Rex Orange County - 10/10 Lyrics

I had a think about my oldest friends
Now I know longer hang with them
And I can't wait to be home again

I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge
I feel like a five, I can't pretend
But if I get my shit together this year
Maybe I'll be a ten

Help myself a little better 'cause
It's getting tiring
And I can't wait for the summer
No, I'm gonna need a moment

I did it again, I did it again
No control over my emotions
One year on and I still can't focus

I did it again, yeah I did it, I did it again
12 rounds in, fightin' solo
But nobody wins when it ends

We'll be placin' memories in frames
Invitin' people 'round to stay
And always owning up to things, to things

'Cause after all I guess it all depends upon
The people you choose and where you're from
If so, I've been so lucky so far, it's outrageous
I won't complain (No)
Give my self a little credit since I dealt with all the pain
Yeah, I turned superhero, I'm comin' in Bruce Wayne

Yeah, I did it again, I did it again
But this time I took control
And turned my shit 'round
Sometimes you gotta cut a bitch out

I'm livin' again, yeah I'm livin', I'm livin', again
Whoa, yeah

Now I'm safe and sound where I belong
It took all my strength to carry on
And though it's still hard work to find the words
I'm still gonna write this fucking song
'Cause after all I guess it all depends upon
The people you choose and where you're from

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Rex Orange County 10/10 Comments
  1. mehdi Jillabi

    since when does he use autotune.

  2. jeni kim


  3. Nurul islami Putri taslim

    Omg. I cant stop falling in love with you. Thank you. Thankyou for let me listening all of your songs.

  4. Lian Harpson

    new new new obsession <3

  5. Kamonbow S.

    good work <3

  6. Ony

    yellow spidermans are cool

  7. Alison Mendez

    Rex Orange son los mejores!!

  8. predoplays

    Eis que a 10/10 hahahaa we liked the mene?

  9. Hoopa_v3

    Not gonna lie this is kinda shit compared to stuff like sunflower and corduroy dreams

  10. R&A Harris

    I heard this on Hits1 and now I’m addicted to this song.

  11. rex orange county sz

    my favorite song 🖤

  12. Bad_DreamFear

    Impossível, o cara não tem uma música ruim!


    de fato

  13. Gained Constant

    How long is that headphone wire lol

  14. Greasy Smarties

    they playing overwatch??

  15. chopstik_

    this gives me zeke and luther vibes

  16. Sierra L

    Had a think about my oldest friends now I longer hang with them. - this lyric made me think of my old friends and I’ve reconnected with them and it’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time 🧡

  17. raul barreda

    I love this

  18. Gladys Love

    why am i only now seeing this....

  19. Brozzi

    This song changed my life I hated my friends and they hated me more they were fake this song pushed me over the edge to change my friend group thank you Rex Orange County

  20. Garlic’s food review


    “Yo, where’s my sandwich?”

    I hope he finds his sandwich

  21. Jurassic Pancake

    soon as the ghost appears from the fridge door the insanity just blasts off

  22. Paulette and Ava HQ

    Lol this was made on my 9th birthday a year ago

  23. Catty Ella Meow 2

    Song + music vid = 10/10

    But I don’t like how it sounds on the car radio so
    Car radio version: 1/10

  24. Dhani Putra

    Me after ruining my own life again


  25. Benymush Official

    Came from spotify

  26. Oli Sonic

    Bro, he stole that sandwich and no one cares

  27. Blank

    i watched it agian

  28. Alma Cunanan

    I hear too

  29. Iman Nenas

    nobody's gonna talk about when the lights are on an of the the electric guitar is working.. xD

  30. Justin Anda

    This song feels like waffle fries for breakfast on a Saturday morning.

  31. Kenji Summers

    I did it again

  32. Hoseki

    This was on the radio and I was so happy omG wkxbjwxb

  33. min_yoon_tea

    yo wheres my sandwhich

  34. Coppagh

    Who else heard the overwatch sounds at the start :)

  35. Imbecil Detected

    Ue k temazo wili

  36. ReaperPlays

    I bet this guy will get famous by 2030

  37. luisa vitelbo

    Pqp que música boa

  38. luisa vitelbo


  39. Videogirl Gamer

    Why do I want to see his face in a movie so bad?!?

  40. thenarrachild

    Anyone peeped jade and bae in the back? Haha so cute

  41. Charles Lankford

    This is one amazingly great song.

  42. Pawel Tomasik

    Autotune is subtle

  43. Frac Domain

    hows nobody reacting to 1:58 where the lights were flashing. if i were them i would be panicking

  44. alyssa delevante

    follow my fan account @rexorangecounty98

  45. Rizal Ramli

    Alex in the house yo🔥🤟🏼

  46. trevorvigfus

    Isn't it weird when you don't like a song the first time you hear it, but then the next time it's alright, and then the third time you're just in love with it. Yeah that happened to me with this song.

  47. Pak Febri

    666K SUBS

  48. HeyItsBrxce

    Anyone here from instgram..?

  49. Ryan Bang Yan Ma

    you know the meta's stale when even Rex is playing Sigma Doom

  50. asphyxia abb

    *accidentally clicking on my ex's instagram account

    me : I did it again, yeah I did it, I did it again


    🥳🥰🙀🎉you are the absolute best

  52. Confused Cat

    When you go from country to full on techno

  53. Kaypri Suns

    Just why doesn’t he sound as good as live 😓 i just saw his perfect on ellen and he’s so off tune

  54. just me

    one of my fav songs!

  55. SAILLY

    O amor da minha vida

  56. Carlyy

    No one:
    That one tiktok facefilter: 2:21

  57. TPWK

    can’t get over how beautiful this song is

  58. Betsy Lopez

    Omg the whole album so good

  59. Yo Yo

    ...okay then

  60. Lil_Zhago

    El inicio es overwatch?

    Tre Hairston

    I know right

  61. Der Carrot

    Yellow spider man dances to a good ass song

  62. ZoeChloeIncredible

    i love you

  63. Raditya's Production

    a perfect song for seniors :)

  64. ruby. mr

    the guys in the background just got a free rex orange county concert and they didn't even react 😮

  65. VibesNation

    I just found this dude out and I CANT STOP listening to his music😍😍😍I make cover songs on my channel🙌🏼 should I cover one of his songs? And if yes which one❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  66. Ernest Minga

    Buena banda y composición

  67. Juliana Alcantara

    Awesome song. Been listen a long time

  68. Esmee P.

    never vibed this hard to a song before

  69. Frac Domain

    dat headphone long af but not dis song

    life is so unfair



  70. Ricardo Mendes


  71. El titan

    This is genius

  72. slumbps

    This music video taught me an important life lesson, when there’s some weird spooky shit happening, make a sandwich and stfu

  73. jamie franta

    I can't believe I am seeing him next month.

  74. Hayden


    I’m coming in Bruce Wayne

    *Comes in as Spiderman*

  75. ruby. mr

    but like even if you don't like the song still you don't need to dislike the video idk i guess i'm annoyed cos i love this and 1.4k people put in the effort to find the youtube video and dislike it :)

  76. donovan light

    Gonna be a good new year

  77. David Fregoli

    sometimes you gotta cut a bitch out

  78. Mellxz

    waiting for him to finally get the recognition he deserves

  79. eli lazaro

    I love the guitar solo from 1:58-2:08.

  80. David De La Torre

    Sounds = daft punk

  81. Joseph Neari

    God damnit this song. Hitting me so hard right now. I’m living again!!!

  82. Myla da bomb


    I had to think about my oldest friends
    now I no longer hang with them,
    and a can’t wait to be home again

    I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge,
    I feel like a five I can’t pretend,
    but if I get my s*** together this year maybe,
    I’ll be a ten

    Treat myself a little better cause it’s gettin’ tiring...
    and I can’t wait for the summer...
    Yeah I’m gonna need a moment

    I did it again, I did it again
    No control over my emotions,
    one year on and I still can’t focus

    Yeah, I did I did I did it
    I did it again
    twelve rounds in,
    fighting solo,
    nobody wins when it ends..

    We’ll be placing memories and frames
    Inviting people round to stay
    and always running up to things..
    to things

    Cause after all I guess, it all
    depends upon, the people you choose
    and where your from,
    and so I’ve been so lucky so far it’s outrageous,
    I won’t complain

    Give myself a lil’ credit
    since I dealt with all the pain,
    yeah I’m turning superhero,
    I’m coming in Bruce Wayne

    I did it again, I did it again,
    But this time a took control and turned my s***
    and sometimes you gotta cut which,

    I am livin’ again I am livin’
    I’m living again~
    Yeah na na yeah,

    na na na na na na
    na na na na na na
    na na na na na na
    na na na na na na

    Now I’m safe and sound where I belong
    It’s a cold hard strength to carry on,
    and though its still hard work to find the words,
    I’m still gonna write this f***ing song
    After all, I guess it all depends
    upon, the people you choose and where your from

    Myla da bomb

    xD sorry I got some of the words wrong

  83. mickey- mous95

    Just heard ya on the radio, in my feeling now. Damn

  84. Narwhale_ Nation

    Does anyone have advice on starting in music

  85. Ligar

    can't start a day without listening this

  86. Rosalie Scarlett

    Waiting for u in 14th may : BKK Thailand 🇹🇭 🧡

  87. Kyori Onceu

    Yes, you did it again
    You made us smile once again

  88. Fabiola Tapia


  89. mithilesh reddy

    Who's here after Jimmy Fallon's show

  90. Kyle Greene

    Apple Music suggested you and I’m so glad it did. ❤️ you sweets

  91. JL Ignacio

    Found my soul with rex orange county 💕💕