Revive - Stay Lyrics

Easy to feel the hurt of the world when you left that day
Oh, the stakes have gone up, mistakes have shown up
Born and raised and not even know where I come from
Oh, what love is this
To be fatherless

Won't you stay a while?
Let the days go by
Please don't leave, please don't leave me

Can't forget the day you left and never came back home
How can you turn and run from your daughter and sons?
I saw that look in your eyes when you said you'd had enough
Of the one who loves, of the one who loves

Love from the heavens that died on a cross
For the fatherless, for the hopeless
Love from the heavens that hung on a cross
In a love that never fails and never leaves

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Revive Stay Comments
  1. CocoCarrots

    I miss them sooo much. Guys you are awesome! I will always listen to you!
    Fan forever <3

    Stool Sample

    CocoCarrots thanks.

  2. Hannah Alexandria

    they were amazing in greensboro last night i loved it

  3. yaxofossiad

    wow i like them already