Revive - You Know Lyrics

I have so many dreams for my life
I'm going this way and that
Spending so much time worrying
About how it's all turning out

But you know where I've been
And you know where I'm going
Cause you see all my plans for what they are
I lay them all down

You keep the sparrow flying in the sky
Why do i question you?
The flowers of the field are wonderful
I'm a child in the palm of his father

I will worship
I will bow down
To you always

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Revive You Know Comments
  1. CocoCarrots

    This song is awesome!

  2. Cami Chavez

    I just gonna say... I love this song in every moment, a power song

  3. Lonesome Boss

    OMG i love the song once i heard it

  4. lemigod

    great song.

  5. Shane McCarthy

    that sends cold shivers down my spine, it it awesome, thanx heaps guys

  6. jrnormanaustralia

    Great song guys ... You need to publish somewhere your experiences of God's blessing and grace with you on your recent US tour. AMAZING from what I've heard. Thanks for your hearts guys ... you really reflect Jesus ... A Canadian friend in Newcastle, Oz