Revive - Distant Memories Lyrics

Flash forward a century
In an overgrown cemetery
My tombstone lays so peacefully
Dirt and grime over time slowly cover up the line:
"He lived a full life, and so wonderfully"
But no one remembers that life
I'm just history

Nothing more than distant little memories
But I am in a place where
I never felt more home
And now my old life seems to be
Nothing more than distant memories

Sadness strangely fills the mind
Of a young girl trying to find where
They say her great grandfather lies
And as she gazes at the stone
Of a man she's never known
She doesn't think that'll be her one day
Where no one remembers your life

We forget the treasure to come
In a life that won't let us down
Where we're much more than distant memories

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Revive Distant Memories Comments
  1. Steven Charles

    this is one of my favorite albums. great bunch of guys

  2. CocoCarrots

    I'm going to have to comment on all these videos sir. Oh come on, the last comment was a year ago. I love this band (As if you didn't already know.). I love their last album "BLINK" too. I feel the need to cry when I listen to there music though because they broke up ... >.>. Anyways, bye c: