Remy Ma - My Shit Lyrics

I'm in my bag now
I'm in my bag now
Bitches really mad now
I know these bitches really mad now

They let me back out
Them bitches sat down
They was frontin', talking mad loud
They in the back now
I brought these bitches Glad bags now
They in the trash now
My Himalayan bringing back two hundred-thou cash now
N-Now I'm sitting in the club with a different bag now
If Pap knew how much it was, he would fucking pass out
See, I never gave a fuck
In them quicker spazz out
I'll exaggerate a bitch and she gon' get dragged out

Pretty Remy with the semi, yeah the queen walked in
'Least I never bite and hold you, these bitches barking
Same bitches shut the fuck up when the girl is talking
Yeah, they, yo, pussy or they don't want no fucking problems

See, they really think they fly, but mami where your clothes at?
Where your Gannis, Where your 'sace, Where your Moschino at?
Where your Louis', Where your 'seppes, Where your KimZo at?
I see your edges is a dub, them shits will never grow back

Now everytime they play this song, they gon' think it's my shit
(My shit, my shit)
Cause I just bodied it
And I know they know what's up, this is Remy Ma bitch
(Ma bitch, Ma bitch)
Yeah I just bodied it
(Bodied it, Bodied it, Bodied it)

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Remy Ma My Shit Comments
  1. Poh&Nessa Family

    .I rather Remy 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. NZ Guy

    Wtf is this shit and why u use a fucking poop emoji fucking weirdo

  3. Irene I


  4. Angell Magana


  5. Angell Magana


  6. kideo7orna

    yup Remy Ma bodied this. Im still vibing to her verse

  7. E Mannin

    Work it Gil you on fire killin it



    Shannon Banks

    *BLACK LIFE* hahahahaha, me too

  9. Ms Love

    Dzammmm Ma

  10. Riahgotfanss


  11. kayla Francis


  12. .KanariRoses.

    That Album Doe 😂😂✨

  13. Doreen Colenburg

    wow I'm not impressed

  14. Garrett Ortega

    so I keep looking up Remy and I can't even find a famous song that went viral by her ? its just remixes she ain't on the radio ? how is she even known idk I don't like her tho

  15. Olivia Brown

    Remy Ma Kill's All Her Song4 Show!!!!!

  16. Jayolís Sillo

    Remy, Missy, DaBrat, LilKim, Angie Martinez, Yoyo and dem need to do a version of this song!

  17. Bradster X

    Killin' it right here...that delivery...

  18. Nathalie Cole

    I wish this song was longer

  19. leonardo silva

    essa Mulher tentando rebaixa a rainha nicki me faz rir a ela ao menos fizesse o mínimo de sucesso como iggy para atingir nicki enquanto ela faz escândalo sem ninguém ver nicki ganhar sem a mover so rindo de vc @

  20. Shelia James

    Remy Ma....yasssssssssssssss

  21. Valerie Naylor

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 love it remy ma love her yess

  22. itz Roslyn'sworld

    i love it

  23. Bill Control


  24. Girlythug72 P

    Team Remy. u need to get a clothing or boot line. im loving it!!##

  25. Sade' Sims

    Put remy on any beat and she kill it

  26. The Real Coach White


  27. Craig Vaughn

    yea she just bodied it

  28. Latoya Chambers

    Remy that my girl she always put good,shit out tumbs up,to Remy cause she is that bitch they know,not,to,the Remy she eat them,hoes in her sleep

  29. Latoya Chambers

    Remy that my girl she always put good,shit out tumbs up,to Remy cause she is that bitch they know,not,to,the Remy she eat them,hoes in her sleep

  30. Magda Rodriguez

    Remy we want more...#Facts

  31. Tink Bold


  32. lookwatisee

    Damn why I am just hearing this......this is "My Shit"

  33. Bonnie D. Writer

    Remy remix this with a bunch ny rap chicks and drop it ASAP!!!

  34. Justice Lopez

    Took Fab On The Remix & Bodied It!!!!



  36. rozia carter

    my wife fuck remy can get it any day this shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Danazjiah Sneed

    I love this song

  38. Bread Gurl

    She bodied this shit

    Queen Deebs

    She bodies everything.

  39. chantel freeman

    remmyyy ma❤

  40. Amari Ware

    all I do is listen to Remy

  41. Ben Hanley

    thos shits wall never gowe back

  42. Snow Cold

    Damn she hit me hard ASF were the rest

  43. Adonis Lyons

    she violated Nicki Minaj she said your edges dove them shits will never grow back


    Adonis Lyons still nicki got more fans subs and people still like her more and she still queen

  44. muva muva


  45. Rochelle Cotton

    I swear idk who song this ask me this remy beat💯❤ I swear she the TRUTH nobody on her level but her husband

  46. mr. official


  47. samuel thompson


  48. Maurice Cassidy

    Y'all need to bump this in the car with the volume up!! Goes hard, I almost crashed, not giving two fucks, still nodding my head.

    Bee Proverbs

    Maurice Cassidy lol.. slow down grasshopper!

  49. Maurice Cassidy

    Her, Lil Kim and Missy are my favorite!! I need a full length version of this and an album asap!! Her last one was crazy!!

    Tone Deaf

    nicki minaj said fuck missy elliot in barbie dream

  50. deiona mccall

    yes Remy 🔥🔥🔥

  51. epun860

    remy martin big pun forever

  52. KontryBoy706

    This is straight HEAT!!!!

  53. Dee

    I'm not gon front, she could've came A LOT harder!

  54. Dee

    "...I see ya edges is ah dub, them shits aint gon neva grow back!

  55. Diamond Broaden

    Remy went in on Nicki 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Shelly Smith

    I think Remy should come up with better subject matter. She has bars but she doesn't really say much even dating back to her first album

  57. Me Jones

    Pap will pass out

  58. Dominique Johnson

    yessss hot

  59. Darianna Lenae

    this is definitely my shit 👌👌👌

  60. Own Paradise

    Remy MA & Young MA Need to get on a track real shit both girls spazzing on a beat would be crazy

  61. Samiha Reigns

    yasssssss bodied it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Richard Ortiz

    love it she in

  63. BeenOn TopDraftPick

    Remy is not playing. Bring that 🔥 Rem!

  64. Cardi B

    bitches making rap music now ? they done evolved from working the FUCKING kitchen

    mr. official

    🌽🌽🌽🌽 boo extra corny

  65. les twins larray & lau

    I dont know man iam from the bronx and I want my newyork niggas to win but this a boggie nigga sound like dej loaf I dont like it at all he copy her style how you as a male gonna copy a female's style and sound thats gay as hell niggas aint original no more either, thats why they dont last. big up to the originals papoose you one of the originals.

  66. Sharon Turner


  67. Keith Floxks

    Fab Is My Guy But Remy's Freestyle Is Better

    aaliyah allen

    For Real 💯💯

  68. ideia sutton

    Remy you killed it ma....

  69. Shawn Steed

    Damn she hit me with a tease, I need to hear the rest, this shit is lit😎

    Rochelle Hilliard Taylor

    This was the whole thing

  70. Shawn Steed

    Damn she hit me with a tease, I need to hear the rest, this shit is lit😎

  71. JanuariRain

    I Neva gave a FUCK I'm quick to SPAZZ out!


    Why is so hard to get DJ drops from her management but this a nice back to school joint . I hear DURK or jeremih on the remix


    Priceless Motivation

    durk u hit it on the head


    @Brittney P HOW U DOING

  73. Swanny River


  74. Zena Powell


  75. Zena Powell

    As I said a lyricist💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾👊🏾

  76. Prime

    she out here stealing people's songs and not crediting them.. the original song is A Boogie - My Shit

    O 94

    @trap lord​​ the point I was trying to make with the whole fb thing was that she uploaded half of the song on fb look how many shares and views that got in just acouple of days alone ... U sound extra angry lol 

    O 94

    +KontryBoy706 lol people are so angry for no reason ...

    The Life

    +nyc letsgetit exactly people know who made it . This guy trap lord a dub ass nigga


    Its a remix.... she didnt steal sir 😒

  77. ForgottenOnes


  78. Banita chasin my dreams


  79. Nellie Annie

    Yasssss Twin 🔥🔥🔥

  80. O 94

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shes really the best hands down fucking goddess !! Enough said! Just waiting on her and joe to drop that "looks like I been cookin" ...

  81. Splash Tube

    that's just a sample to wet our tongue

  82. blaqbeauty718

    ok I hear you Remy.....

  83. Breanna Johnson

    This hoe hard🔥

  84. Pernell Wedderburn

    it's alright feel like she could a do a little better

  85. tatyanaa monroe

    yeaahh uhuhhh🔥🔥.

  86. TheyLoveZae


  87. Alisa Evans


  88. Andre Cavasier

    Remmyyyyyyyy 💪🏽


    She really killed it ❤️❤️ and hey Andre u follow me on ig

    Jabien Fraylon

    she a real ass bitch she will kill your ass she about dat life she killed dis shit better then the other one 😭😜👌

    Taís Nascimento

    AndreCavasier love her

  89. kat daddy


  90. sophia Colon


  91. TheyLoveZae


  92. Nouryian Bigaud


  93. Nouryian Bigaud