Rex Orange County - It Gets Better Lyrics

Looking back, I guess that ignorance was a breeze
I thought I knew everything but I was naive
Didn't understand it until the age of 18
Yeah, even then I was blind
2012, I remember being in need
True, 2015, you were fallin' for me
You sent through a love letter for me to read
And it's engraved in my mind

She changed the world I know
And it's better for it
Four years later, and look where we really are
Look how far we've come
Look at us now

Oh-oh, we're flying, I finally know I'm here for a reason
Thank you for waiting on me
I'm dying to see her, she's my favourite ever season
Thank you for everything

January, baby, I was takin' my time
Spending summer and then we'll be good in July
Why can't it be like this for the rest of my life?
Huh, no, I wouldn't mind

'Cause she changed the world I know
And it's better for it
Four years later, and look where we really are
Look how far we've come
And nothing's changed that much

Look at us now, I'm proud of you
Oh-oh, she's on her way towards me
That means it all gets better soon
I hope my world feels better soon
(I hope my life feels better soon)
You let me do what I needed to
So this one's for you
'Cause even when my worst tricks get in the way
You're here to help me feel safe
I don't need to be with anyone else
I don't need to explain
No, I don't need to explain

She changed the world I know
And it's better for it
Four years later, and look where we really are
She changed the world I know
And it's better for it
She changed the world I know
Look at us now
(She changed the world I know)
I'm dying to see her
(And it's better for it)
Four years later, and look where we really are
(She changed the world I know)
I'm dying to see her
(And it's better for it)
Look at us now

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Rex Orange County It Gets Better Comments
  1. Courtney Solsberry

    The BEST song on the album FIGHT MEEEEEE

  2. yeet skeet


  3. Ammie


  4. erindan 1

    This song reminds me of 'Mama Mia' Idkw though 😂

  5. Etronic —

    This is the best song on the album idegaf if you hate on me

  6. Taylor Grace

    this song makes me want to go to the beach and run on the sand and do random dance moves as i’m running with this music

  7. Official Jaster

    1:09 Thank you for everything

  8. Miker Mike UwU

    10/10 nice song :n

  9. kayla star

    amazing 🥺

  10. Adri Gonzo

    2:51 ish am i high or am I the only one in love with the really faint "oooh" in the background


    this shit is fucking trash

  12. coco jóven

    This sounds like Justin Bieber

  13. emadamour

    best song by far !! thank's for this <33

  14. darling th

    mais alguém pela dancinha do Noah (now united) kkk

  15. I love my Fandoms

    This is by far in my opinion the best song on the album


    Mds o a música que o Noah fez eu começar a amar ❤️

  17. Eva Aldren

    I love this tune but the “thank you for everything” wld sound so good if it was the last line of the song?!!

  18. Hever Villatoro

    Listen this song at same moment as I'm seeing leaves falling from sky, is really amazing

  19. Tetra-XXX

    This song live was amazing

  20. Deirdreaming

    my fav track on the album! ♥️

  21. Mariana Santos

    Vim pelo noah de now united😂

  22. Sean mander

    favorite pont track! great album man!

  23. Cris Hernandez

    The only good song in this album. Wish the rest of the songs were like this one.

    Punk Clown

    Cris Hernandez were ur ears closed for every song other than this one

  24. Rod Balaan

    I know why the title is ‘it gets better’ damn it gets better and better when i listen to it on repeat 😕❤️

  25. Brandon Travisano

    In my opinion, this is the best song on this album. It's so personal, and it feels like it comes from a place of genuine vulnerability. I feel his emotions on this track, and it's INCREDIBLE.

  26. Alan Bowes

    When you get to 47, you can lose touch with the music scene. Other things take priority in life
    I saw this lad on Jools Holland and sourced the new offering. The whole album “Pony” is a masterpiece, a breath of fresh air and hopefully he has a long bright future ahead of him

  27. guitar tortilla chips

    This makes me believe in love

  28. Rev

    the last few seconds of the song always get me

  29. ayala

    favourite song from pony

  30. Monochrome Burglar

    From 2:38 on, it sounds like an 80s pop song.

  31. Kara Cocozza

    i’ve listened to this song 14 times today and it’s 8:24am

  32. Elijah Hanley

    26 people don't think it'll get better soon.

  33. jahz

    Please check out my cover of Every Way💖 i love this album

  34. Daisy Cleverdon

    is it just me or did rex get way skinnier.
    kind of worried

  35. MoodyBluez

    Im getting major ELO vibes from this, and I love it.

  36. Hcty aywbgg s Hsgshs

    This is like those netflix movies like when a couple meets again

  37. poliosef

    hands down the best bop of 2019

  38. Juliana B

    This has been stuck in my head for the past 3 days jhjhsjakja

  39. Vander Sanchez

    my favorite song on the album

  40. alysha

    This song makes me feel some typa way


    alicia does this song make you feel some type of way?👉🏽

  41. Angelica Vega

    Rex and Clairo should collab.

  42. miguel gonzalez

    2015 you were falling for me

  43. Jacob Lindsey

    This has to be my #1 off of the entire album. It's just so surreal.

  44. spacadet

    finally finished the listenin to the whole album, this one and always/stressed out/pluto projector might be my favorites... so hard to choose!! haha. love u roc <3

  45. zachary ballard

    Idk why but I want to see Bieber do a cover on this

  46. Fabricio Best

    how I love it my god I very much like the Rex below 💜

  47. Jankmo

    this reminds me of a frank ocean song, especially at 2:26 - 2:40

  48. brii

    okay, but no cap this one is one of my fav on the album 🥺

  49. Miles Youngblood

    1:47, 2:36 ❤️

  50. David Oteng-pabi

    Yo what sample is this?

  51. Ella the Umbrella

    I love the .75x loveeee itt babe!! 💖😍

  52. Kam Ayanna

    the last 5 days with this album in my life has been plagued by this song,,,lets thank the lord for THAT!!!

  53. Max Montes

    Those first 8 seconds are amazing 👌

  54. Devon Olsen

    Best👏🏻song👏🏻ever👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you for this amazing song

  55. Martin solis

    You've just killed it. Love pony

  56. ZachTheBoss23

    Best song on this album 🚫🧢🤩

  57. deng

    his girlfriend’s so lucky istg

  58. iamBlizz

    Que álbum la ptm

  59. Kittah

    my favorite song on the album for sure

  60. ext.

    Ok, I like all of them.. but this the one I vibe with the most.


    ext. enjoy🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

  61. DreamerFaeng39

    I unknowingly drew my original character like Rex, so I decided to go all the way and have his voice based off him too.

  62. uka e

    patiently waiting for their wedding 😫

  63. nadia yusuf

    one of favourite songs of pony!!!! absolutely love it and you can really hear the frank ocean influences in this

  64. Suzanne /\

    im sad that the needle thing on the vinyl doesnt move

  65. ItsNoah

    He needs more songs like this, what beat is this?

  66. LuggyBro

    Why is this such a 70s or 80s like bop near the end? And why is that amazing??? 0-0

  67. Emilia F

    0:00 - 0:07 has the adam's family theme song energy

  68. ichimatsu

    Why can't I stop listening to this song? Why is it so much of a Bop? I-- ?

  69. iana gabrienne

    theaa is so lucky omgg

  70. Rosiiiee

    I missed the pony release so I’m a couple days late and omfg it’s so good

  71. mechabubba

    easily the greatest of the album.

  72. hannah


  73. hannah


  74. Cinthya Roque

    This song literally makes me feel as if I’m on top on the world


    I guess that's exactly how it feels like to be in love 😭


    S Accurate . Smh👉🏽

  75. markallenwils

    that BREAKDOWN!

  76. YaBoi Kanio

    I love how it transitions to loving is easy 2 at 2:35

  77. Rakan Kimari

    His flow is like swae lee’s flow on borrowed love

    Gustavo Osorio

    Rakan Kimari i knew it wasn’t just me thinking that

  78. Jess

    I’m guessing this is about Thea😢❤️

  79. joanna

    this album dropped 5 days before my bday and im soooo happyyy💚

  80. Cookies n' Cream

    I just wanted him to go to Genius and explain his songs because DAMN they are perfect

  81. Mugen Mugay

    16 seconds in, I already love this

  82. rhea lyn

    Look at you nowwww iloveyou alexxx🥰😍

  83. Cliff

    Making music is about being original and creative and this my friend is a Masterpiece

  84. Cliff

    I’m speechless..........

  85. gup

    Somebody make a lofi remix of this please

  86. R O D R I G O



    its his best produced track on the album

  88. Jorja Waters

    1:31 best part OMG

  89. Jorja Waters

    best song on the album, holy shit

  90. kenny

    rex snapped fr

  91. americo molina

    Laser lights this song and the last track are the best on the album

  92. MushroomKing

    I just noticed how the vinyl player stylus is moving along the vinyl in each song o,o

  93. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Wow those strings really hype. This is the first R.O.C. song that makes me want to get on the floor.

  94. Rapid

    Sounds like a transformer at the start, btw i love it, definitely my favorite of the whole album

  95. Merkuary


  96. Janet Dorantes

    my favorite one of the album!!!!

  97. Jake Weinsheimer

    A song you’d here shopping in urban outfitters

    Ruby Rose

    Jake Weinsheimer no it’s too upbeat

  98. Taylor Goss

    I put my phone at an earlier time zone to get this album ealier...i listened to it while i was sleep, on the way to school, during my classes, during lunch ALL THE TIME