Rex Orange County - Every Way Lyrics

I care about you in every way I can
You know I'm troubled but I know you can understand
I'm sorry for the strain
No one prepares you for the way in which things change
But you've been amazing, saw me through my darkest stage
And you always forgave me and now you love me just the same

It means the most, I hope you know
And I hope you know that I think about you in every single way
You're more familiar to me more and more each day
I cry in-front of you and it's very necessary babe
I will care about you in every way I can

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Rex Orange County Every Way Comments
  1. LuckyGuy7

    0:47 ❤️

  2. AJ Cueto


  3. Leh BawsB3

    It feels like he's virtually patting me on the back by saying "No one prepares you for the way in which things change."

  4. Camila Santos

    I’m crying

  5. Grace Alteza

    I'm inlove with this girl and despite of uncertainty of what's going to happen in the future, she's the most precious person I've ever had in my life and she cares for me and made me feel something every single day. The fact that she never left me despite of me going through some tough stuff and hurting her sometimes. I want her to be mine but I don't know how to tell her.

  6. pyperkites

    i made a lyric video of this song🐝

  7. Dummy Account

    this song is just fucking beautiful. this hits hard because i can actually relate to this. there's this girl that i like, i value her more than anything in this world. but she's new to this type of thing, love. im the first man to show her what love is like, she was this close to falling for me too. but she stopped herself, talked to her girl friends, whcih encouraged her to break whatever we had. and i respect her for that, because she's smart enough to let me go for her real priorities. its just fucking sad. i fought depression, and lost interest in everything. she was literally the only person i was getting strength from, happiness. and now she's gone. we talked after the "breakup" maybe a month later, and i got pretty mad at her, I mean i wasn't really mad at her, but yeah, we stopped talking for almost a month so that made me feel upset and sad. so i explained everything, and she accepted that she made a bad decision. i dont know, her reason was to break us apart because she "knew" that there was nothing for us, even if she was already falling for me. yeah. she should've had trusted me. its just sad as hell. we reakly dont know how to fix us anymore. but i really want to. and i miss her so so much, my little constellation.

  8. DabsterFoxTheDeep

    Really hits you when you just mutually broke up with someone you loved recently

  9. Sally C

    I never realized how great this song was to cry to

  10. Chloe Hopkins

    This absolutely NEED this played at my wedding

  11. caroline marks

    im literally crying this song is so good and after i matched a person to this song im crying more omg

  12. ur fav bisexual

    my boyfriend sent me this and he said it reminded him of me 🥺

  13. elsie

    Literally one of the most beautiful songs ever

  14. jahz

    Please check out my cover of this song! I love it so much and would mean a lot for any fan to watch it :)

  15. Marie Angelica Nacionales

    I fell in love

  16. Why’s It That

    Damn, Rex knows how to write a bloody love song.

  17. Piano boy Max

    yo i just made a cover for this song! can u check it out??? thanks!

  18. Cardboard_Memes _

    i love him so much

  19. Sunset dreams xxx

    I feel like in 30-40 years teenagers will listen to Rex wishing how they could of been born earlier (just like some wish they were born in the 70s) and I’m honestly so thankful I can witness this amazing man flourish every day, I love you Alex! 🥺

  20. Idea Place

    DISNEY PIXAR. if u want to replace Randy Newman. U can collab with Rex.

  21. Blood Taste

    I'm gonna cry... 😩 ❤️❤️😭

  22. Tristen Bradbury

    Imagine being one of those 11 people that disliked this, and how bad their lives must be...

  23. Prevan Govender

    Hands down most underrated artist in the world


    Prevan Govender what about MEEEEEeeeeeEEEEE🥺🥺👉🏽

  24. Alyssa B.

    Wow I remember having emotions

  25. ruby stewart

    i just want to know the chords

  26. Risty Mae

    i love you in every way!!!!!

  27. Desire Bosses

    Theres two sides of Rex. The one that's trying to get with the times and make basic pop songs. And there's one that has made Sunflower, Bestfriend, Happiness, Rex, Corduroy Dreams, Apricot Princess, 4 Seasons, Rex, Untitled, and Nothing. I like old rex better. This song reminds me of him.

  28. Dupla Gamer Play

    alguém pode legendar, por favor?

  29. ricardo vasquez


  30. Dominic Mayo

    i'm here because i'm looking for rex new song that sounds like an old song, just like before

  31. Nathália Lacerda

    the piano tho DAMN HE KILLS IT EVERYTIME

  32. Sceptre Score

    Great Style!!!
    Defying trends to bring a message: I LOVE IT

  33. aisyah.A

    I hope this world recognise his talent

  34. video lucu rpam


  35. Ryan Wong

    Rex: So, what do you think? What's your favorite song of the album?
    Me: Yes

  36. Danzel Julienne David

    I can imagine Alex singing through his letters.

  37. Kelly Silva

    Me nota

  38. MushroomKing

    I just noticed how the vinyl player stylus is moving along the vinyl in each song o,o

  39. Arroz compeixe

    Sem dúvidas, a minha favorita (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  40. Jasmine Abzalova

    When there’s only 8 dislikes

  41. Bruna Diniz

    Brasileiros, onde estão vocês.?!??
    Meu deus, PONY!! ❤️

  42. pancho 001

    come to the asuncionico please, we love you in paraguay!

  43. Krista Dunkers

    Literally 14 seconds in,,,,,, why am I crying already

  44. Imagine Bts

    This album is just making me cry, it’s so good and kind of different from his other albums (the others are still really good) I really love it 🥰

  45. Mufaro Muza


  46. Danica Marquez

    i love you the way i love your music

  47. d coutinho

    ok to chorando

  48. sandi naue


  49. Japoso

    Alex is a god of music

  50. cléo .g

    Why is the album called Pony ?

  51. Isabella Pagowska

    best song on the album

  52. clmscs

    this album made me believe in love again omfg

  53. hibridfish

    faz show solo no brasil pfvr

  54. We Stan

    I’m 2 seconds in and I LOVE THIS SONG

  55. Navya Nair

    never have I felt more single

  56. Kateycake C

    Good job

  57. Kateycake C


  58. CAROLYN !!!!

    the beginning reminds me of an American in Paris

  59. Jammy Raip

    Rex is so much better with a piano.

  60. chae lee

    lmAo 2 people who disliked this is retarded af

  61. Chillhoodieboy

    the packkkkkk came in

  62. apollo t

    Crying in the club right now

  63. norasugu

    this song will play at my wedding

  64. Mackenzie Hutchinson


  65. Bob Loblow

    This one hurts a lot

  66. nadia khairiya


  67. Merry Omala

    we listening to 'every way' on REPEAT 😳😳😳

  68. Benjamin Williams

    Beautiful song

  69. Louis Mathew

    That one guy who dislike that probably go through this music go through I dunno could be :(

  70. Lihi Tal

    “Happiness” but in different lyrics🥰

  71. Lihi Tal

    It feels like this is the growth of ”happiness “

  72. ArchimedesRL

    Alright, whos the one person who disliked this?...

  73. Steph

    Who’s listening and crying to all Rex’s beautiful new songs on the Album?

    Aibeth Christy Baylin

    Steph meeeee cant get over 😭

  74. Jocelyn Hill

    *the background:* shows an image of a white record w the pony logo in yellow
    *my brain:* e g g

    L.E. DuBois

    *spinning egg* 😄

  75. Gita Indah Permatasari

    I love you mom.

  76. DJ_Dell


  77. Dimas Prasetyo


  78. Rodolfo Reyes S.

    I love you Rex, really it's good to know that people like you still make an effort to make good music

  79. Annabella Klimis

    ive never been more excited for an album to come out in my life than this one

  80. Anna Sabs

    I'm literally crying rn

  81. Luna Sol

    i just love rex and his music 😌💞

  82. J Morris the Review Guy

    Really sounds nice! Hoping to cover it this coming many albums to get to, a lot of which sound great in terms of blind sound tests and skimming through tracklistings, lol. We'll see!

  83. novelia siagian

    enakk semua anjir yg terbaruu😭💜✨ so proud of u rex🤟🏼

  84. EvieRoseツ

    *sends song to boyfriend*

  85. DYL

    Haha egg vinyl 😳😳😳

  86. Beth Keough

    the first riff brought tears to my eyes. i swear he went inside my head and ripped a song out of there. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!

  87. Kelly Chavez Menjivar

    this one. wow

  88. THE Rat

    this song hit different when you can relate to it


    THE Rat I hope you can relate to this one bruv❤️👉🏽

  89. Robert Fletcher

    Who’s that one dislike 😂😂