Remy Boyz - 0-100 (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Fetty Wap:]
I go 0 to 100 nigga real quick
Fetty Wap the type of nigga you should build with
Harlem niggas taught me how to get it real quick
Niggas hating on Wap, time to kill shit
I'm ill as shit, I kills the shit
Wap's a champion, I will Russell Bill the shit
I shoot and swish, he shoots and miss
In the alley oop his bitch and hop in the coupe and switch the gears
I'm a CEO, Remy Boy Wap
I got plenty dough, Remy Boy guap
I got plenty hoes, Remy Boy thots
17 in the Remy Boy Glock
I'm a CEO, Remy Boy Wap
I got penty hoes, Remy Boy thots
I got plenty dough, Remy Boy guap
17 in the Remy Boy Glock

[Montana Bucks:]
They like Monty, that nigga squad riding in a car
With them hittas, they might let it off, man I swear to god
Niggas it true, I got pistols, toting Glocks, we official
Holding pistols, leave you lost
Man I can't go cause that thang go hdraaaa
I got bank rolls, I got bank rolls, fuck you thought?
That's my new bitch, that's my new bitch in my loft
And we too rich, and we too rich, fuck the cost
And my new clips, I got new clips, get you off
Then my new whip, in my new whip skurting off
Bitch I'm riding rocking Robins in a Porsche
See my diamonds, I be shining, I'm a boss, squad!

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Remy Boyz 0-100 (Freestyle) Comments
  1. BFWsmacc


  2. Joseph Moody

    Yo he bodied that whole shit!!!!!