Remy Ma - Ooouuu (Remix) Lyrics

[Remy Ma:]
Yeah, they hate but them hoes know
Remy got the city in a chokehold
I got the slammer by my chooch, yo
It shoot from anywhere that's a GoPro
Ayo, TT where them hoes go?
They scared to death for my solo
Quick to smack a hoe even Joe know
Been doing that since he was spitting Flow Joe
Y'all fuck for free that pussy promo
Jermaine Dupri, your whole career is so so
All these bitches pressed in they throat tho
Soon as I flip calling po po
I be on the same shit as Hov tho
Cock back, knock your man of your p-low
Got the red Benz and the green Rov
I just copped two V's like Vevo
My husband told me never ever trust a snitch
And you way smarter then them other chicks
Years back, you was on the most wanted list
But ever since you came home, you been running shit
And me and Crack just dropped some other shit
Getting more money then the government
Why she can't make another hit?
Scared to come out, I got em punishment
Ayo, Pap who the hell is she?
If she his wife why she ain't got no wedding ring?
Stripper hoe her diamonds but she ebony
Put my chicks up in the pimp, pour some Hennessy
If that's yo man why he step to me?
You don't wanna know, what he be telling me
He a broke nigga that's his pedigree
You call him Gregory, I call him Beggary
I don't open jaws for a boy
But I got to war for my boy
The fatty looking juicy, Biggie Smalls
All eyes on me, 2Pac Shakur
I'm a boss chick, Ricky Ross
I'm a eat these bitches up, that's a course
My game plan was simple, kill 'em all
Why you think, I put these bitches in the morgue?
I just dropped the top on the Porsche
I rock with Benjamin, you fuck with George
Street money richer than the Forbes
This for my scammer bitches in the stores
For my bitches buying shit they can't afford
For the dancers getting money off the floor
For the bitches in the feds for that fraud
For my chicks in the school study law

[Young M.A:]
These haters on my body, shake em' off
Ahhhh, these haters on my body shake em' off
These haters on my body shake em' off
I could never lose what you thought? What they thought?
I could never lose what you thought?
This henny got me, it got me sauced
This henny got me oh, it got me sauced
I could never lose what you thought?
M.A got it on lock man of course

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Remy Ma Ooouuu (Remix) Comments

    2016 was a wild ass year 😭 remy had Nicki run into hiding the next year Cardi dropped bodak yellow 🥴😂 whew

  2. Damon is 60 rp EM

    O. M. G.
    I want this painting.
    This Master Piece .
    This Work of Art.
    What if it was on a ripped up
    Dougie Fresh Jean Jacket
    & pants leg ?
    🔥 🔥 FY-YUUAH 🔥 🔥

  3. Ballur Blu

    NICE. 💯

  4. Lenita Johnson

    haters on ....SHI#.....SHAKE!!! EMMM...OFF!!

  5. Nicolette Jones

    No diss Remy's version is wack!


    Making more money then the government🤔

    Tyrese Ty-Get It VeVo

    Right 😂😂

  7. Mrs Tee,t Mr,Mrs Jones

    Now see how the Real Boss Queen off this hot music I love it I can play back too back Now lady see those are real Bars and she a real Queen and Boss keep getting those bags and Congratulations on you're life u and you're Husband and family Bound!! Love Peace Prayers

  8. Amancio Walker


    Johnny Dick

    Amancio Walker You need to stop shaking fat bitch

  9. kideo7orna

    Hey Remy......can't you come out with a remix to "Hot Nigga" pleeeeease you know we'd know the words AND it wouldnt be in any way outdated pleeeeeeeeease

  10. Brent F

    Show love in interviews and throw shots on songs, thats exactly what she’s been doing since 2015... Remy wanted this beef for buzz, she clearly started it lmao

  11. M Lane

    Everything about nicki.. #Obsessed

    Purple Capricorn

    This song has nothing to do with Nicki....If dont like Remy then why you on her page?

  12. Play Dough King

    look like feonna yes the prinsses remy ma more like remy shit

  13. Taís Vilarim do Nascimento

    Brazil loves you Remyyyyyyyy

  14. Shanice Morales


  15. Erika Hayes


  16. sanjeeshinea

    Gave me chills.

  17. Wash Poppin'


  18. Chantelle Lite

    I love this remix but can't find it on iTunes

  19. Cherelle Roberts

    Yah call him a dog I call him Pedigreeeeee🐶 woof

  20. Julián Ojeda


  21. Deominiqu D

    U call him Gregory.....I call him Beggory!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥⛽️⛽️⛽️

  22. Juvia

    Rem you killed this like always

  23. Kee Lo Parker

    Rwmy Killt this shit! 👊

  24. Ribea Watson

    Queen Remy bodied Nicki get over it

  25. G R

    Remy dont give up ok.

  26. Laurie Jellicoe

    Nicki killed it on her version of Ooouuu. I mean c'mon "IM DRAGGING THESE HOES LIKE HARAMBE DID THE KID" i was more shook than the 2011 japan earthquake.

    Laurie Jellicoe

    lauryn Jones Bitch omg are you disabled? Real queens, real icons, real musicians aren't petty enough to even WHISPER their rivals name. Don't even begin with flops. Shether spent a day in the spotlight. Remy Ma got her minute of fame and now she back to being nobody. Have you ever seen anyone vs nicki and stay on top? No. Every whack bitch that comes for nicki always gets dragged back into the dark. Remy just another generic rapper with the whackest flow I've ever heard, she ain't special. Nicki be opening the billboard awards, I don't see remy in sight. Sit down, I didn't say that nicki's version of this was directed at this hoe, I said that it was better. Wtf y'all remy stans inhaling?!? My gawwdd.

    lauryn Jones

    Shether was not a flop you dumb bitch. More like it was removed from youtube. Itunes and other music stores because of the barbs and record labels. Asking for it to be taken down. Because Onika Minaj and threatened ass fans couldn't handle all that heat. What type of queen of rap has her record label to block a damn diss record? Onika Minaj and her fans have some damn nerve. Remember it was doing really well on the charts until her and her fans pulled that damn stunt bye? The only people that cared about the no frauds shit was Salena Gomez and other pop bitches that says a lot. Remember it would have had more views and would have did really well on the charts if it wasn't for that bitch please. Face the facts her and her fans as well as her record labels she is signed to did all of that lol. And all the songs she has been releasing are still eating billboard crumbs. That's what you get when you do nothing but try to knock other female rappers or singers or artist down. Because you know you are replaceable and threatened smh. Funny she said on no frauds what type of bum bitch shoots someone? And leave her son over a stack really? Well her dumb goofy looking ass Co-Signed by saying free Remy. The bitch has the same ghostwriters as Drake & Lil Wayne why do you think as soon as she broke up with Meeks Mills her ass hoped back on their damn dicks? Like the A-list groupie, she is period. And we all know about Safarree Samuels ghostwriting as well lol. And make sure you are writing your own rhymes before popping that subliminal sneak dissing pussy bullshit. Sneak dissing you automatically put a target on your head because you can be talking about anyone. Talking about Remy Ma being a bad mother. When she has aborted how many fucking children? Onika Minaj needs to shut her hypocrite contradicting ass up I'm sick of her bullshit. You are going awfully hard for a bitch that supports pedophiles and child molesters and paying for their wedding. That signed a damn 360 deal through young money. Cash Money and Republic. Any Videos. Promotions. come out of your budget. Tour. Merchandise. Endorsements they finger fuck it. Onika Minaj 1st weeks sells decline with each album release. She hasn't actually sold a million for an album since stink Friday. Unless it involves free streams and downloads so no one buying her shit either. And she only sold what she sold because for six years she had no mainstream competition from other female rappers. Like Remy Ma said at one time it's no fun being on top by yourself. That's what her and her ignorant ass fans don't realize. This is the same bitch that had to re-release her 2nd & sophomore album because it wasn't selling. I have never seen such a threatened so-called female rapper in my life. Don't feel too good when all that popping off to tiny and bony ass white bitches like Miley Cyrus. Tayor Swift. Iggy Azalea. Backfires and before I forget Mariah Carey. Where was all that damn mouth when it came to Remy Ma pussy? This bitch came back 2 weeks later and some change just to respond to Remy Ma that released a 6 minute diss in 48 hours and another one at a reasonable time. Which the other diss was a bait and laugh in your face record. Basically poking at a dead body to see if she's still alive now she all cuddled up with Nas and having sleepovers trying to get next to you a new ghostwriter bitch. She's not fooling nobody but herself and her dumb ass fans. Papoose is writing for a known battle rapper now? Oh another epic fail. Remy surgery-nope another lie that's you Barbie and stupid ho. And here is where I end it all she's nothing but an industry thot and A-List groupie that sleep with artist. Radio DJ's her whole record label to get her music played and to sell records. And 99 cent flopping ass moderate success single selling featured pop artist that has no number one song on the Billboard hot 100 chart. Honey you go mighty hard for a flop bitch that wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Remember you are on a Remy Ma video starting shit which means you are asking to get your dumb ass dragged. I disabled nope but you sure are bitch?

    Laurie Jellicoe

    lauryn Jones bitch stop wasting your time, you're trying to compare an icon with a felon. log out asap. remy just another bitch who got on the train and got kicked off at the next stop. no one gon remember her. Remy just a thirsty bitch. She got the attention for shether. And she was so thirsty for more attention that she released "another one" within a short amount of time, hence the reason why it was a "flop", she didn't put any time or effort into it, the bitch might as well made the song on garage band . Shether got taken down because of the copyright image of the nicki barbie. Nicki let the pot simmer before she released her diss track because she didn't want to be thirsty to diss remy. Don't forget that remy made rumours up too in shether. But once again remy has nothing to offer to this generation, once again she just generic. But I mean all rap sounds generic. The rap game today just tiering and made out of jealousy, it's always petty little rappers coming for the successful ones. Rest easy boo xx goodnight

  27. Fernando Mikell


  28. ExoticJas ;3 Noneya

    Aww I actually thought Remy and Nicki would be like best friends ... .-. why do two queens have to dislike eachother >.<

  29. freeespaaace _

    Couldn't come up with her own flow 😂😂😂 NAH

    lauryn Jones

    What makes you think Onika Minaj got her own flow. Everything she does is a collaboration remember?

    freeespaaace _

    lauryn Jones Remy went off of MA's cadence ... nicki had several flows over this beat ... what I'm saying is Remy showed lack of creativity

  30. TEA NEWS

    remy ma you are an ugly pice of shit so why don't you just quit and stop trying to be like nicki minaj and nicki minaj is the best you fat ass bitch and who thought you manners

  31. Kristoff breezy

    sound like boy

  32. JoshTheBusted

    I'm trying to get away from the Nicki VS Remy battle Lmao it's annoying 😂

  33. Brandon Freeman

    GrotesqueHyydra well I guess Nokia no fraud bitch isn't original since you stole her whole style from Lil what's your point.....


    Nicki's better HOE

  35. Addicted to Lil pump

    this is shit Why can she make her own song?

    lauryn Jones

    Why did Onika Minaj cover this same damn song Onika Stans are hypocrites just like her shut the fuck up.

  36. Babylexiis IMCU

    late asf

  37. Yersalé

    Is Remy ma copying people?

    lauryn Jones

    Funny you say that isn't eveything Onika Minaj do a collaboration?

  38. ThatsHot B

    Ooofs I'm such a huge fan of Remy, her rapping skills are sick, I love her real no nonsense attitude. Got someone shook an panicking. Nicky took advantage of Remy being away, back to the throne 👑👑👑 off with the Phoney.

  39. Ricardo Lückman

    I still prefer Nicki Minaj ooooou remix

  40. johnnyatab

    Never been a fan of Nicki M. Glad that there are real artists like you making music. Thanks.

  41. Olivia Dillard


  42. Michael Cobbs

    Nice track.

  43. Musiqtruth

    These metaphors and punchlines JESUS!!!!! Thank you for maintaining the art form of lyricism.

  44. Mpho Rejakong

    jermaine dupri, you career is SO & SO

  45. Tink Bold


  46. Princess Jasmine

    just let them battle that shit out. . oooouuuuu!

  47. Cray May


  48. Ball Game

    Remy is probably the best one I heard on that beat

  49. Clarence Turner

    Wow Remy ain't to be fucked wit nephs

  50. No One


  51. thenilessecret

    Did Nicki shut down sheither?


    thenilessecret no

  52. sergio Harb

    🖕🏾remy ma she get nicki sobg

  53. nvh jr

    welcome home twice Remy Ma welcome home from jail and welcome home to your place and the rap game. love

  54. SisSavagegirls 04

    thank u fo dat shout out cuz

  55. Tyniesha Smith


  56. Tink Bold

    str8 Bars

  57. thomas taylor

    I Love What Remy Ma did with the Beat 💪

  58. wïlly Àvïla


  59. Shay Myers

    I guest the 300 something ppl that gave this a thumbs down must be Barbies. Y'all time might be better spent burying Ol' girl.

  60. shaquita armstead

    Wtf are people talking about she don't say nothing about nicki minaj she said u got her on punishment she don't say who so wtf are people talking about..
    And I dare somebody talking about me about this i can do what i do and nobody tell me about that.

  61. Babygirl Riya

    This ouu go harder than the original ouu😛😛😛😂😂😂


    Babygirl Riya all the remixes are better than the original

  62. Don Don


  63. Aaron Lloyd

    This could be towards all the female rappers remy said what she said....scared to come out I got em on punishment...em as in them

  64. jstax MuZik


  65. Marvin Kivisalu

    Everybody who are hating on Nicki or Remy. Just shut up and pray that they will collaborate one day😃😃💍💰

  66. Neffy

    She had a baby but she couldn't have the baby

  67. Trinidad Manchester United Unlimited

    The amount of young pampers bottom listening to hip hop nowadays won't know anything about Remy Ma who been killing them G.O.A.T. bars since 1998. She's a real lyricist a real bars spitter.

  68. DatKid Dj


  69. Bad Bxtch

    NICKI & REMY ARE BOTH BEASTS can we not enjoy them both?

  70. Leila Princess


  71. Destiney Miramontes

    honestly all her song titles have already been used like she literally fake af she has fake boob fake ass nicki minaj is more real that this hoe thot


    na na na who she coming for nicki NOT

    lauryn Jones

    Child please she been coming for Onika garbage. Since her truffle butter remix. On many records nobody is scared of that pop actress who's only tough with Miley Cyrus.

  73. Charlotte Stone

    Remy this my gurl been every since way back ... love her nobody on her lyrical level females

  74. MHM

    welcome home ma... this your world

  75. April Mitchell

    all eyes on me tupac shakur...#remi

  76. Missie

    Remmmmmmmy let's go!!!!!! Real hip hop finally back!!!!

  77. izzy beth

    shit weak asf. Ooouuu

  78. black coffee

    haha yes bitch

  79. ShOtZFiReD 401

    Remy ma is back 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  80. Christyah Yahsha

    Welcome home Remi I'm glad you back cuz fake b****** put them in the bed nap time I waited patiently for you to come home and beat him up I don't like Barbie anyways I always play with Tonka trucks put them to bed boo I'm sick of pink

  81. Queen Mel

    Nicki did her version in her own voice and made it her own, that's why I think Nicki's version is better. When I listen to Nicki's version I don't think of Young MA, but this version makes me want to listen to the original. The only reason why "Ooouuu" is so popular is because Young MA's voice and the way she rides the beat is so distinctive and it sounds perfect together with the beat.

  82. Ambria Norris

    I love Nick but damn...

  83. Kelvin Kelvini


  84. Kennedy La’Shea

    Begorryyyyyyyyyy 💀

  85. Jamia B

    I don't think Nicki has enough bars to go against remy so she should just stop lmaoo


    her tone is horrible...Nicki's talk has color...bye bitch

  87. Antwayne Caldwell

    Remy Ma sound is bringing back the female rap artist from back in the 80's & 90's. Nicki and Meek took L's on the remix lol. Nicki is not a rapper her genre is pop so why would she ever try to compete with a beast like Remy Ma

  88. Noxie Nosifiso

    I just got two Vs like VIVO

  89. Laura Ali

    New York life! 😍