Replacements, The - Color Me Impressed Lyrics

Everybody at your party
They all look depressed
Everybody dressin' funny
Color me impressed

Stayin' out late tonight
Won't be gettin' any sleep
Givin' out their word
Because that's all that they won't keep

Put the party on the mirror
Oh shit, pass the bill to Chris
Intoxicated lover ending our french kiss

Can you stand me on my feet?
Can you stand me on my feet?


Everybody at your party
They don't look depressed
And everybody's dressin' funny
Color me impressed

Color me impressed
Color me impressed
Color me impressed
Color me impressed
I call it out

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Replacements, The Color Me Impressed Comments
  1. Javier Lopez

    Eres tu Nirvana ???

  2. stpaulimdog

    I remember years ago this girl made a mix tape of her favorite Replacements songs for us and this was the first song on it. She totally got me hooked on this band.

  3. Ben Binks


  4. Jawbreaker

    Welcome to real punk rock, Green Day fans

  5. B K

    Very strong. It always sounds to me like he says “monkey in the middle for she passes the bill to Chris.” Yes? No?

    "The Creature Feature" John Campbell

    "Have a party on the mirror. Oh shit, pass the bill to Chris." It's about cocaine. :-(

  6. B K

    Still sounds fresh.

  7. DiaVerde PSP

    Green Day brought me here

    Video Studio Productions

    Same dude.

    Ziggy Stardust

    Green gay is crap besides The Replacements


    Any band that introduces people to cool all time faves, is OK with me. 

    Even if their name's is ffing One D or April Lavhathever

    Can only hope they do WAY more Wipers or Replacement stuff

    charlie .something

    green day blows


    Green Day way my gateway into punk

  8. TM Rezzek

    Love Westerberg's use of language in this. You can interpret "Can you stand me on my feet?" two ways: "Can you stand me being a drunken, obnoxious asshole, walking around this party?" Or, "I'm shitfaced. I fell down. Can you get me back up on my feet?"

    Agnes Philomena

    TM Rezzek

    Well said. Westerberg is really good at that.

    Lots of rockers stopped play-on-words in their songwriting, but lots of Country artists never gave that up.

    Westerberg loved it and was not above adding a Country edge instrumentally to his songs.

  9. Joe Van Gorp

    prepping for a big Christmas Party we are hosting - LOVE this one,...

  10. Agnes Philomena

    The Stinson bros. were an amazing duo.

    Bob had a great ear for punk, post-punk and even some metal sounds.

    And Tom was right on target with time rounding out the sound perfectly in a great booming style.


    since I have dug into the Replacements' catalog, I'm really amazed by how much of their influence I've heard in much later bands.

    this song especially reminds me of a lot of the melodic punk I remember coming out in the early/mid 90s.

    Agnes Philomena


    Exactly, well said.

    I suspect the cult following has passed to a new set of fans.

    I just read that a TV show called Psych used "Alex Chilton" as a soundtrack in one its episodes.

    Charlene Elizabeth

    Westerberg had a (might I dare say) "soulful" voice that alot of the bands that they influenced didn't have. He was melodic but had a certain grit/vulnerability that the other bands didn't have. Many of the Replacements influenced bands have more of the anthemic qualities of the middle period replacements but are missing the magic

  11. Michael Bauers

    This is a favorite album for me. It's like they showed up at your house party, and you pressed the record button. It's so raw. Garage band sound, with pro band skills. It's punk, but it's melodic ( Minnesota had a number of bands that pulled off the punkish but melodic thing.)

    Tom Slaughter

    burnt toast, suburbs, and husker du

    Regan Devereaux

    Michael Bauers Well said, my son! Peace, Regan 🌈 from NorCal

  12. Alfred Butler

    The best band ever.

    B K

    Alfred Butler Yep.

  13. Alicia Kay

    I met ALL THE REPLACEMENTS.....including Bob.
    Chatted with Paul & Tommy for a couple hours.
    Paul is very intelligent & polite.
    Also, I looked up Tommy in Minnesota & talked to him on the phone too!

    J Cz

    Alicia Kay color me impressed... seen Paul basically get proped up to the mic only to fall. OD, painkillers. I still love the band, they were something different when everything was the SAME.

  14. Brett hale

    Check out ''We Love The 'Mats'' on Facebook, it's fantastic!

  15. elliots shenanigans

    Keep dreamin

  16. d mac

    somehow for some reason this struck me as so funny...hahahahahahahaha...great tune tho

  17. shamshlam

    You can really hear the Dinosaur Jr. seeds in this one


    cant unhear

  18. Mccampbellthomas

    I dunno, my cousin bought me a pair of socks for christmas, may be a bit of a competition.

  19. robertcalifornia07

    luckiest. person. ever.

  20. Christian Westerberg

    lol ok. well then who's the lead singer? no one? i don't think so


    Any relation to Paul?

  21. whentherope

    It's cool you're related and all but you clearly don't know much about him or music. Cousin or no cousin, who refers to Paul freakin Westerberg as a lead singer? Frontman maybe but the term lead singer is an insult imo when it comes to Westerberg. He's a 1 man band! I'm almost sure he wrote this song by himself and many of the other hits. I love the rest of the guys and know their contributions added greatly to the music, I often think of it as Bob's band but still Paul is no one's lead singer

  22. Daniele Buffon


  23. Daniele Buffon

    fucking GOOD ME TOO!!!!

  24. Phillip Bonahoom

    I so wish Paul was my cousin....nothin against my cousin, but just sayin

  25. Marcus Mcarthur

    nooo kidding lol

  26. Cory Heskett

    Talk about having the best cousin of all time

  27. Christian Westerberg

    Lead singer is my cousin. yep

    Monsieur La Guillotine

    Pics or it didn't happen

    The Based God Max

    Half of me believes this and the other half doesn't.


    theyre not

    Erik Rudolph

    The bass players my aunt...mmmhmm.

    Alan Sarabia

    That's so Fucking rad