Revive - Can't Change Yesterday Lyrics

Where to from here?
I'm not sure
In this crooked game of choose your own adventure
It's not so clear when things are troubling
And the wider path seems so inviting

But the truth is
Where else can we go?
I can't change yesterday
It's gone away
And tomorrow's still a mystery that I can't see
I can't change it
Nothing left for me to say
I can't change it
I can't change yesterday

To quick to give up
To quick to give in
When the hurting starts to really set in
But the truth is
Where else can we go?
You're all we know
All we wanna know

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Revive Can't Change Yesterday Comments
  1. torterra165

    they played this, blink, and chorus of saints ftw!

  2. torterra165

    i was also at harvest, lol

  3. happyires9

    I saw them at Harvest and they were awesome!

  4. Tiff Johnson

    i went and watched them jst 2nite and it was awesome!

  5. lolingmedia

    Me and my friends might do a cover for this on our band