R.E.M. - Skin Tight Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

You are a bad bad Mrs
In them skin tight britches
Runnin' folks in ditches
Baby about to bust the stitches, yeah

Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Hold tight

You are a real fine lady
Though your walks a little shady
Step on the strip on time
There's money you're bound to find, yeah

Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Skin tight, skin tight
Hold tight

Gone, gone, gone with your bad self
Walk that walk, talk that talk mama

Skin tight
Hold me barely back girl
Keep on steppin' to me baby

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R.E.M. Skin Tight Comments
  1. Cash Train

    I will remember that forever

  2. john x

    Hermosa mujer, sera la eterna MJW

  3. jalindsay12

    Kirsten told us all to never marry an actor, and then she did. lol.

  4. David Bahamondes

    Devastatingly beautiful song

  5. Petra Soldwedel

    Kirsten 💜❤💖

  6. Michael Romano

    Best R.E.M. song of all time. There, I said it.

  7. Rantic

    I wonder what she says at the end

  8. jalindsay12

    Plemmons? Really? Wow.

  9. Николай Копытов

    Quadratisch praktisch gut!

  10. Mulham Assir

    Emotive song brings out Kirsten's best performance as being her beautiful self.

  11. Wouda Films

    Thanks Kirsten for doing this video, couldn't have been easy, you are a peach

  12. tropicwave1

    We All Go Back To Where We Belong

    I dreamed what what you were offering
    Imagine lying next to me
    You should, and your reputation talks
    I will write our story in my mind
    Write about our dreams and triumphs
    This might be my "Innocence Lost"
    I can taste the ocean on your skin
    That is where it all began
    I dreamed that we were elephants
    Water, sun and clouds of dust
    And woke up thinking we were free

    I can taste the ocean on your skin
    That is where it all began
    We all go back to where we belong
    We all go back to where we belong
    This really what you want
    This really what you want

    I can taste the ocean on your skin
    That is where it all began
    We all go back to where we belong
    We all go back to where we belong
    This really what you want
    This really what you want

    © 2011 WMG

  13. Bracha

    I miss R.E.M.

  14. MinamuTV

    An excellent final single for the band that arguably ties with Radiohead as the greatest since the Beatles.

  15. sergio reis

    Good things this life!good song,and beautiful woman!Thanks,Mrs Stipe!and Thanks, Kristen!

  16. MJ Johnson

    Its definitely what I want!!! YOU!!! 😚😎🙋

  17. Leandro Barbosa

    This song it's better to watch than listen. =p

  18. roberto c


  19. MJ Johnson

    I really don't remember this song coming out. So strange.. But love the song, its so calming. 😘

  20. Mel Rip

    Esa sonrisa ilumina el cuarto!!!!

  21. M B

    Piekna,zawstydzona troszke,ale wyszlo to cudownie.Brawo REM.Brawo Kirsten.

  22. Free Stuff - Motion Graphics // VFX Footage

    I love this one so much! especially when he says something about dreaming of being elephants, thank you R.E.M., I discovered you when I was 13, now I am nearly 40

    MJ Johnson

    Elephants.. Yes.. Ha ha😂😂😂


    1 second ago
    Discovered R.E.M. at the age of 17 (my sophomore year of High School '86/'87). I'm nearly 50.
    Good times... great music... some really great memories...

  23. james Laskowski

    Angel turned at least one mike..----------------------
    For a manic magic magnificent moment..where they could spiritually diagram that compound..complex..confluence of a fallen^^_touch..exchange...changeling..eternal...and. free

  24. Peter Parker

    I love to kiss her upside down 💖

  25. Jami Salisbury

    I don't even know what this song means...I don't like it though...at least I don't like it in the context it was sent. Why would you send somebody a song like this?

  26. Brent Orenchuk

    Wow. So raw. Beautiful. I’ve watched this at least a dozen times. It only took three takes to shoot this video. The video chosen, had Michael singing acapella to Kirsten beside her. I’m glad I found this song and video.

  27. Brian White

    The first time I saw this video, I got the impression that she was listening to words, perhaps from a diary page she had written, put to music. But that's almost certainly not the case. However, in this context, her reaction seems to be purely natural that someone got to the root-feeling of important moments in her life. R.E.M. blessed the world with a 32-year career of music, thoughts, feelings and hopes that inspired people to search themselves for their inner-most being . . . Call it a soul, or a tangible one-ness with other souls. You actually "grow" younger as you "get" older listening to their music. No other band has done this quite so effectively as R.E.M.

    Shtev Corpse

    You've summed R.E.M. up perfectly. I couldn't agree more.

  28. countgent

    Torture ! Poor Kirsten... she obiously didn't enjoy it. Can't they SEE how uncomfortable that is ? But it gives them so much more of the egotic satisfaction of doing the basically stupid stuff they do with the most exquisite human beings they NEED in their GREED for MONEY. Didn't intend to be hatefull nor to hurt your feelings. I'm fed up with the arty stuff. So FAKE !

  29. Melora Foy

    There is another video of her reacting to a Paul McCartney song. I've never heard this song before.

  30. matthew stetson

    What's not to love with both the song and its listener. Thank you R.E.M.

  31. Paul Tatara

    What a beautiful song and video.

  32. Brandon Stoltenkamp

    an exquisite song.

  33. Sébastien Rigali

    Favourite singer with favourite actress

  34. gary schumacher

    She is so genuine and beautiful. l've loved her at a distance for a very long time. From the very beginning in interview with a vampire. Unique lady.

  35. prэttywise

    just great : )


    ... love it

  37. Michael Arginsky

    Very cool. Reminds me of the music video I made for Monsters of Folk in 2009. I wonder if R.E.M had seen it... https://youtu.be/P63QqqYfNgI But no singing to anyone in my video. Just questions and emotion.


    The prettiest woman in the world!

  39. mybestyears

    Love this woman.

  40. roberto c

    Saw them 3 or 4 times in the eighties. Brilliant live.

  41. roberto c

    Sorry love the simplicity of the video!

  42. roberto c

    Beautiful song. One of their best. Live the simplicity of the video.

  43. Pat Capp

    I felt as uncomfortable as her! I wasn't even sure she was listening to the song until about 2:36 when she started to bob her head with the music! Great actress, still not sure how she doesnt have an Oscar but J.Lawrence does? Well, there is still time because her range is limitless IMO!

  44. jalindsay12

    I love it! Kirsten once said, "Never marry an actor." And then she did. lol.

  45. Matthew Stetson

    I'd have Kirsten's children.

  46. delboy20091

    Classic. 6 yrs ago already!

  47. Thegateclan Puerta

    Kirsten.... I can taste the ocean on your skin! <3

  48. Luis Willis

    Ahh! to kiss her beautiful mouth..

  49. robert roby

    Michael Stipe hit this one out of the park. So beautiful.

  50. Matthew Stetson

    She's thinking, OK Michael didn't write a second verse...

  51. Jim Jim

    you'd think at 35 years old she would settle down with her fiancee. Not sure if they are still dating or not. Think they still are.

  52. Moe K


  53. jane milly

    تحت المراقبة brings me here

  54. jbsamakis

    I love Mary Jane!

  55. mohammed riad


  56. Eduardo Pires


  57. Adam Grossman

    and just to think, REM writes their best song ever on their way out the door...

    Md Nasrullah den ,

    Adam Grossman


    Kirsten dunst is beutiful!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Shanae Player

    Does anyone know what she says in the end?

    ozge e

    SoSallyCanWait damn it 😂

    Newton Burr

    SoSallyCanWait I believe she says, You win.

    Shanae Player

    +Newton Burr I'm not sure about that...

    james mcneill

    SoSallyCanWait Pretty sure she says thank you Mike.

  60. Alisson Silva

    💜 Beautiful song!

  61. buretehudesi

    personally | prefer brunets

  62. David Gifford

    REM disbanded? This isn't really what I want.

  63. Darlene Vickery

    Always have loved your music and talent!

  64. Marlon E.A. Chaplin

    Who has the power in this situation, Kirsten or R.E.M?

  65. TheLeatheryman

    Had to watch it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything

  66. André Rodrigues

    Great instrumental in this music, and...What a beautiful woman!

  67. NiRvAnA

    beautiful Kirsten <3

  68. Kevin Williams

    I love her and the band,just spell her name correctly.

  69. Chris Kotra

    The instrumental part and the vocals are amazing in this track.

  70. didergo

    beautiful farewell song to a perfect career.

  71. Andres Karel

    she's a very feminine woman, not very usual these day

  72. Joseph Muir

    Kinda reminds of the To Build A Home video from Cinematic Orchestra, if never you've seen it.

    And, if never before you've seen it, then do yourself a favor and look it up.

  73. Karla Olguin Pino

    a mi tio le gusta latipa

  74. MCM Websites

    She gave more value to what already was valuable.

  75. Peter Meehan

    Her expression says yes... It's really what I want... x

  76. Simone Maselli

    seems like Warhol's footage :) amazing song anyway

  77. Wayne Thomson

    You should edit the title so it has her name as Kirsten not Kristen, as many of her fans keep getting it wrong.

    Michael G

    I'm an autograph collector. I was waiting near a group of dealers for her.
    When she appeared the morons all yelled, "KRISTEN! KRISTEN!"
    I don't know why "Kirsten" is so impossible for people.

    Md Nasrullah den ,

    Wayne Thomson frugsj

  78. carlos araujo

    muy buena me gusta REM.

  79. Paul Turner

    Yeah. . . . . . . just, Yeah!!

  80. Kapiszczur

    Every time I listen to this I have shivers but also depresing thoughts that R.E.M is no more 4ever. Sometimes I do forget about them and it's ok, but sometimes it's hard...like when I ride my car and some asshole turn on R.E.M in radio station and in 1 sec I have wet eyes. I had no chance to see them on stage and I won't have. Life is shit, pick your favourite band, buy all their albums and after 3 years of listening all day long to their music get this info "we're done".

    Jim Jim

    we miss REM for sure but I miss Goo Goo Dolls and Boyz 2 Men all broke up,. Some other music we need! Not Justin Bieber or rap crap either oh well!

  81. Patrick Vermeirsch

    Very special video. Beautiful woman. But in fact... not much happens in this film, does it? But great song, no doubt about it!

  82. fredvanwijnen

    Great. Fantastic. Appealing. I don't know who she is but a feminin woman for sure. An photographic/video experiment par excellence!


    fredvanwijnen. Kirsten Dunst is also in Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You" video.

  83. Fide Fide

    What a beutiful person. That's me, talking to the mirror. Nah -- just kidding. We're all beautiful and the actress who appears in this vid is gorgeous.

  84. Chakra Zoo

    Loved her since Interview W/ a vampire :)

  85. Catfish Sandwich

    I love this...you.

  86. Mike Bradt

    This video shows Feminine Beauty at its highest level

  87. Incrediguy

    Isn't this like, Bob Dylan's screen test, only with more smiling?

  88. Shawn McKinney

    a truly great actress reacting honestly to one of the most beautiful songs ever written

  89. Erdrick68

    From what I've read, Stipe was actually sitting on the other side of the camera signing this to her live.

  90. Claudio Fons

    bellissima interprete di altrettanti bellissimi film.

  91. Scott Gelwicks

    Wonderful song...love the horn.

  92. John Doe

    *"What is said in this book is not just a theory; it is what the evidence says. It is truth you can check and that makes it the real truth." - from page 12 of "The Present" at TruthContest♥Com*

  93. Daniel Lind

    What does Kirsten say in the end? "Thank you, Mike"?

  94. Helena Ales Pereira

    the way he sings "I can taste the ocean on your skin" is just so beautiful...

  95. N ic

    About Kirsten and this video:

    So special. :D

    Her face at around 1:42 to 1:52 is priceless. Goes from elation \ laughter to very near tears, imho.


    thanks for the link, explained a lot ;)