Renae, Sydney - Stupid (Intro) Lyrics

Yo, I don't wanna do this no more

I was giving you more than, I could afford and
You sick of me nagging, you say I just sound like a broken recording
Look, I don't mean to nag you, I just want to take the time and tell you all the things I never had to
The shit I'm keeping all inside is more than past due
I should've said it when I had you
But I ain't want half of you
You only tell me half the truth
That's when we get to fighting, I'm hitting up on niggas just to get back at you
But you got ultimate revenge, texting your phone from your ex that you sent
You ain't tell me ya'll was speaking again, on the low was really creeping again
I guess its just too much to ask, and I'm getting tired of asking you
Can't commit to me cause you was still holding on to your past
You say you can't get over that and I'm convinced that you don't want to
Still tryna figure out just who you belong to
Who you belong to, yeah

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Renae, Sydney Stupid (Intro) Comments
  1. Lena Benjii

    What’s the beginning of the song name ? 😭

  2. Marona Winston


  3. Samantha BullPlume-Ott

    July 2019?? Love you girly imma write a song with you one day 💕💯✨

  4. Erica Simpson

    Yessssss my shit

  5. Shaquita Denton

    🔥🎯 still my favorite song of her 🤞🏾🖤

  6. Royal Mychelle

    Sydney yes girl yes love it

  7. Tay Baybee

    Girl make this song longer ! Song too good to be this short

  8. blackismyname

    what’s this original song to this instrumental?

  9. Laura Semedo


  10. Starr Lîng

    why is it like everything you say I feel. its really hitting me.

  11. i like boms

    My sisters name is Sydney

  12. Erica Simpson

    Love you Renae ❤️❤️❤️😍

  13. Crandy's Life

    Still my fav man... I was giving you than I could afford!

  14. fantasie L

    This song so short , but i love it ! ❤️🔥

  15. Lena Benji

    I love this 😭😭

  16. Whitney Blockman

    “Yo, I don’t wanna do this no more” RUN THAT BACK

  17. Yana Monroe

    So how I feel 😔

  18. Gabriella Tackett

    Love the Cupid intro 🖤

  19. paris ware

    “On the low was really creeping again”🥺🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😝😝

  20. Skyler_Adams

    Please upload on audiomack

  21. Justin laird Wagner

    Okay so lets extend a little i need some of your time momma .what do you say

  22. Justin laird Wagner

    I love you . i will make it work. God. Will bless us both in that union. Fulfill our wildess dreams and desires. But you have to want it too. Free will i cant force you to do anything. But i assure you i have more than enough dedication, but you know that already.

  23. Alejandra Felix

    I love you

  24. Larissa Guzman

    Is the melody from the song 112 by Cupid??

  25. Lina Marie

    Wish this song lasted more the 1:41 but love yur music 💯♥️

  26. ceniya unicorn

    Wish this song was longer 😫💗💯

  27. Liza Tinez


  28. Teanna Hill

    Pretty Please Extend The Song And Put On Apple Music 😩😩♥️

  29. Doris Fassett

    Yes boo I love u and your music

  30. Alisha Thomas Hampton

    Pllleeeeaaaassseeee make this song longer 😩❤️

  31. Miracle Bolton

    I love this song

  32. Autumn Shariss

    Your voice is like Pure silk Sydney😍

  33. Danasia Brown

    Why couldn’t you make this longer? And why isn’t all of your music on Apple Music yet? Your so talented and don’t get the recognition you deserve

  34. Alej M

    You’re amazing

  35. Danndra Jenkins

    Why is this not on itunesssss☹️

  36. Kourt Ney

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤Love you girl keep doing your thing your gonna blow up!!!!!🔥🔥💯💯👌👌👌👌👌👌

  37. Doris Fassett

    I love her 😍😍😍

  38. Sydney Renae

    Hey you guys ,
    Make sure you Subscribe! and turn on post notifications 🛎 !
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    Which software do you use for your mixes?

    Greeble Gamer87

    Sydney Renae keep up the good work blessings

    Melissa Jean-venne

    Please make a longer version of stupid. Shit is stupid fire. Such a big fan ❤

    britnie wilson

    Want to meet you and sing with you

    Gloria Meeks

    Sydeny reane I love your sings where really touching my haert and can you make a new sings for me love you the and beat to love you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞

  39. Jade Rain

    yessssss 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Ashley Marshall

    I Looveee Your Songss Girl... Keep Them Coming 😍😍😍

  41. thick leyonce

    indeeeed ....ur my n.o I can't let a day pass wethought listen to her songs if your agree ❤🔥

  42. Angel Allen

    This Need to be longer, I LOVE IT !!

  43. Queen. Kels

    Is this gonna have a full version???? I need to hear more 😩😩omg.

  44. Camron Colby

    Listening to this in class and it put me in my feels tbh

  45. monica furman

    make this longer 😍😭

  46. jrysfnst21

    Speak to my heart girl Yassss I love you so much 😞💕💕💕

  47. Lorenzo Robinson

    This beat fye

  48. FabulousWright

    I needed this song😍♥️

  49. Rakira Duncombe

    Of all her songs, why have I never come across this one. I'm a year late😭😭😭. It is amazing 💖

  50. Jade Rain

    damn this hit home 😢😢

  51. kierra dottery

    Please do a full version

  52. Makayla James

    this needs to become a whole ass song 😍 i play tf outta this shit when my nigha aint actin right tho

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    What was the song playing in the beginning?

  54. Tata Burgess

    2018 an still waiting on the whole verse lol 💕

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    I love this song

  56. Lady Bug

    I wish it could’ve been longer ❤️😍😏

  57. Joshua. Marais

    beautiful woman with a beautiful voice😘

  58. Dorothy McCoy

    but look up my channel tamirrahc and my sister is kay karma

  59. Dorothy McCoy

    I want to be in your video

  60. Business B


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    the original song to this best is called 112 by cupid . welcome ♥️

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  63. Doris Fassett

    I love it

  64. Melony Carter-Peete

    I Love The Fact That You're Fixing Your Own Shit In The End. Owning Up/Bossing Up. Fly Baby Girl. Well Played. Well Played ❤😘

  65. Sol Lopez

    I love your songs so much!!!

  66. MaKenzie Minniefield

    can anyone tell me what she means when she says “texting ur phone from ur ex that you sent” im sooo confused

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    Love This Song

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    Queen should finish this song❤️ love both of you guys I only listen to u guys when I'm in my feelings lol

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    Yessss plz make a longer version 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

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    Tyjai Lewis

    Jesus Dones 112 by cupid

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    I like this song and this clip was fast and that dog was cute

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    this beat is to another song who knows it ???? #hellppppp ttm

    Tyjai Lewis

    Brett Kayla Powell- Bell 112 by cupid

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    HI boo I LOVE all your videos!
    Your vice sounds good.

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