Remy Ma - I Run New York Lyrics

Tell me why is yall actin' like
I don't have this
Like I don't get it in
When it comes to this rap shit
The mixtape murderer, album assassin
Anything I ever been on it's a classic
The Queen of NY , yeah I run my residence
The former First Lady now I'm running for President
99% of these guys are better than the chicks already
So they know what it is, unsigned till veteran
Fuck is you telling Rem, I'm the epitome
I'm the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty
I'm right at the Port, holding the torch
With a crown on my head
Yeah I run New York
It's the BX savior, Harlem's finest
I run Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island
I'm not wildin' I'm that thorough
I'm that nice I rep all five boroughs
I'm hot on 9-7, got power on 1-0-5
I'm up and down Manhattan like the FDR Drive
See I don't think yall get it
I'm more NY than a Yankee fitted
And everyday I live here
Its like I'm risking my life
I done seen them blow the World Trade Center up twice
And I'm still here
What you thought?
You can tell from my accent I'm from New York
I run New York

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Remy Ma I Run New York Comments
  1. Braxton Schwartz

    Wild n out is the only reason y I saw this and it’s bad

  2. gospower reuben

    Remy ma yes you run new York ma

  3. Sheena Timmons

    team REMY MA live rem

  4. Nini Prom


  5. Magda Rodriguez

    💀killed the track!!!

  6. the truth

    Donald Trump runs New York.

    latoya mcbride

    the truth shut up

    Jay Minaj

    the truth 😂😂😂

    Cheryl Glover


  7. Amon-Rah Hickmsn

    yep u do! boo!!