viajei com a vibe dela

  10. maibulsak

    Not going to lie... this has a very 2004 Panic at the Disco vibe

  11. Ayu Wulandari


  12. laura josef

    kiannaniomi brought me here

  13. br uh

    haha balls

  14. jas

    this song sounds like it could be in some teen movie that could be directed by Sofia Coppola or Jonah Hill its so good omg

  15. Safira Azzahra

    This song has the same vibe A Rocket To The Moon old songs💕

  16. gaby arias

    thea's voice is so beautiful omg

  17. Jerome Z Segunto

    2:26 magical moment

  18. Earljay Bacnotan


  19. We Sore

    This song makes me hype what the hell

  20. zuzxii mixed

    The beat is the best!

  21. Leanna Abadies

    What does this song really mean???

  22. Ashley Garcia

    I just imagined myself as a character in a movie riding a bike . woah .


    I immediately thought of stranger things someone needs to make an edit

    jean b

    Omg same!

  23. Nicolás Acebedo Torrego


  24. carys owen

    thank alex, yet another banger <3

  25. FancyOveralls

    Finally, for once a Rex record where every song isn’t about heartbreak and girls

  26. I’m Just A Ghost

    “this could be the best decision that you ever make please don’t be afraid she reassures me i know it’s hard to play pretend i promise you it’s due to end” I love this song

  27. M Armi

    remove his vocal and voila! u got the sims building mode background song 😆

  28. Lewis Aruan

    best song in the album, hats off

  29. MikSofa :3


  30. connie

    this song slaps live

  31. Katie Sammy

    sounds like the type of song they play at the end of a movie

  32. Hanna Fridrik

    Eve Cornwell’s fans?:)))

  33. rutchie Osher

    the first chorus sounded like it should be in mama mia

  34. KALOOM

    Too bad I waited too long and now she has a fiancé, please tell her how you guys feel don’t wait too long like me.🥳😞

  35. Sammy Wood

    Such an underrated song on Pony

  36. koolio dude

    1) Stressed Out
    4)Never Had The Balls
    5) Face to Face

  37. Eine V.

    "This could be the best decision
    That you ever make
    Please don't be afraid"


    Michael Azriel Casuga


    Eine V.

    @Michael Azriel Casuga OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA HI MICHAEL

    Eine V.

    @Michael Azriel Casuga If you aren't aware, Thea is his gf and she has two songs of her own too. Super nice voice, broooo

  38. Simon Rodriguez

    This is my favorite song from the album for sure, the transición on the beginning of the song is amazing

  39. ariel pintar

    This feels like an anime intro somehow.

  40. Hentai Enthusiast

    fuckk i feel so bad for missing this drop. Nonetheless rex always bops and his soul always chills my *soul* out

  41. Toys Video

    1:42 thea sings with him

  42. Intan HF

    WE NEED MUSIC VIDEO OF THIS 😭😭😭 what a jam

  43. Bri & Chloe

    Alex: never had the chance to tell you

    One direction fans: never had the CHONCE to tell you

  44. Ananda Rifki Bayu Saputra

    Kok kaya koplo sih anjir

  45. Teagan Joy


  46. Kearz

    Can we get an instrumental
    Like so he can see

  47. pishbol

    This makes me feel so gidddyyy and I can't even handle it.

  48. Lyndsey Hodges

    awwww thea💕 1:43

  49. Less RexOc

    Rex never had the balls to add a fckin word here

  50. iinfinitydolans

    2:00 🥰

  51. iinfinitydolans

    this is one of my favorite songs on the album :)) they are all so good

  52. Jack Holmes

    In case it drives anyone else crazy trying to figure it out: The first 4 chords are the same as the original Mr Bean TV Show Theme.

  53. Mason Haxel

    1:41 is that Thea??

  54. sammie 080

    I need this in my life .

  55. Dolpho ASMR

    This is like a song from the sims

  56. Cameron Mead

    It's a crosley tho

  57. Lydia

    1:42 😌 goosebumps everytime

  58. Sebastian Ochoa

    thats tough

  59. YouTube Drifter

    I needed this song so bad right now!

  60. blonde

    rex: chunce

    me: what a talented man

    Hentai Enthusiast

    if u like weird enunciation for lyrics then check *Buttercup - Jack Stauber.* Plus it also bops

  61. Sijou Kun

    I never had the balls. SORRY🤤😢

  62. nadia yusuf

    the lyric people are really doing bits, have seen lyrics under every song

  63. ryan brownrigg

    i want 1:42 - 1:47 on a loop for 10 hours thank you

  64. Ipeedinyourshoe

    this sounds like something a character in a coming of age musical would sing after he has his character arc finished, and then goes back to fix his mistakes

  65. Darren Stephens

    Like warm friendly musical treacle in my ears.

  66. Andres Cardenas

    I'm gonna like support him to the very end :)

  67. Brandon Sanchez

    1:41 Never gets old.

  68. Lucky Xiong

    I love this song and Pony! After the pretty fucking sad, raw, and a lil too real experience of Apricot Princess, this is a beautiful change. I feel like Rex is a lot happier in this album and in his songs. It still has his raw emotion and a few sad parts where he puts out his insecurities, doubts, and sadness, but there's more happier and upbeat songs. It truly feels like this a new chapter of Rex's career and his music. This is a super happy song I can play to start my day off happy and dancing! Love you Rex!

  69. Kevin TTO

    This song makes me think of the girl I’m in love with who will never love me back but I wouldn’t know unless I asked but I can’t ask.

    Surely You Jestin

    Kevin TTO the best you could do is try and if she doesn’t like you back then oh well at least you seized an opportunity if it fails but there’s also a chance it could succeed

  70. alex mysz

    i love thea's part :)

  71. Jainar Arcilla

    1:42 warms my soul. Thank you Rex!!!

  72. stephed crust pizza

    1:42 Who else hears Thea? 💛

    Miles Youngblood

    stephed crust pizza me

  73. _wallflowerrs_

    omg rex is coming to usa finally m going to a concert !!!

  74. Pasix the Halcyonic Valkyrie

    Accidentally stumbling upon this song, it's actually quite a positive thing that he sounds like he looks. Awesome :)

  75. mi casa

    I never had the ball to tell you....

    *me to my crush

  76. Nora S

    Real question is this song about getting together or breaking up


    about spitting out the truth to your crush maybe

  77. Albert Wesker

    I´ve never had the balls to tell her what I feel and now she´s gone

  78. ajax ari

    when he said “chunse” i felt that


    ajax ari when 😂 oh
    Lmao chance 😂😂

    ajax ari

    Kearz 😂🤣

    Hentai Enthusiast

    bro that's so 🤣 aHH AHHAHHA😢😢😤🤔🤔🤔 im fuckin dead and laughing my 😄 LMAO OFF BAHAHAHAAH👺👺👺 /s

    papi chungus

    this comment is giving me HUGE “niall what the fuck is a chonce” energy

  79. GoldMatty

    that beginning always makes me look around like "oh shit is it beautiful out today?" if im listening outside lmao

  80. Daniel Czarnecki

    best one :)

  81. Waldo Farrel

    please can anyone tell me what this song tell about???

  82. rhea lyn

    I don't have a balls but iloveyou 🥰😂

  83. rhea lyn

    Iloveyouuu alexxx

  84. Mugen Mugay

    This guy just can't stop making good music can he

  85. France Bongz

    The song is perfect!

  86. Yujxo

    this song rlly reminded me of this girl i like.. i really want to confess but i just feel like she dosent feel the same, who knows but this song really motivates me to keep going.

  87. Weirdo Nhelety

    your amazing and I love you and your music it just touched my soul🥺💗

  88. Jayze

    Who t f dislikes this masterpiece

  89. video lucu rpam


  90. wakneeta

    *psychotically and aggressive dancing*

  91. Sarah Grizzel

    Soo good!

  92. polvo caolho

    girls be like

  93. Gia Bartolome

    it's my birthday and I'm not feeling well. but thanks to this kind of music, it made me feel better somehow.

  94. Maryland James


    just keeps getting better I love every song on this album!

  95. Justus Green

    This whole album is movie music watch 🤣🤣 that’s a good thing though

  96. maia :l

    okey but imagine disliking this video 😳

  97. Kylie lu

    I've never had the balls to comment