Renae, Sydney - Thank You Lyrics

You taught me how to love myself
And the only person that could love me was myself
You can't make no one fall in love
Ooooweeee acting like you were all in love
It took a long time to forgive you
You didn't want what I was tryna to give you
Now you wanna come crawling back
Getting all mad cause I ain't calling back
It's plenty other niggas that I could be giving time to
Best friend saying she tired of hearing me cry too
Heard about the same shit
You ain't really saying shit
You working to fix it but he ain't really trying to
Seven texts sent that he ain't replying to
Plus he got two kids that he be denying too
And he got a bitch back home that he be lying to
He'll only get away with as much as you allow him to
I'm tired of putting effort and coming up empty handed
And everything not coming together the way I planned it
And I know I take the blame for a lot
And I know I know I let you get away with a lot
Even though I had just a little doubt in my mind
I was giving you the benefit of the doubt every time
And you was playing both sides
Getting caught up in your lies
I wouldn't even be mad if I could say that we both tried

But you wasn't tryna do nothing
You ain't put in no effort
You was too busy tryna be cutting me off
So you can have all the fun that you want
While you running round town with the one that you want
I'm guessing that the timing wasn't right
Laying in bed your phone going off shining like a light
You tell me don't worry it ain't nobody important
That's the same lie that you're always getting caught in
It seems like you want the easy way out
You used to stay home now you only wanna stay out
You don't even pick up for me you turn off your phone
I don't hear from you again til you return in the morn
And I was naive I was stupid to think you would stick around and not leave
I guess the communication was off and the vacations that we was suppose to be taking was off
And that ain't fair
All the love for me you once had for me that ain't there
I'm releasing you from all my inner feelings
Homeboys saying that she tripping she just in her feelings
But I ain't no mo
I'm done, over it I ain't saying nothing no mo
I ain't saying nothing no mo

Yeah, I just wanna say thank you
I thought I could see us together but it ain't true
All the messages deleted just so that I couldn't see it
But you showed me what I needed and it ain't you

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Renae, Sydney Thank You Comments
  1. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Favorite singer

  2. Lamere Jackson

    U gotta think like a man and run his game on him point blank period

  3. Lamere Jackson

    Acting like you was all in luv man u ain't really saying shit

  4. Catera Darrington

    Why not on itunes

  5. Destiny Cobbins

    My song forever now 🥰

  6. Sarah Peres

    This song is amazing but I don’t feel like the beat goes with the song 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe is jus me

  7. Destiny Camacho

    Going threw a hard time and this song broke me down❤️😭

  8. Itz Lanae

    I wish she was bigger than she is so much talent

  9. Nika Brown

    It’s crazy they said they love you but leave when you hit rock bottom 😢 ( I’m guessing the timing wasn’t right )

  10. Janiah Marie

    this song hit made hard like every word u could fell & picture the situation u was in ..💯😓

  11. Dellyne Bailon

    🔥🔥🔥🔥SALUTE! I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS! maybe a but still got my head boppin. Lol 🧡🧡🧡😍

  12. Esther Williams

    Girl don't worry he still coming home in the night to u some women does feel them getting horn that time is nothing at all

  13. Amber Rice

    Thank you 😢🥺😢

  14. Kimberly Martin

    Love it

  15. Niecy Love

    Thank you to my ex . Cause now I'm moving on

  16. Ed Lankford

    I love u rachel ann

  17. jekila d


  18. thebad chyna

    Her words hit home

  19. matt white

    2019 still my jam

  20. JasmineeeLynn

    Anyone hear my guy DMX in the background 😍🥵❕

  21. Mami Delarosa

    I jus wanna say thank you 🤞💕

  22. Ashley Brown

    I needed to hear this🥺

  23. Brii Brii

    That part 🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ " EVEN THOUGH I HAD JUST A LITTLE DOUBT IN NY MIND I WAS GIVING YOU THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT EVERYTIME " once trust is gone the whole relationship is GONE 💔 it did take awhile but now I gotta love myself 💯



  25. Monique Martin

    listeeeeeennn this is song

  26. Lana Mohammad

    "7 texts that he ain't replying to " - why is this so true?? I felt that.

  27. Lana Mohammad

    This hit me so hard..

  28. Kristy Ring

    Oh bitch, this the perfect song 😩😭

  29. Tasha Hairston

    You showed me what I needed and it ain't you, yea😎

  30. Bre'Asia T

    She is so underrated it’s sad , I love her

  31. Delores Holder

    I'm not saying nothing no more

  32. Jackie Jobe

    All the Vibes ✨✨

  33. Roykinnia Cooper

    Am I tripping or was it another song playing in the background

    Daisha Monnae

    Roykinnia Cooper ur trippin 💀

  34. Danielle M


  35. Just KimberlyK

    love it heloing me thru this break up he was no good

  36. Khresta Duncan

    She always come with these slappers that are just fkn RIGHT love love love Sydney Renae shes BEAUTIFUL inside and out.. And her soft but gangsta soul just got me hooked

  37. baby girl savage

    I love this song I listen to it everyday

  38. Queen Keke

    She gotta nice rhyme flow .....

  39. Arieuna Collins

    The whole chorus really got to me 😭😭😭😭

  40. Cynthia Francis

    Facts ❤️ this song I could relate

  41. Tareal Washington

    "I just wanted to say thank you, I thought I could see us together but it ain't true, all the messages deleted just so that I couldn't see it but you showed me what I needed and it ain't you"

  42. Jay Ram

    How do these people know our life story. I mean she even know u hav 2 kids. I think they stalking us n then singing about us.

  43. Rola2 cute

    How do I get the instrumental

  44. Roxy Annalyse

    ❤️ Sydney

  45. Maritza Lopez

    I wish she comes out with more videos please one of my fav🤷💃💯🙏😥😌🖤

  46. Lizbeth Patino

    "All the messages deleted just so I couldn't see it but you showed me what I needed and it ain't you"👏👏❤️❤️😭😭

  47. Tiffany Smith

    never heard this. love it

  48. Nae Nae

    Everytime I hear your music I just melt. you are a true relatable artist!!!

  49. Zasha Medina

    #Repeat 💯💯💪

  50. Macia Thomas

    This get me in my feeling like 😭😭😭😘😘

  51. Zayy DaSavv

    N i was naive i was stupid to think that u would stick around n not leave❤💯

  52. Lovely Lovelylady

    #2018 still got on repeate

  53. Alana Kaye Bernie

    If someone makes an effort to call email and no reply they don't care .leave it

  54. Trevon Moses

    i love the song alot but i want the instrumental badly whats the instrumental name

    Aniyah Wright

    Trevon Moses !!

    Yodice Twicethacool

    Trevon Moses facts I need that Instro I gotta flip this shit and come a mans point of view

  55. pilar miller

    ι'м тιяє∂ σf ρυттιиg єffσят αи∂ ¢σмιиg υρ ємρтунαи∂є∂ ι тнσυgнт ι ¢συℓ∂ ѕєє υѕ тσgєтнєя вυт ιт αιи'т тяυє ι ʝυѕт ωαииα ѕαу тнαик υ💔😔🎶

  56. keshiala moncrief

    Please do a remix of medican 😘

  57. Keya Meishawn

    I needed to hear this

  58. Jose Lebron

    I love it

  59. Billie Colins

    Trey bak me arsonal

  60. Billie Colins

    Role out take bently 23


    I just went through this and I'm so happy I'm free from it happiness b4 all

    Kevin Gates

    RENEE TAY. Fuck you nobody cares what you just went thru

  62. Antavia Buckman

    I had alot of doubt in my mind but now I see that everything I felt was true

  63. Kiara D'Orazio

    damn! she went off

  64. T-moneyDaDJ315

  65. Lashaye Brewer

    I don't no whay do people do that

  66. Bethany Armstrong

    So relatable

  67. Shaola W. Durden

    Aww THAT not there

  68. Daisha Monnae

    Comment what song you want next or there won’t be any new videos🤪🤪 make sure to subscribe and press that thumbs up button✌🏽❤️ don’t forget to add me on snap shay_b8

    Maurice Brown

    Kel gr8. was ☝

    Maurice Brown

    @Persani x3 love

    Maurice Brown

    J 👀 some juice.

    Daysha Verdeja

    Remember me: UMI

  69. Alysia Walker

    Hell yesss this my shit frfr all her music so tru especially this song fell in love with it already

  70. queen heat Lewis

    I love all Sydney Rena song .

    Arieuna Collins

    queen heat Lewis same

  71. Kanei Sanchez

    Love it

  72. Clifford Pitter iv

    Love her music

    Nisha Jackson

    Clifford Pitter iv me to puts you in your vibe!!!

    Clifford Pitter iv


  73. Karla Aviles

    I was stupid to think that you would stick around and not leave 😔💔🍃

    Princess Ley

    Karlas Randomness Right when that part came up i read your comment

  74. Venices Ortiz

    Im tired of putting effort in and coming up empty-handed and everything not coming together the way I planned it and I know I take the blame for a lot and I know I know I let you get away with a lot
    Eveb though I had just a little doubt in my mind I was giving you the benefit of the doubt every time and he was playing both sides getting cought up with your lies i wouldnt be mad if i could say we both tried 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    thejuana woodard

    Venices Ortiz true

  75. Don Juan

    She's way better than a lot of celebs